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Goulash Disko Festival 2019

Global Underground Music Festival

  • IMPORTANT! Festival Tickets, Name Swaps and Refunds!

    Dear Crowdfunders,

    The festival is approaching, and the excitement is growing! Here is some important information regarding festival tickets, name swaps and refunds.


    - We do NOT send physical nor electronic tickets to our crowdfunders! Instead, we function with lists of names, and all crowdfunders' names will be on our crowdfunders' list. You will only need to come to the festival gate with a piece of ID in order to get your festival wristband. In case you didn't write your real name when supporting the campaign, you should have with you the login info and email used on Ulule.com.

    - Camping is NOT included in the festival ticket. If you wish to camp, you should get yourself a camping ticket here. It costs 200 kunas (=30€) per person for the whole week, and helps us covering the costs of toilets, energy and maintenance, as well as the tourist tax (1€ per person per night). If you come with a camper van (or any other vehicle) you will have to pay an additional amount directly to the local authorities in order to park the vehicle (+-30€ for the whole festival).


    If you cannot attend the festival anymore, feel free to assign your ticket(s) to other people. We will allow name swaps until 15st August 2019. After that, we will only do partial refunds (as explained below). 

    If you wish to assign your ticket to someone else, please let us know via email (goulashdisko[@]gmail.com), or via chat on our Faceboook page. Feel free to sell your ticket, but please do not sell it for more money than you bought it, as this would be against karma principles. Please note that we will NOT be reponsible in case of issues regarding personal agreements between people doing a ticket name swap, and that you rely on each other's honesty.


    We are doing partial refunds to the people who cannot make it anymore to the festival, but supported the crowdfunding campaign. Here are the conditions under which we will function:

    - Until 1st August: We can refund 70% of the initial amount you donated on the crowdfunding campaign.

    - Until 15st August: We can refund 50% of the initial amount you donated on the crowdfunding campaign.

    - Until 30st August: We can refund 30% of the initial amount you donated on the crowdfunding campaign.

     No refunds will be done after 1st of september.

    If you have any question or enquiry, feel free to contact us!

    Big hug,

    Yves & Goulash Disko team

  • 🔥🔥🔥 GOULASH DISKO 2019 / LINEUP! 🔥🔥🔥

    Dear Goulashians!

    After an incredible crowdfunding campaign, we are happy and proud to reveal the first names confirmed for this year's festival! World-class artists, Goulash legends and emerging talents are joining forces to create some musical magic for you...of course, many more dj's, musicians and performers of different kinds will be announced soon  ;)

    As always and more than ever, we aim at covering as many world-infused music styles and blend DJ's, Producers and Bands in the most cohesive way, despite their musical and cultural differences. If you want to look into these artists in more details, check out the descriptions below and click on the links :)

    There are still some tickets available for Ex-Yu citizens, and some Regular Tickets as well. Also, Camping Tickets are now available, and you can get them here: https://www.entrio.hr/en/event/goulash-disko-festival-2019-6429


    HUGO KANT (FR): French multi-instrumentalist/producer of downtempo electronic music jazzed up with hip hop, penetrating atmospheric samples and high density rhythmics which are the ingredients of his wonderful music.

    AUNTIE FLO (SCT): One of the most truly original production talents of recent times, Auntie Flo offers a gateway to lesser-known strands of music that need exploring. He has become a central figure in the ‘new strand of club music fusing electronic and world influences, traveling extensively and pushing his unique ‘Afro-futurist’ sound

    VOILAAA SOUNDSYSTEM (FR): France based african funk and disco music project lead by Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart and Freakistan, with MC Pat Kalla joining them at Goulash Disko Festival. Expect a dancefloor oriented combination of the festive, yet instinctive, deep, and sometimes rough nature of African music from the 70s and 80s.

    KING PRAWN (UK): Blending styles like ska, punk, hip-hop, metal, and hardcore, King Prawn managed to build an almost cult following in the U.K. ska punk scene in the 90s and early 2000s. The band resurfaced in 2012 with four-fifths of the original lineup and an extended brass section.

    GUTS & FRIENDS (FR): Legendary beat maker, producer and digger from France, Guts is coming back at Goulash Disko armed with a big crew of artists for a huge takeover at Goulash Disko, featuring some of the most influent actors from the world music scene (Voilaaa, Nickodemus, Radio Meuh, Le Mellotron, Radio Nova)...not to mention singers and musicians who collaborated on Guts' last release, "Philantropiques" a beautiful live project inspired by afro-tropical rhythms.

    BINBAG WISDOM (UK): Binbag Wisdom make golden-era Hip Hop that is transformed into clever modern-day observations on society, simultaneously abstract and astute. Driven by the towering delivery of Mc Binbags these guys never fail to get the crowd jumping, and yet there music enters realms much deeper than purely party music.

    PIGMALIAO (BR): Pigmalião is the materialization of the reference from the label Frente Bolivarista and remains in constant transformation alongside the label release narrative. Frente Bolivarista has made a stellar rise over the past years to become a global collaboration of new, inter infected, border hopping sounds shaping the future of Latin American music.

    NICKODEMUS (USA): As an experienced musical traveler, Nickodemus excels most when playing in versatile settings letting the space and time guide the music and the journey. Nickodemus’ connection to the people combined with his background & vision is guaranteed to bring the party & dance-floor anywhere from deep, introspective, electronic moods to more organic sunfilled percussive sets.

    DJ BRKA (SRB): Slobodan Brkic aka Dj Brka, is undoubtedly one of the leading figures in the electronic serbian scene, if not in whole ex-yugoslavia. He has been around for 20 years, referred as an uncategorizable top-notch dj with an outstanding music knowledge, able to spread “club music” techno, house, disco, aswell as balearic, cosmic, or krautrock.

    MALAKA HOSTEL (DE)Globe Trotters based in Berlin, Malaka Hostel's 6 piece band combines elements of Ska, Polka, Balkan-Beats and Rockriffs as well as Gipsy-Swing, Folk or Greek Rebetiko, making you travelling from the Balkans to South America.

    YEAHMAN (FR): DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist (keyboard, guitar, charango, marimba...), Yeahman promotes the breaking down of barriers in music and a form of artistic universality without unoriginal transitions. His sounds mix up influences from all continents, drifting between tradition, cultural melting pot and modernity.

    SHANTI POWA (IT): A 13-piece band from northern Italy, producing a very powerful Crossover of Reggae, Rap, Ska, Funk and World music. Because of the different cultural backgrounds of the band members, the lyrics are written in English, Italian, French and German.and Souhtyrolean. 

    Peace & Goulash!
  • Important!! Make sure you have enough funds on your account!!

    Dear crowdfunders!

    The crowdfunding campaign is ending today at 23:59, thank you again for backing up the project and allowing us to raise more than 80000€ for the festival !!!!!!! That is more than awesome, and this Goulash is smelling real good!

    Here is some important info regarding your crowdfunding support: The money will de debited from your account (Paypal or Credit Card) tonight / tomorrow, so please make sure that you have sufficient funds, otherwise the payment won't go through, and you won't have a ticket!!!

    As none of us wants to spend extra energy solving those issues, it'd be best if you can double check that you have enough funds and that the payment will actually work!

    Thanks again, and see you soon on the croatian shores :)

    Peace & Goulash!

  • Crowdfunding Objective 300% - REACHED!


    We made it to 300% of our initial crowdfunding target and raised more than 75000€ for Goulash Disko Festival!!!!

    What a beautiful collective effort...you rock big time, and so will the festival!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    The campaign is ending is less than 3 days ; early bird and group tickets will only be available only until tuesday 30/04, at 23:59 CET! If some of your people didn't get their ticket yet, they may want to hurry, and you may want to tell them to go over here : https://www.ulule.com/goulash2019

    Thanks again for your support ; a beautiful Goulash is in the making!!

    See you soon ❤️

  • Last Call for Early Bird and Group Tickets!!

    The crowdfunding campaign is coming to its end, so this is the last call for Early Bird and Group Tickets for Goulash Disko Festival 2019!! If you want to get on board for a discounted price, you know what to do, and you have until 30st april at 23:59 to support the campaign !!!  

    So far we have raised more than 73000€, and we are getting close to 300% of our initial target...Huge thanks to the whole Goulash community for the incredible support...you are just awesome and we're doing our max to build the best possible festival ❤️❤️❤️

    Peace & Goulash ❤️