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In the way to the 4th Album

About the project

GUAKA "rock sudaka"

For members of Guaka, rock is not only a musical genre but a philosophy of life that precludes competitiveness between musicians, their motto: “Be responsible for your words as well as your actions.” That is why the group creates its path outside of the circuits the record industry and advocates for self-production; from production to management. Along with other groups who, like them, have decided to be autonomous, they founded GuakismoProd, an association that aims to bring together amateur and professional musicians in a global network of artists based on solidarity. By sharing contacts, tips and know-how, the goal of Guakismoprod is to promote artistic expression with a non-competitive approach.

With 3 existing albums ("Guaka", "Guatron", " The Garden of the Mockeries "), we launch into the making of our 4th album (still nameless) with an objective of a digital release at the end of 2014.

"Autoproduction" is not synonymous with “ making things thoughtlessly ", we ask you for your most generous support! With your help we will be able to circulate our music our message of solidarity--and at the same time to continue to support the indiginous people of Latin America and to help the various groups fighting for a more just world!

We thank you in advance,


What are the funds for?

As for the previous albums of the group, in the same spirit of sharing and ideally where the music would be accessible to all, the album will be available as a free download. A limited pressing will be made for the people who have supported us on Ulule and will be available as well at the concerts only. 

What your contribution will help us finance:

• Recording (rent of a place, rent or purchase of recording equipment)

• Sound engineer (who will spend hours and hours to mix each of our new songs!)

• Mastering of the mix (so it sounds serious!!)

• The visual creation of the new cover/sleeve.

• The pressing and the packaging (a beautiful, colorful sleeve with surprises inside?).

• Creating promotional support such as one or two knockout videos, posters, flyers, photos of the production … 

• And of course, organizing a magical evening to celebrate the release of the album (the place and date will be communicated during the course of the year)


About the project owner

“Dynamic, spirited, forceful and engaging." Since the formation of the group in 2003, these are the adjectives which return again and again in the press to describe Guaka and its stage performances.

You can find and download our music FOR FREE!!! on