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A rainforest charity artzine

About the project

 GROW: a rainforest charity artzine is a collective artbook gathering some forty illustrations of artists from around the world, united to fight against deforestation in the Amazon. The rainforest is also the theme of our book. Each participating artist is a volunteer and we guarantee that all profits collected through this fundraising campaign will be donated to an NGO. 

We have chosen the Rainforest Trust association: created in 1988 in the United States, it helps protect and restore rainforests and biodiversity. It’s an organization that has proven itself time after time either through various programs – such as plans to reintroduce wildlife and plants in their natural habitat – or carbon offset. We are delighted to combine our efforts to help this association!  


One of our major concerns for this project will be offering ecological products, made from recycled and/or biodegradable materials, all in line with the cause we are defending. We searched and selected only suppliers whose production is ethical and using FSC certified materials. 

The book as well as the goodies will be entirely created from ecological materials.

Here's the list of the artists who participated in the project and a small teaser of their illustrations !

The cover of the artbook is illustrated by Mistral, so as it's already revealed, we didn't include her in this list – or else it wouldn't be aligned anymore and we're kind of neat freaks.

IG: Aadorah @_aadorah / Adeline Fleuve @adeline_fleuve / Artfusion @artfusion__ / Aurélia De Boüard @aurelia.de.bouard / Celi'Arts @celi_arts / Célia Beauduc @linu6 / Clémence Gouy @clemence_gouy / Eloïse Girard @girard_eloise / Enerjax @enerjax / Fabs Nocera @fabsno / Gabrielle Berger @gabrielle.mouette / Hakunette @hakunette / Julietta Heart @julietta_heart / Kimeillo @kimeillo / Kloodwig @kloodwig / Lemonjuiceday @lemonjuiceday / Lisa Makaon @lisamakaon / Loputyn @loputyn / Ludmila Cera Foce @ludmilacerafoce / Lÿa @lyatirmantcalaelen / Madicolor @madicolor / Madie Arts @madie_arts / Milkywaymai @milkywaymai / Mistral @mistral_ / Nallee @drawingum / Nlitvvin @nlitvvin / Pinktofu @pinktofu_art / Ramao @ramaoart / Rebecca Ninig @rebeccaninig / Rosy Clockomaton @rosy_clockomaton / Rozenn @rozennillustration / Sanoe @sanoesnou / SillyJellie @elliethopia / Skyycha @skyycha / Supermesange @supermesange / Sweetcandyroll @sweetcandyroll / ThisWhimsyMe @thiswhimsyme / Trefle @trefle_ix / Ttorubie @ttorubie / Vaelyane @vaelyane / Vasilisa @vasilisa.romanenko / Vicky Pandora @vickypandora / Zoey Chua @zoetryandletters

The 200% stretchgoal mark also allowed us to open new applications and have 12 new artists join us! Previews of their illustrations will be added as soon as they're finished :)

Anaïs Lx @anais_lehoux / Enorae @zenorae / Est-elle @est_elle.fr / Igson @igsonart / KomaEtoile @komaetoile / Leevolt @_leevolt_ / Marie Millotte @marie_millotte / Relseiy @relseiy / Saphirya @hsaphirya / Sher Rill Ng @sherrill.ng / Violet Tsubaki @violet_tsubaki / Weiwei @peevishpants


A great big THANK YOU to everyone for all your efforts. This team was created super quickly and we still can't believe everyone gathered and finished their incredible pieces with so little time. We really enjoyed working with them and we hope that you’ll like their awesome works just as much as we do! :)

The specs of the book

  • B5 size (176 x 250 mm / 6.9 x 9.8 in)
  • (NEW!) 64 pages in full color (instead of 52 at the start!), with recycled anc FSC-certified paper
  • (NEW!) Matte finish hardcover
  • Book cover is illustrated by Mistral and back cover by Supermesange.


Several goodies are available depending on the amount of your contribution, as well as the future stretchgoals reached:

  • Wallpapers for smartphone, tablet and computer made of differents illustrations from the artbook.

  • Exclusive postcards of 10 x 15 cm (approx. 3.9 x 5.9 in) illustrated by Kimeillo, Vasilisa, ZoeTryandLetters and Célia Beauduc

  • A5 print illustrated by Rozenn

  • Two A6 sticker sheets : the first one is illustrated by Vicky Pandora and the second one by Supermesange and Adeline Fleuve

  • A4 limited edition risograph print by Clémence Gouy, signed by the artist

  • An ecological wooden pin of 35mm, designed by Eloïse Girard

  • (NEW!) A little A6 notebook with recycled paper, which beautiful cover was illustrated by Vasilisa. The final version hasn't been decided yet, feel free to tell us which version is your favorite!



The highest pledges will allow you to buy original illustrations from the following artists : Julietta Heart, Ludmila Cera Foce (two different pieces), Rozenn, Sanoe, SillyJellieSupermesange and Vaelyane

What are the funds for?

We tried to keep these pledges as affordable as possible so that everyone can participate up to their means, all while gathering a minimum amount to donate to Rainforest Trust. Feel free to donate more than the pledge's initial price if you're comfortable to ; every additional euro will go directly towards the rainforest!

The book will only be printed during this crowdfunding. Once the printing, production, shipping and handling fees have been paid, all funds raised will be donated to the Rainforest Trust association. 

The production of books and goodies will be launched as soon as we receive the funds from the Ulule campaign. The estimated delivery period will be towards the end of 2019 / early 2020. However we are unable to give you a more precise date at the moment but we’ll keep you updated with regular news so don’t hesitate to follow our project's page and check your emails once in a while!

The shipments will be from France and will take more or less time depending on your country. Shipping will cost 7€ and will not include a tracking ID (except for pledges with original works).

If you contribute to the project from the Tamarin pledge, please make sure to check that your mailing address is correct and recent!

This is our first crowdfunding campaign project ! 

If the campaign fails, we still want to make the PDF version of the zine available on an online store where people can donate (at a minimum first level amount) to obtain GROW in a digital format. Once the fees of the platform are deducted, all the funds will be entirely donated to the Rainforest Trust.

About the project owner

We are the six French artists who took care of organizing everything. All of us are illustrators, passionate about nature and deeply committed to this cause! 


We would like to greatly thank all the artists who joined us on this adventure and who worked hard; without you the project would have never seen the light of day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

We would also like to thank Rainforest Trust who encouraged us through this process.

And finally we would like to thank you; all of you who supported and still continue to support us by writing us, by spreading the news and committing yourselves to make this book happen.  


The GROW team

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