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Goulash Disko Festival 2019

Global Underground Music Festival

About the project


Every year in september, Goulash Disko closes the European summer festival season in the middle of the Adriatic sea, where a big family of beautiful souls gathers to celebrate music from the Global Underground.

As well as being known as a legendary 5 days party, Goulash Disko is also a crowdfunded, 100% independant and sponsor free festival...a magical experience combining positive music, virgin nature and collective awesomeness.

This year the festival will happen from 11th to 15th september 2019, but will be extended with the traditional opening party on the Day 0, and an extra Day+1 for those who don't want to leave Vis island. There will also be before and after parties in Split and Zagreb. That means a full week (or more!) of beach, sun, smiles, and a lot of dancing...we suggest you take enough time to enjoy all of it. 

For you to understand a bit better how does Goulash Disko feels like, here is a little dreamy movie shot last year with an original Super 8 camera. ❤️

Goulash Disko takes place in Komiža, one of the most remote fisherman village in Croatia, and supposedly the sunniest spot in Europe. It is well known for its beaches, sunsets, lemons, domestic wine and laid back attitude…Just have a look at the video and pictures below to get a feel of the paradise we are in love with.

We work hand in hand with the village to grow Goulash Disko festival as a sustainable part of the island, which is why it remains a small scale, intimate and organic gathering. The festival is limited to 1000 visitors, and everyone taking part of it is expected to behave as proper Goulashian: with love, consciousness and respect.

Video by Botond Istvandi.

Photos by Stjepan Tafra.

What are the funds for?


HUGO KANT (FR): French multi-instrumentalist/producer of downtempo electronic music jazzed up with hip hop, penetrating atmospheric samples and high density rhythmics which are the ingredients of his wonderful music.

AUNTIE FLO (SCT): One of the most truly original production talents of recent times, Auntie Flo offers a gateway to lesser-known strands of music that need exploring. He has become a central figure in the ‘new strand of club music fusing electronic and world influences, traveling extensively and pushing his unique ‘Afro-futurist’ sound

VOILAAA SOUNDSYSTEM (FR): France based african funk and disco music project lead by Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart and Freakistan, with MC Pat Kalla joining them at Goulash Disko Festival. Expect a dancefloor oriented combination of the festive, yet instinctive, deep, and sometimes rough nature of African music from the 70s and 80s.

KING PRAWN (UK): Blending styles like ska, punk, hip-hop, metal, and hardcore, King Prawn managed to build an almost cult following in the U.K. ska punk scene in the 90s and early 2000s. The band resurfaced in 2012 with four-fifths of the original lineup and an extended brass section.

GUTS & FRIENDS (FR): Legendary beat maker, producer and digger from France, Guts is coming back at Goulash Disko armed with a big crew of artists for a huge takeover at Goulash Disko, featuring some of the most influent actors from the world music scene (Voilaaa, Nickodemus, Radio Meuh, Le Mellotron, Radio Nova)...not to mention singers and musicians who collaborated on Guts' last release, "Philantropiques" a beautiful live project inspired by afro-tropical rhythms.

BINBAG WISDOM (UK): Binbag Wisdom make golden-era Hip Hop that is transformed into clever modern-day observations on society, simultaneously abstract and astute. Driven by the towering delivery of Mc Binbags these guys never fail to get the crowd jumping, and yet there music enters realms much deeper than purely party music.

PIGMALIAO (BR): Pigmalião is the materialization of the reference from the label Frente Bolivarista and remains in constant transformation alongside the label release narrative. Frente Bolivarista has made a stellar rise over the past years to become a global collaboration of new, inter infected, border hopping sounds shaping the future of Latin American music.

NICKODEMUS (USA): As an experienced musical traveler, Nickodemus excels most when playing in versatile settings letting the space and time guide the music and the journey. Nickodemus’ connection to the people combined with his background & vision is guaranteed to bring the party & dance-floor anywhere from deep, introspective, electronic moods to more organic sunfilled percussive sets.

DJ BRKA (SRB): Slobodan Brkic aka Dj Brka, is undoubtedly one of the leading figures in the electronic serbian scene, if not in whole ex-yugoslavia. He has been around for 20 years, referred as an uncategorizable top-notch dj with an outstanding music knowledge, able to spread “club music” techno, house, disco, aswell as balearic, cosmic, or krautrock.

MALAKA HOSTEL (DE): Globe Trotters based in Berlin, Malaka Hostel's 6 piece band combines elements of Ska, Polka, Balkan-Beats and Rockriffs as well as Gipsy-Swing, Folk or Greek Rebetiko, making you travelling from the Balkans to South America.

YEAHMAN (FR): DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist (keyboard, guitar, charango, marimba...), Yeahman promotes the breaking down of barriers in music and a form of artistic universality without unoriginal transitions. His sounds mix up influences from all continents, drifting between tradition, cultural melting pot and modernity.

SHANTI POWA (IT): A 13-piece band from northern Italy, producing a very powerful Crossover of Reggae, Rap, Ska, Funk and World music. Because of the different cultural backgrounds of the band members, the lyrics are written in English, Italian, French and German.and Souhtyrolean. 


We aim at raising 25000€, and all the money will be used to gather a stellar lineup and build the best possible infrastructure.  In terms of music, Goulash Disko knows no limits and we love to explore new sounds and genres rooted in the Global Underground. Expect world infused and eclectic music styles: Tropical Grooves, Oriental House, Gypsydelic, Voodoo Jazz, Swing Folk, Ethno Dub, Gypsy Punk, Organica, Latintronics, and everything in between...Beside music, performers and workshops of different kinds will spice up the program during the whole festival.

Over the past years, we booked artsts such as Channel One, Mop Mop, Habibi Funk, Soom T, L'Entourloop, Frivolous, Parno Graszt, Martha Van Straaten, Bwoy de Bhajan, Mr. Raoul K, Dunkelbunt, Zion Train, Barrio Lindo, Guts or Bukahara ; as well as takeovers by labels and collective such as Multi Culti, Nomade, Tropical Twista or Shika Shika. For more insights about Goulash Disko music styles, you can check our website to see most of the artists that we invited so far, or press play below to listen some of the dj sets recorded at Goulash Disko festival 2018.

In total, we will book a minimum of 40 DJ's/Producers and 10 bands, coming from as many countries as possible.

If you want to apply as an artist, suggest an act for the lineup or get involved in some other way, please fill in this form:


Vis is a very remote island, but easily accessible since it has a good boat connection from Split. You can get to Split directly by plane (easiest option), but you can as well land in a nearby airport -Zadar, Dubrovnik or Zagreb-, then get to Split by bus or train. To find the best options available, we suggest you to use Google Flights, or Skyscanner.

You can find about buses, trains, catamarans and ferry schedules in Croatia here. When you arrive on Vis island, local bus, taxi or friendly locals will drive you to Komiža, located on the other side of the island. 

In cooperation with the city of Komiža, we are setting up a temporary camping spot on a protected piece of land, shaded by pine trees and accessible by cars and camper vans. The camping will be open from September 10th to 17th, and in order to cover the costs of toilets, water and tourism tax, a participation of 200 HRK (30€) for the 7 days will be asked to all visitors. Camping tickets will be available separately after the crowdfunding campaign. If you are coming by car or camper van, you will have to pay an extra amount (cca 15€) to the city of Komiža to park your vehicle in the camping zone during the festival.


There are plenty of accommodation options in the village, from basic rooms to luxury houses. Prices usually vary between 15 and 50€ per night per person. If you want to book private accommodation, we suggest checking out airbnb.com (search for Komiza); asking a local tourist agency to find something for you; or getting in touch directly with the apartment owners listed at the Komiža tourist office website.

And if you're up for a classy holiday, you may be interested in one of the charming flats of Villa Nonna -our favourite, see picture below!


To be part of Goulash Disko 2019, it is simple : CROWDFUND THE PROJECT!

Limited amounts of Early Bird Tickets are available, starting at 50€ and gradually increasing until 140€.  Early bird Tickets will be available only through the Crowdfunding campaign, until 30st april 2019. After that, regular tickets will be available online for 150€. Please note that in total, only 1000 tickets will be available, and that the festival is likely to sell out.

10 Group tickets for 5 people are also available for 500€. When they will be gone, the group ticket price will go up to 600€ and will be available in unlimited quantities, until 30st april 2019. Group tickets will not be available after the crowdfunding campaign. 

Ex-Yu citizens will be able to get a limited amount of discounted tickets, but only AFTER THE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN. Ex-Yu Early Bird tickets will be +-60€, and regular tickets +-80€. To be eligible for en EX-Yu ticket, you should hold a valid ID card from any of the following countries: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Kosovo, or Makedonia.

About the project owner

Goulash Disko started as a Balkan Beats clubnight, 8 years ago in Dublin, where we (Iva and Yves, in the beginning) lived at the time. After relocating in Croatia, we had the idea to organize the first ever crowdfunded music festival in the world, on this little paradise that we discovered many years ago. Luckily, it worked and the rest is history! 

If you want to see how looked the first editions of Goulash Disko festivals, check out the video and pictures below ❤️

We have now a bigger team with much more experience, and we are lucky enough to be now in a position to book world class artists, while producing a top notch event with a very passionate crew, full of people who truly love what they do! We can't wait to start building the next edition, and greet you all on Vis island for an unforgettable week all together ❤️

Things have been brewing on our side: Goulash Disko and Brodoto crews have joined forces, and together we got a big (huge!) hill on Vis island. Our idea is to develop an eco-village, where we will produce our own electricity, grow our own food and build our very own tiny world. Think high-tech and off-grid; carbon-neutral and plastic-free. Sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, island development sprinkled with a good measure of education and activism: there's space for all of it here. This is a very exciting adventure that just started, so if you want to get involved or follow the project, here is The Stonefish FB page.

Needless to say, we will need some money to build this beautiful dream, so we're going to invest most of the money we may make at the festivals for the next years to come to make this happen!

That project couldn't have happened without you all, so huge thanks for letting us going one step further into making dreams come true ❤️

If you like what you see, you can follow us on Facebook, Soundcloud or sign up to our newsletter. You may want to attend our Goulash Disko Festival Facebook event as well, to get the news while they're hot!

More questions? Contact us at goulashdisko[@]gmail.com or on our Facebook page!

We hope to see you in paradise!