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Save the Great Rafina River

A lawyer to save the river

About the project

The "Great Rafina River" (Megalo Rema Rafinas in Greek) and its estuary welcome rich ecosystems, a lush vegetation with rare fish, amphibians, and a variety of 95 species of birds of which 6 on the E.U.endangered species list.



The authorities decided to turn 15km of the river into a concrete channel, supposedly for flood control, destroying everything in the process (1500 trees and the wildlife depending on them). This technique is archaic; it has been proved ineffective for flood prevention, and goes against the recent European Directives.


Natural riverbed                                          Built-in riverbed

What are the funds for?

We need to take the matter to Supreme Court in order :

-to cancel the destructive project.

-to prevent a huge ecological disaster

-to protect the inhabitants of the area from the violent degradation of quality of life these works would imply

-to protect the area from flooding by the implementation of this unefficient flood control plan

-to promote the modern alternative flood control plans proposed by the E.U.

This is our last resort before adressing the matter in European Court. Therefore we need to gather 2000 Euros in order to pay the fees of the lawyer who will defend the rights of the river, its wild life and of its surrounding residents.


About the project owner

The "Movement for the Protection and Restoration of the Great Rafina River", was founded in 2015.

Its aim is to make the public and the authorities understand the importance of the Great Rafina River's ecosystems for:

-natural flood prevention (thanks to its lush vegetation and ecosystems)

-control of the local climate (it regulates the air temperature and humidity in summer)

-air purification (it absorses a big quantity of the pollution created by the great traffic at the port of Rafina)

-control of parasite insects (the amphibians and birds regulate the population of mosquitoes, flies and other indesirables)

-enrichment of the aquifer system (by letting the water sip slowly through the earth instead of being thrown to the sea)

-filtering the waters ending in the sea (the river vegetation is a natural filter for the unwanted wastes pouring around the beaches of Rafina, keeping our seashore waters clean.


                         Pictures for several events of our movement (cleaning of the river, tours etc)



  • I do not have a credit card. Is it possible to contribute by another way?

    Yes. You could also contribute to our campaign "Save the Great Rafina River" by Bank Transfer to the Bank Account:

    IBAN: GR 2401720310005031086847648


    BANK: Piraeus Bank

    BENEFICIARY NAME; ROI-Polites yper ton Rematon

    REFERENCE: Great Rafina River (please note it on the receipt)

    Please, send us the transfer receipt to [email protected], notingyour name, address and if you wish to receive reward at the end of the campaign, as mentioned in .

    I you contribute by bank transfer your name will not appear in our page within our supporters "early birds" but as "external support".

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