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Grythyttan Station

Restoration of a Swedish railway station from 1877!

Tack - Danke - Thank You!!

Time goes fast - 8 days of our 45 days are gone since the launch of our project started here on Ulule. Therefore we want to say Thank you to our Top Ten - our very first supporters! And because these are our Top Ten, we would like to present them briefly to you. 

Martin Rapp from Mannheim, Germany was first - only an hour after we told him about the project starting, he got going and took the lead in supporting the station house. Martin and his wife Anne, a very good university friend of Anja, visited us in Grythyttan in 2013 - at a time when we just about started with the renovation of the station. We didn't even know what to start with back then, but that has thank goodness changed by now. Thank you so much for yours and Anne's support, Martin! 

He was followed by our good friend Ramona Boehnstedt in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Then Katherine Iwinski from Royal Tunbridge Wells in England joined, also a very good friend since Anja's time in the UK. Thank you so much, you lovely Ladies!

The next supporters who joined were Konrad Marchewski with his wife Kea from Grafschaft, Germany. Both, Kea and Konrad enjoyed a lot working together with us last summer, check out our report (please use the Google translate button if needed). Konrad is an old study mate of Anja, while Kea is from Anja's hometown Wilhelmshaven as well. She does take beautiful pictures! Last summer she spent quite some time shooting in the station house. Check out Exposure time by Kea! Thanks so much for your contribution, you two!

The next in line, and our first Swedish supporter, is Anja's former colleague Anton Johansson, a very successful and well-known web entrepreneur with many great ideas and who also lets these become reality. Should you be in need of an inspiring lecturer, don't hesitate getting in touch with him via Facebook or Twitter. We are very happy to have you supporting us, Anton, thanks heaps!

Then the big "B" comes into the picture - one of our most enthusiastic supporters and best friend of Anja, Miss Bettina Erxleben from Berlin, Germany. Ein riesiges Dankeschön!! 

Next in line are our friends Sara and Markus Thor - again one of the coolest couples we know, together with the ones named above. Sara and Markus live in Linköping, Sweden, and they have been following us since the start. Thank you so much not only for your contribution of the project, but also for all mental support you have been giving us. Så bra att ni finns, tack!!

And then we come to one of our Moto Guzzi friends, Bertil Jäll. Bertil lives on the beautiful island of Gotland, the biggest Swedish island, which also offers A LOT of history. Bertil he is one of the Swedish Moto Guzzi Clubs representatives for the Eastern region of Sweden. Would you like to meet him and the rest of us at the club this summer? If you own a motorcycle, take it to Sweden and join us on one of the meetings! Tack så mycket för ditt stöd, Berra!!

Last but absolutely not least in our top ten is Mikko's cousin Kristofer Sandberg from Stockholm, Sweden. As crazy as the rest of our family, he could not resist this project, and we are grateful for that. Tack så jättemycket, Kristofer!

And what have we been up to since the project started? 

We started preparing the renovation season 2015! We finally got to mark our scaffolding. "You did what?!" you might say now. Well, yes, markin our stuff is important, because if we are lucky, we can borrow some additional scaffolding for painting the rest of the railway side, and for taking down the windows on the upper level which need fixing. Then it might be nice to know for all parties involved, whose parts of the scaffolding are whose. 

This was the first time since winter that we could work at the station, otherwise it is simply too cold in there. You see, why a heating and water system is much needed, so go and spread the word among your friends who might want to help us as well, so that we reach the target set for this campaign! :-) Then you can even visit us in winter time and watch the progress we make. 

Again - a BIG THANK YOU for supporting us and giving us a great start!! 

With lots of love, 

Anja & Mikko