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Goulash Disko Festival 2018

Global Underground Music Festival

  • Goulash Festival 2019 funded in only 25 minutes!

    25000€ in 25 minutes: A new Croatian record (-or at least we think so!)

    Thanks to a lot of trust, enthusiasm and support from the Goulash community, we reached our objective of 25000€ in only 25 minutes, and raised 40000€ in 7 hours!!! We broke the Internet again, and it's a true blessing to have so many great people behind us! We are super grateful for this incredible start!!   ❤️ ✊ 🙏  ❤️ ✊ 🙏  ❤️ ✊ 🙏

    We already made our first bookings, and have lots of exciting acts in the pipe. First announcements will come soon, but, what is already sure is that we are all coming back to Komiza, and we'll enjoy a week of music, love, sun and happiness together ❤️❤️❤️

    We have now reached 56,000€ (more than last year's entire campaign ;), and we are already more than 600 Goulashians on board, on a total of 1200 tickets available...so, If you or your friends need more tickets, it's still cool, but you may want to hurry up as the space is filling fast!

    Early Bird Ticket are over here: www.ulule.com/goulash2019/

    ...Goulash 2019 is in the making!

  • IMPORTANT! Festival Tickets, Name Swaps and Refunds!

    Dear Crowdfunders,

    The festival is approaching, and the excitement is growing! Here is some important information regarding festival tickets, name swaps and refunds.



    - We do NOT send physical nor electronic tickets to our crowdfunders! Instead, we function with lists of names, and all crowdfunders' names will be on our crowdfunders' list. If you didn't receive email from us asking for extra info regarding names, it means that we have all info we need from you, and that you only need to come to the festival gate with a piece of ID in order to get your festival wristband.

    - Camping is NOT included in the festival ticket. If you wish to camp, you should get yourself a camping ticket here. It costs 200 kunas (=30€) per person for the whole week, and helps us covering the costs of toilets, energy and maintenance, as well as the tourist tax (1€ per person per night).



    If you cannot attend the festival anymore, feel free to assign your ticket(s) to other people. We will allow name swaps until 1st August 2018. After that, we will only do partial refunds (as explained below). 

    If you wish to assign your ticket to someone else, please let us know via email (goulashdisko[@]gmail.com), or via chat on our Faceboook page. Feel free to sell your ticket, but please do not sell it for more money than you bought it, as this would be against good karma principles. Please note that we will NOT be reponsible in case of issues regarding personal agreements between people doing a ticket name swap.



    We are willing to do partial refunds to the people who cannot make it anymore to the festival, but supported the crowdfunding campaign. Here are the conditions under which we will function:

    - Until 1st August: We can refund 60% of the initial amount you donated on the crowdfunding campaign.

    - Until 15th August: We can refund 40% of the initial amount you donated on the crowdfunding campaign.

    - Until 30st August: We can refund 20% of the initial amount you donated on the crowdfunding campaign.

    - No refunds will be done after 1st of september.


    If you have any question or enquiry, feel free to contact us!

    Big hug,

    Yves & Goulash Disko team


    PS: New music on our Goulash Disko Soundcloud...check it out here and there :)

  • 54214€, 500 backers and 628 visitors from 20+ countries!

    Dear supporters!

    With 54214€ raised, 500 backers and 628 visitors from 20+ countries, the crowdfunding campaign for Goulash Disko Festival 2018 is now officially over and your support has been overwhelming!!!

    Huge thanks to everyone who believed in our dream and helped make it happen  ❤️ 🙏 🥣 🔥 🥣 🙏 ❤️

    Ex-YU Early Bird Tickets, Regular Tickets and Camping Tickets are now available directly on Entrio, here is the link: https://goo.gl/Na5L7Z

    PS: Paypal transfers for the crowdfunding didn't happen yet but will be done in the next few days, so make sure you have enough funds on your account, otherwise the transaction won't go through!

    Peace & Goulash!

  • Important!! Make sure you have enough funds on your account!!

    Dear crowdfunders!

    The crowdfunding campaign is ending today at 23:59, thank you again for backing up the project and allowing us to raise more than 50000€ for the festival !!!!!!! That is more than awesome, and this Goulash is smelling real good!

    Here is some important info regarding your crowdfunding support: The money will de debited from your account (Paypal or Credit Card) tonight / tomorrow, so please make sure that you have sufficient funds, otherwise the payment won't go through, and you won't have a ticket!!!

    As none of us wants to spend extra energy solving those issues, it'd be best if you can double check that you have enough funds and that the payment will actually work!

    Thanks again, and see you soon on the croatian shores :)

  • The crowdfunding campaign is ending soon!

    7 weeks, 460 supporters and more than 47000€ later, this epic crowdfunding campaign is coming to its end.
    If you want to contribute and get your Early Bird Tickets (both for individual and groups), hurry up because they are only available until the end of the campaign, on the 30st april at 23:59.
    This means that you have less than a week left to get discounted prices for your Goulash Disko Festival Tickets:

    Individual Early Bird Ticket = 120€
    Group Ticket (for 5 people) = 500€

    Don't miss out, there's just a few days left until we reach the full price!

    Peace & Goulash!