Goulash Disko Festival 2017

Global Music Festival lost in Paradise

  • Accommodation @ Goulash Disko festival!


    You are coming to Goulash Disko Festival but don't know yet where to sleep? Here are your options:

    1) CAMPING:

    Together with the city of Komiza, we set up a temporary camping spot, located on a protected piece of land in the middle of the village, shaded by pine trees and accessible by cars and camper vans. Camping Tickets give access to the camping site between 11 and 18 september (7 nights), and help us cover the costs of infrastructure and maintenance, plus all taxes applicable.

    - Regular Tickets // 200kn (+-30€)
    - EX-YU Tickets // 150kn (+-20€)
    - Vehicle parking // 15€ extra for the whole week, to be paid on the spot.

    You can get yours here:


    There are plenty of accommodation options in Komiza, from basic rooms to luxury houses. Prices usually vary between 15 and 50€ per night per person. If you want to book private accommodation, we suggest checking out, asking a local tourist agency to find something for you, or getting in touch directly with the apartment owners listed at the Komiža tourist office website. Just make sure that you are renting in Komiza village, and not on city of Vis (or elsewhere on the island), as it would make your commuting to/from the festival quite complicated.

    3) HOTEL

    Eventhough we wouldn't recommend it, there is the possibility to stay in the only hotel of the village, Hotel Bisevo.


    Happy sleeping, and see you soon :)

  • Cheap Flights to Goulash Disko Festival!


    There are currently a lot of very cheap connections from all over Europe to Zadar and Split, the nearest airports from Goulash Disko Festival! For example: 
    11 sept // Berlin - Zadar (Ryanair) : 48€
    11 sept // Vienna - Zadar (Eurowings) : 50€
    11 sept // Frankfurt - Zadar (Ryanair) : 34€
    12 sept // Brussels - Zadar (Ryanair) : 34€
    12 sept // Paris - Split (Transavia) : 55€
    12 sept // Bristol - Zadar (Ryanair) : 26€
    12 sept // Geneva - Split (Vueling) : 80€
    12 sept // London - Zadar (Ryanair) : 29€
    12 sept // Amsterdam - Split (Easyjet) : 51€
    12 sept // Barcelona - Split (Vueling) : 45€
    12 sept // Manchester - Split (Easyjet) : 65€
    13 sept // Paris - Zadar (Ryanair) : 22€
    13 sept // Rome - Split (Vueling) : 35€

    If you didn't book your flights yet it may be the right time! 

    All fares found on 1st july on

    Safe trip, and see you soon :)

  • New additions on the lineup!

    Dear backers!

    Here is the last batch of confirmations for Goulash Disko Festival 2017 :)

    TLAZOLTEOTL ORKESTRA (Mexico): Ritmos gitanos para bailar! A mexican take on gypsy brass music.

    OKAPI (Italy): Italian turntablist and sample cutup artist, mixing with techno/broken beat/electro-/8-bit with melodies from Klezmer, polka, children's music, idiot pop and hawaiian classics to name but a few.....

    BUKAHARA (Germany): Psychedelic swing, Arabic reggae or Balkan jazz? All of the above!

    OMFO (Ukraine): Sound artist, musician, electronic music producer and researcher, OMFO is coming to Goulash armed with his shepheards flutes and various other instruments.

    KINGALITA (Hungary): a talented gypsy-folk singer from Hungary, exiled on the neighbour island of Hvar to live a gluten free life. She will be playing with Otoji and Ray, 2 special guests from Japan.

    MIRET (Spain): Nomadic, groovy and dance oriented sound, willing to evoke dreaminess and awaken the most hidden parts of one's imagination.

    SANTI & TUGCE (Turkey / Paraguay): A deeply sensual experience that playfully leaves you with a sense of the inexplicable, and fills you with wonder.

    AAA BADBOY (UK): Head of music for Boomtown festival, AAA Badboy is coming to Goulash with a big bag of Balkan vibes, ready to unleash amidst the madness! 

    EL PECHE (Brazil): A heavy mix of european Techno and rythmic Brazilian beats make his sound absolutely and unarguably unique.

    RAFAEL ARAGON (France): Club oriented, heavy bass material, yet delicate, maximalist and highly psychedelic. 

    KURUP (Brazil): Mezcla orgâno-sintética, simbiose electro-acústica. 

    STAS (Hungary): Hungarian Global Bass prodigy, and head of Babylon Records.

    POZOR (Hungary): The freshest Balkan Drum & Bass live set to date.

    ADARI (Italy): A combination of psychedelic and global sounds that make you travel both in the past and the future.

    THE FUNARIUM (France): Land Art Installations in the Hammock Forest, upcycling matters found in situ, with a magical touch of fantasy world.

    DR. BLUEGRASS (UK): Foot stompin', thigh slappin' bluegrass from the deep south (of England).


    We have many more bookings in the pipe, if you want to get the last updates keep in touch on our Facebook page!

    Hugs  everyone <3


    Dear all,

    Most of your contributions have now been transferred to us (thanks again!), but several supports made on Paypal did NOT go through, for the following reasons:

    1) Insufficient funds on your Paypal account at the moment of the transfer (1st june 2017).

    2) Pre-approval not granted to Ulule platform while doing the transfer.

    Here is the list of Ulule users who are concerned (if the name appear several it means several transactions failed):


    If your name is in the list, it means that we did not collect your money and that you don't have a festival ticket.

    You can check the status of your contribution by logging in Ulule, clicking on your name (top right corner), and click on 'My Contributions'.If it is red, it means that the payment didn't work (see image).

    It is unfortunately impossible to complete the transaction on Ulule anymore, so if you still wish to come to the festival, you should contact us directly at goulashdisko{@}, or on our Facebook page. We will then give you our paypal address and you will be able to get your ticket(s) at the initial price that you bought them.


    PS: This is the initial list of unsuccessful transactions, and some of the users in the list already sorted out the problem. 

  • THANK YOU!!!!! (+important stuff!)

    Dear Goulash people,

    The crowdfunding campaign is now over, and together we raised the incredible amount of 46,806€! In total, 479 supporters contributed to the project, coming from 19 different countries and aged between 18 and 60 years old! 

    As you may know, we won't send physical ticket to your mailbox. Instead, we will have lists of names with all Ulule supporters. To get your festival pass, you will just have to bring a piece of ID at the gate. For that reason:

    Individual Ticket Holders: Please make sure that the name associated with your support is correct. You can double check by logging in your Ulule account, and click on "My Contributions". If you edit the name or want to change it, please let us know on Facebook or by email at goulashdisko{@}

    Group Ticket Holders: Please fill in this form and let us know who are the ticket holders' names. If you are still unsure, you can write several times your own name and you will collect several tickets at the gate.

    Your contributions will allow us to build a wonderful festival and we look forward to a beautiful week in your company!

    Peace & Goulash