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Gourmet Quest, the video game about gastronomy in episodes

About the project

Loving food? Loving games?... Join the GOURMET QUEST adventure now!

GOURMET QUEST is a "gamisode" about French gastronomy. In other words, it is a videogame that makes you live a story like a TV series, through episodes.

We have produced the first 3 chapters and have written the rest of this thrilling adventure in 13 episodes.

You play an agent of the Great Academy of Gastronomy (G.A.G.): each episode drags you in a French region where you lead an investigation and fight against the Insipids. The Insipids are a very, very bad organization with a single wish: destroy taste. The Great Academy of Gastronomy fights every inch of the way to save taste and know-hows.

Willing to be one step ahead from the Insipids, we are asking for your help to collect the funds we need in this ruthless struggle, and achieve ultimate victory! Help us thwart the Insipids’ scheming and reveal their leader’s identity.

To continue
GOURMET QUEST, Season 1: France
we need you!

What are the funds for?

OUR GOAL: 10,000€

We have already started working on the episodes 04, 05 and 06. In the total budget of an episode, 10,000€ represents the amount needed to finalize it before publishing. The rhythm of production is intense to maintain a steady release schedule. Thanks to you, we will be able to offer you a well-paced adventure… and unique elements in the colors of GOURMET QUEST.


TIERS: 20,000 € - 30,000€ - 70,000€

The following tiers will ensure that the gastronomic adventure continues. For now, 13 episodes are planned, and some special issues will surprise you! Crunch the adventure, lead the investigation and discover who the dangerous INSIPIDS are!

If we gather 10, 20, 30 or 70,000€ thanks to your help, we will then be able to translate the first episodes, so every French food passionate all over the world could play our game. It is our way to make France and its culture shine abroad.

If we manage to end the Season 1 with 13 episodes on France, we will then look for other cuisines for the next seasons: Mediterranean, Asian, Northern or Southern American for example.

  • Pack 1 - 5€ - A big and sincere Thank you!
  • Pack 2 - 15€ - The 6 first episodes – Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are already released/ the 3 following episodes will be released as they are produced by the summer of 2015
  • Pack 3 - 30€ - The previous rewards + 3 GOURMET QUEST stickers
  • Pack 4 - 50€ - The previous rewards + 3 times the 6 first episodes to offer + a “France Vineyards by GOURMET QUEST” poster (A2 size) + 2 postcards to collect
  • Pack 5 - 100€ - The previous rewards + a G.A.G giant poster “How to have people over” (A1 size) + 2 more postcards to collect
  • Pack 6 - 200€ - The previous rewards +  an embroidered kitchen apron + 2 more postcards to collect
  • Pack 7 - 1000€ - The previous rewards + a portfolio of GOURMET QUEST making of + a signed copy of an original drawing (20 copies only) + your avatar modelled in the game + your avatar figurine
  • Pack 8 - 1500€ - The previous rewards + a part in an upcoming episode (limited to 10) + meet the team and spend a day in the XIWEN games studio.

You can find below the 10 avalaible roles.
First arrive, first served !

Episode 4: Bitter chocolate

    • The available roles :
    • Marcel Guichard (master chocolate maker) - n°3
      Artisan by profession and out of his experience, he has an excellent reputation. In charge of selecting and providing the raw material to the best artisan chocolate maker contest since its beginning, his honour is obviously questioned when it is stolen!
    • Rémi Bailly (president of the contest) - n°2
      An elegant, very cultured and very very busy man: the best artisan chocolate maker contest is all his life. So when the events gather pace and jeopardize the contest, he has to find a solution at all costs.
    • Géraldine Luisant (food journalist) - n°6
      Investigating on the case of the best artisan chocolate maker contest makes this efficient professional very excited.
    • Louise Matet (jealous friend) - n°1
      She’s a friend of Laurence Chevalier (the contest finalist). An enlightened amateur of great chocolate that she adores like great vintages.
    • Jean Lafève (finalist) - n°5
      Hard worker, he competes for the best chocolate maker title for the third year. He lost the previous times due to stress. Will he be able to achieve his goal this time?
    • Laurence Chevalier (finalist) - n°4
      Unworried, sure about her technical skills and herself, she could look haughty if this tiny little woman wasn’t also very talented. Each of her creations has the power to persuade anyone.
    Unworried, sure about her technical skills and herself, she could look haughty if this tiny little woman wasn’t also very talented. Each of her creations has the power to persuade anyone.

Episode 5: Threat on champagne

    • The available roles :
    • Nicolas Thouvenin (assistant epidemiologist) - n°1
      A discreet, sometimes self-effacing man in his thirties. Hired recently, he helps the epidemiologist in his works, despite his unfortunate tendency to disappear unexpectedly. Which is exactly why the epidemiologist thinks he has drinking habits.
    • Elisabeth Collinet (epidemiologist) - n°4
      A young, dynamic and brilliant woman coming from the Champagne region. Behind her “top of the class” and shy-looking appearance, hides a great determination in what she undertakes.
    • Antoine Sanda-Castex (jounalist) - n°3
      A garrulous, proud man who loves listening to himself. In addition to being a kind of good reporter, he definitely has a gift for being hateful.
    • Clothilde Neveux (member of the Vertus wine cellar cooperative) - n°2
      This strong-tempered female wine-grower has known how to stand out in a world ruled by men. Thin and tall, she practices her physical and technical job with passion.

About the project owner

XIWEN games is born out of the encounter of three people: André Martinez, Alexandre Sabouret and Sylvain Dubois. Their common aim has been to undertake a business in France, create unique, smart and fun videogames!
Their common taste for gastronomy, sharing good food with friends and the richness of our regions have been the starter of our first title GOURMET QUEST.
With complementary profiles and skills, they are willing to make you travel, relax and learn with fingertips.

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