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La guide de voyage USA

A guide on the US that puts women at the heart of travel

About the project

During a trip, finding information about women in the country you’re in, feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yet, there’s so much to discover. In every country around the world, women have made history, women artists have produced amazing art, and women in action are changing society. That’s why La Guide de voyage, our non-profit, published last year the first travel guide focused on women: La Guide de voyage Paris, published thanks to a crowdfunding campaign like this one.

We are now ready to create our second guide, a travel guide of the US.

Join us in this adventure and help us produce – in French and in English – this travel guide unlike any other, that will show you another face of America.


Inspiring. Amazing. Innovating. Famous or unknown, in the present or in the past, in the US, women have been making history. Follow the guide and discover this fascinating and complex country from another perspective.

Like any travel guide, ours will guide your steps through a selection of must-go places, around the country. But here’s the twist: in every location, this guide highlights the extraordinary women who have made the rich history, culture and legacy of the country.

With this guide, travelers will (re)discover the US following the footsteps of Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Joan Baez. It will show you fantastic artworks by women artists in museums, tell you about how women contributed to the Revolution, show you the feminists struggles of today and yesterday, and so much more!

La Guide de Voyage’s travel guide to the US includes first and foremost places to visit. It takes you to major museums, through the women artists displayed, places the spotlight on women in historical places and offers self-guided tours to uncover the legacy of women around the country.

Completed with historical box texts, practical information, restaurants and stores, it is a perfect travel companion for an American experience off the beaten path.

What are the funds for?

What will this guide look like?

A 500 pages, pocket edition, including regional and local maps, it is illustrated with portraits of famous American women.

Light and practical, it is an elegant object, you’ll want to offer as gift – and keep a copy for yourself!

To give you an idea, here’s what our first guide, on Paris, published last year looked like:

 What are the funds for?

The money from your pre-order will allow us to pay for the lay-out and print the book in its French version, in the first semester of 2019.

If we reach enough pre-orders, we’ll be able to translate and publish an English version of the guide.

In details:


All the money we collect through this crowdfunding campaign will be used to produce the guide and the gifts:

About the project owner

This guide is made by the non-profit La Guide de Voyage.

Written y Florence Al Talabani, illustrated and designed by Anaîs Bourdet, and directed by Charlotte Soulary.


Florence Al Talabani, texts

Journalist, traveler, Florence fell in love with the US, the first time she set foot in NYC, at 17. Since then, she’s traveled the country, discovering the many gems it has to offer. Among the places she’s visited, Detroit and New Orleans have become homes away from home. Driven by passion and engagement, she’s helped create a women’s ethical magazine in 2009 and has embarked on La Guide de Voyage’s journey from the beginning.

Anaïs Bourdet, graphic design

Artistic director, Anaïs lives in Marseille, where she works on projects improving social progress. She’s also the founder of Paye ta Schneck, a collaborative project fighting against sexist harassment. Learn more about her work:

Charlotte Soulary, direction

Author of La Guide de Paris and founder of the association La Guide de Voyage, Charlotte now lives in Paris. Previously, she’s lived on three continents, including the US, where she loved her experience discover NYC and the East Coast. Always preparing her next trip, she treads the streets of Paris, rediscovering the city with joy. She loves traveling alone and acting collectively. Her favorite traveling memory? A long discussion about feminism in Nepal, the day the idea of La guide de voyage started to grow.

La Guide de Voyage

Founded in 2017 by a handful of women travelers who wanted to invent a new kind of travel guides, La Guide de Voyage wants to give more visibility to women in action.

Since it’s founding, the non-profit has been managing an online collaborative platform,, giving information and advices to travelers who want to discover the world through extraordinary women and learn more about women’s contribution to art, history and society, throughout the world.

In 2018, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, it published a first paper travel guide, La Guide de Voyage Paris. Since July, La Guide de voyage also organizes women-centric guided tours in Paris.

To learn more about La Guide de Voyage and read our articles on places to visit and women to discover around the world :

our website



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