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Goulash Disko Festival 2020

Global Underground Music Festival

  • Goulash Festival 2020 // POSTPONED TO NEXT YEAR

    Dear Goulashians,

    It’s with heavy heart and great sadness that we must inform you that we have no other option than postponing Goulash Disko Festival to the next summer.

    We did everything we could in order to run the event according to the situation and we kept faith until the last moment, but in the past few days the amount of covid cases has drastically increased in Croatia, which is now at the verge of exponential growth. Hosting a public event in the most affected region would just add fuel to the fire, and it is our moral responsibility to prevent this situation from getting worse.

    Beside our ethical concerns, recent travel restrictions towards Croatia from many countries lead to massive dropout not only from visitors, but also from artists and crew members who were forced to cancel, making the whole event planning extremely complicated. On top of that, strict measures aiming at containing the pandemic are currently set up by the Croatian government, and it is very unlikely that any kind of festival or public gathering will be allowed by september 9th.
    If you are still willing to come to Croatia despite the risky situation, we suggest you take this opportunity to explore the wonderful nature and sights that both Vis island and Sibenik area have to offer; while taking all recommended measures when using public transport or being exposed to larger crowds. Unfortunately, glitter, inflatable unicorns and group hugs on the solar stage will have to wait until the world gets back to a more normal situation...

    We are aware that this change of plan will affect your holidays and we are very sorry to let you know so close from the start of the event...but considering the volume of people visiting Vis island and the amount of events taking place on the coast during the whole summer, we were confident that our little festival could happen. We were very much looking forward to getting the Goulash community together, and giving everyone the chance to enjoy life as it should be, even in 2020. Unfortunately the Croatian summer season is cutting short, and there is nothing we can do about it, beside getting ready for 2021 in the best possible way.

    So, what now regarding tickets? Here are the different options :

    Ticket transfer to 2021: by default, we will roll out all tickets to the next edition, so everyone who supported the crowdfunding campaign or bought a ticket on Entrio will automatically get a valid ticket for Goulash 2021. That is the easiest / cheapest / most sustainable solution for all of us, and if you are fine with this option you do not need to take any additional measures (no need to send email nor fill a form).

    Ticket refunds: we understand that, like us, many of you are impacted by 2020 economic crisis, and that we need to support each other in these difficult times. This is why we introduce a flexible refund policy, allowing you to get partial or full refund, depending on your current financial situation. If you want to request a refund, please fill in this form: https://bit.ly/3gMTBED.

    Name swaps: even though name swaps and ticket resales were explicitly not allowed, many of you sold / bought tickets from each other. In order to fix this situation, we kindly ask all ticket sellers to fill in this form, so we can update the attendees list accordingly: https://bit.ly/3lnABiv
    If you bought a ticket from someone, please ask him/her to fill in the form, and to send you a confirmation that he/she did mention your name as the new ticket owner. Please note that only original ticket owners are able to request a refund.


    Again, we apologize for this emotional rollercoaster we’ve put you through, and hope that you will still be able to enjoy the end of the summer, wherever you will be. Goulash takes a break this year but the family will be back next summer, and you can be sure we’ll make it up for this year's hiatus! Until then, stay safe, be well and take care...

    Peace & Goulash ❤️

  • Important update regarding Goulash Festival 2020!

    This is 2020, and it is by no means a regular year. We have worked hard to make our traditional family reunion possible, taking into account all extra regulations and safety measures, as well as wishes and concerns from the local authorities...so we are still on, but there is a plot twist!

    - Goulash Disko Festival will move to Martinska, in Sibenik (close to Split), at the same dates : from 9th to 13th september 2020. Martinska is a beautiful venue on the seaside, with a 1000 people capacity. There will be 3 stages, a big camping area in a pine forest, live bands, workshops, lightshow, the Taka Tuka crew, the Saso Mange sound, circus collectives, and hammocks all around. Well, the whole Goulash Disko package!

    - At the same time, we will be holding a smaller gathering, Goulash Fešta, at the original location in Komiza, Vis island. There will be NO CAMPING, no solar stage, no workshops. Instead, 4 nights of parties on Kamenice beach, with a 500 people capacity, and a lineup built by yours truly. As CAMPING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on the island, this event will be only allowed for people who booked their accommodation, and for the local citizens. All the people who have a camping ticket for Goulash festival are therefore by default going to the Sibenik festival site.

    - The festival wristband will work on both locations, and we are currently trying to arrange a party boat transfer from one to the other venue, allowing you to experience both locations.

    We understand that this last minute plot twist might not be convenient for everyone, and for that reason we are extending refunds and ticket transfer deadlines until the 30th August 2020. If you do not wish to be part of Goulash Festival 2020 but have a ticket, you can either request a 70% refund, or a ticket transfer to 2021. Hopefully the world will be back to normal by then, and we’ll head home in Komiža. For ticket transfers and refunds, please fill in this form: https://bit.ly/3gMTBED

    Also: due to the new festival configuration and covid dropouts, we are releasing an extra batch of 150 ex-yu tickets, as well as 150 regular tickets, available here: https://www.entrio.hr/en/event/goulash-disko-festival-2020-7974

    We will keep you updated if anything new comes from our side!
    Thanks and see you very soon!!

  • Goulash Festival 2020: It's happening!

    ⭐️⚡️🥳 GOULASH 2020: IT'S HAPPENING!! 🥳⚡️⭐️

    GREAT NEWS: Both Croatia and Komiza authorities gave us the green light to organize Goulash Disko Festival 2020, as originally planned!! So we are on the roll for a week of parties, beach, friends, sun, bands, workshops, arts and poetry! Big thanks to cosmos for making this happen!!

    Here is what you have to know regarding this year's edition:

    We have only 350 tickets remaining, and we will be very strict regarding the 1000 people capacity, so you can expect a little bit less people than last year. Still available:
    - 100 Ex-Yu tickets, for residents of Ex-Yugoslavian countries, for 700 HRK.
    - 250 tickets for the rest of the world (1400 HRK = 185€).
    Tickets are available here: https://www.entrio.hr/en/event/goulash-disko-festival-2020-7974

    - If for some reason you crowdfunder cannot attend this year's festival, we will be happy to transfer your ticket to 2021.
    - If you cannot attend this year's festival and do not want a ticket transfer to 2021, we can give you a 70% refund until 1st july, and a 50% refund until 1st of august.
    - Name Swaps are NOT allowed.
    - Group Tickets holders will be contacted individually to send us their lists of guests.
    - For ticket refunds and transfers please contact us at [email protected]

    - The camping will be open from 8th until 14th september 2020. Participation of 200 HRK (=30€) per person is asked to cover the cost of water, energy and space, as well as the tourist tax. 500 people will be allowed in the camping. If you come with a car or a van, you will have to pay a parking ticket for the vehicle to the local authorities on the side.
    Camping tickets are available here:

    As you can imagine, we are still dependent on the evolution of the pandemic, and there is a possibility that we may have to change the size, shape or dates of the festival due to COVID 19. But so far so good, and in case something changes all participants will be immediately informed!

    Can't wait to see you all, celebrate life and dance together under the stars!

  • Important info! Goulash Disko Festival and Crowdfunding!

    Dear crowdfunders!

    The crowdfunding campaign is ending today at 23:59! Thanks again for backing up the project, and allowing us to raise more than 70,000€ for the festival, despite the crazy global situation !!!!!!! Your support has truly been heart warming, thanks to you we can plan the best possible Goulash for 2020 and celebrate the end of the pandemic era with style! 

    Some important info regarding your crowdfunding support: The money will de debited from your account (Paypal or Credit Card) tonight / tomorrow, so please make sure that you have sufficient funds, otherwise the payment won't go through, and you won't have a ticket!!!

    So please double check that you have enough funds and that the payment will actually work!

    Beside, if you or your friends want to join the tribe and get Early Bird or Group tickets, there are just few hours left, so it's now or never! Over here: https://www.ulule.com/goulash2020/

    Thanks again for your support, dearest Goulashians! We love you!

    Peace & Goulash

  • 🔥🔥🔥 GOULASH DISKO 2020 / First names on the lineup! 🔥🔥🔥

    Despite the very unusual situation we all experience, we are happy and proud to reveal the first names confirmed for this year's festival! World-class artists, Goulash legends and emerging talents are joining forces to create some musical magic for you...of course, many more dj's, musicians and performers of different kinds will be announced soon  ;)

    LA P'TITE FUMEE (FR) : Between world music, techno and trance, La P'tite Fumée quickly became one of the biggest live band on the 'Natural Trance' scene. Armed with flutes, percussions, didgeridoos, guitars and electronic pads, the french band is for sure going to set Goulash Disko on fire!

    EL BUHO (UK / Shika Shika) : Born in the northern foothills of Britain, El Búho found his musical home in the forests, rivers and mountains of Latin America. His sounds combine rhythms, traditions and melodies of Latin American folk with the organic sounds of waterfalls, bird songs, crackling leaves and modern electronic music.

    ALMA LINDA (CL / Beate Uwe) : The rhythms of different landscapes are Alma Linda's biggest inspiration: Andean music, hip hop, Arabic drums and jazz, united with the heart of electronic beats. In her powerful downbeat-sets she blends these worlds, rhythms, cultures, melodies and musical memories into her most personal stories.

    ARKONYI CSIBESZEK (HU) : Várkonyi Csibészek is Hungary's most popular and youngest authentic gypsy music band, formed mainly by children. They have been invited to play with several very famous bands and artists in Hungary, like Budapest Bar, Parno Graszt, Besh O Drom and they also appeared on the stages of well known events and festivals in Hungary and around, gaining international recognition.

    CHEB RUNNER (BE/MA) : From Morocco to Iraq, Cheb Runner carries the fresh beats to quench your dancing thirst. Whether you need your fix of old 4 to the floor disco beat, or crave for some complex arabic polyrythms, Cheb Runner (known from his previous artist name Gan Gah) is your guide to this electronic oasis, combining grooves from North Africa & the Middle east, moroccan wedding music, and the deepest Club Music.

    SHIKA SHIKA TAKEOVER : Shika Shika is a record label without owners for music without borders, and the collective is coming for a showcase at Goulash Festival, where they will bring together producers from around the world, exploring the line between organic and electronic music.

    KOTOE (JP/BR / Beate Uwe) : Due to her origins and life adventures, Kotoe brings together sounds coming from both Japanese and Brazilian cultures, travelling with the audience in beautiful music odysseys. Kotoe will be part of the Beate Uwe showcase, but also regularly plays with the Voodoohop and Nomade families.

    ANDI OTTO (DE / Shika Shika) : Andi Otto is a composer and performer from Hamburg / Germany, blending classical and electronic music using various instruments, including the 'fello' of his own invention. His last album "RWANDANCE" is out on Shika Shika and he's coming with the crew for a very special showcase at Goulash Festival.

    KRAUT (NL / Shika Shika) : KRΔUT is the new moniker of Amsterdam’s household name Daniel Zuur. With this alter ego he’s bound to bring his audience a flux of world music influenced electronica, different tempo’s and lots of (live) percussion.

    DJ SOFA (BE) : One of Brussels most versatile Dj's, bringing us eclectic music from all over the world since 1997. He has been collecting vinyl without limit in space, time or genre...during his sets, soFa takes the audience to long journeys filled with musical discoveries.

    TUGCE KURTIS (TU / Beate Uwe) : Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Tuğçe Kurtiş grew up with a love for music. Tuğçe studied voice, jazz vocals, and West-African drumming with percussionist Milford Graves and singer & songwriter Sheila Jordan. Various listeners have remarked that her voice is "ethereal", "something ancient, calling from the primeval darkness of fairytale". She is a resident DJ at Beate Uwe and the founder of the Kybele project which emphasizes broader inclusion of artists from around the world.

    MAMEEN 3 (BE) : Mameen 3 is a studio collaboration between a long-term producer, a veteran record collector and various guest appearances. With a soft spot for oriental psychedelia, 80ties Boogie, hypnotic rituals and adventurous club-music, the duo tries to fuse its various influences and elements from diverse genres into each of their tunes. Their music consists of groovy and dj-friendly song structures with their very own sound: augmented ethno-disco reality for the most curious ears!

    MAUGLI (DE / Beate Uwe) : MAUGLI melts down vibrant sounds and driving rhythms from all over the globe. With a background as drummer and in production of various styles his genre-bending music blends sampling and recording into a lively collage with an electronic yet organic feel to it. Same is carried out in his DJ sets, where the colorful pulsing influences bring people together and keep them moving.

    MIKE STELLAR (PT / Shika Shika) : Looking for the perfect beat, this how you can define Mike Stellar's mission. Without confining to any particular style you can hear on his sets an explosive mix of bass,nu-jazz, breakbeat, deep-house, detroit techno, afrobeat and funk. Since 1996 he's been one the driving forces on the quality music scene in Portugal, first as a promoter, and later caught in the addiction of vinyl. He introduced to Portugal people like Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson, Rainer Truby, Nicola Conte, The Amalgamation of Soundz, King Britt, Koop, Kyoto Jazz Massive, and many, many others.

    TAREMINA (DE / Beate Uwe) : Taremina is coming with th Beate Uwe crew, with her pockets full of downtempo, ethno and psychedelic sounds!

    GROUND (JP) : Electricity buzzes through the soils beneath our feet. The currents are buzzing, zapping, beeping, purring. Japanese DJ Ground, harnesses this natural power to pour onto us as a silky, shimmering stream of energizing nourishment. His creations were awakened in 2004 within the oasis of Chill Mountain Hutte, an art community and production in the wilderness of the city of Osaka. Ground sees and hears the invisible life forms that exist in the spaces between mountains and city, across the centuries and through cultures.

    KOGNTIF (FR) : French producer focusing on trip-hop, abstract hip-hop and all sorts of *-hop beats. Regularly on tour with the likes of Wax Taylor, Chinese Man or Al'Tarba, Kognitif will represent the french trip hop scene at Goulash Disko Festival.

    SANTI & TUGCE (TU/PY) : Santi & Tuğçe’s music is eclectic and innovative, with smooth, soulful melodies set to Global, Afro-Latin and Electronic dance floor rhythms. A deeply sensual experience, one that is felt beyond the mind, and eyes; playfully leaves you with a sense of the inexplicable and fills you with wonder.

    More info about the lineup and updates will be posted here!

    The last Early Bird Tickets for the festival are available for few more days on the crowdfunding campaign:

    Stay safe, and be well ❤️