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Goulash Disko Festival 2017

Global Music Festival lost in Paradise

About the project


Goulash Disko is a big family of beautiful souls, sharing the same love for music from the Global Underground. Crowdfunded, independent and sponsor free, the festival is an intimate gathering that truly belongs to its people...A magical experience combining positive music, virgin nature and collective awesomeness…

2017 is a special year - we are celebrating 5 years of Goulash Disko Festival and in that honour we will laugh and dance for full 5 days - on 12/13/14/15/16 September. You can also count on an opening night on the 11th, plus the traditional Goulash Day +1 on the 17th September. That means a full week of beach, sun, smiles and beautiful music, and we suggest you take enough time to enjoy all of it.

Goulash Disko takes place in Komiža, the most remote fisherman village in Croatia. It is well known for its beaches, sunsets, lemons, domestic wine and spirits, not to mention its laid back people… We now work hand in hand with the village to make Goulash Disko festival a sustainable part of Komiža, which is why it remains a small scale, intimate and organic gathering. The festival is limited to 1000 visitors, and everyone taking part of it is expected to behave as proper Goulashian: with love, consciousness and respect.

Photos by Stjepan Tafra.

What are the funds for?

We aim at raising 20000€, and all the money will be used to gather a stellar lineup and build the best possible infrastructure.  In terms of music, Goulash Disko knows no limits and we love to explore new sounds and genres rooted in the Global Underground. Expect world infused and eclectic music styles: Global Bass, Tropical Grooves, Oriental House, Gypsydelic, Swing Folk, Ethno Dub, Gypsy Punk, Organica, Latintronics, and everything in between...Beside music, performers and workshops of different kinds will spice up the program during the whole festival.

EDIT 15/04/2017: We did our first bookings, and here are the first artists on the lineup!

VOODOOHOP SHOWCASE (BR/DE): A multi sensory tropical cabaret.
FOURMI ROUZ (MUS): Love and psychedelia, straight from Mauritius island.
THE UFOSLAVIANS - DJ SET & BRASS (SLO): The Hottest balkan jungle act in the world!
GYPSY UNIT (UK): Gyp-Hop and bouncy basslines.
RAKOON (FR): Trance rhythms, rock guitar, psychedelic vibes and skanking pop arrangements. 
DR. SMEĐI ŠECER (HR): The funkiest Yugoslavian DJ alive, and most amazing vinyl wizzard.
SHOSH (24HR GARAGE GIRLS) (UK): Old Skool UK Garage & Basslines
SHANTI POWA (IT): 13-piece Ska-Rap-Funk-World orchestra.
KILL EMIL (GR): Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop producer from Greece, playing live on his MPC.
GYPSY DISCO (UK): Circus collective of dreamers, fanatics & freaks.
KOGNITIF (FR): French producer focusing on trip-hop, and all sorts of *-hop beats.
AL-JIVE MESTIZO (IR/IT): Quirky sounds from all over the world

EDIT 27/05: New artists added on the lineup!

ZENJI (IR/UK): An alchemist of sound, drawing his influence from Japanese cultures, video-game soundtracks, Irish mythology and baroque music, then fusing them with elements of Bass and electronic music.
ALIZARINA (FR/BE): The love child between a techno kick and a melodic clarinet.
THE MIDNIGHT ZU (UK): Collective of musicians from Bristol, bringing together elements of funk, folk, electro, dub, and soul.
SASO MANGE SOUNDSYSTEM (HR): Simply put: the best soundsystem in Croatia!
ZION TRAIN (UK): Dub pioneers from the UK scene, and undisputed leaders in the genre for the past 2 decades. 
LUMENARTISTS (HU): Psychedelic artwork projected in the hammock forest, on the beach and on the cliffs of the festival site.
ZENOCAO (PT/DE): Folktronica, Regional, Deep Techno, Slow House, Latinamerica, Ameríndio, Cumbia, Brazilian, Afrofuturism, Selva, Ethnobeats, Andestep ... & much more!
BUFFO'W WAKE SOUNDSYSTEM (UK): Waltz, tango, mosh and kolo through various influences from Eastern European, Balkan and Russian folk, to punk rock and cabaret
SŠSŠ (HR): An awesome band you probably never heard of.

You can find more detailed descriptions, videos and mixes from all the artists on our Facebook page!

Press play on one of the set recorded live at the festival to get into the Goulash Disko mood!

Goulash Disko family has grown a lot since we started 5 years ago, and beside special headliners we want to invite those who have helped push the project since its inception. Most likely to be seen celebrating our 5th anniversary: Rafael Aragon, Haris Pilton, Waggles, Gypsy Disco, Killo Killo, Izem, Kapitano, and many others. In total, we will book a minimum of 40 DJ's/Producers and 10 bands, coming from as many countries as possible.

If you want to apply as an artist, suggest an act for the lineup or get involved in some other way, please fill in this form:

Vis is a very remote island, but easily accessible since it has a good boat connection from Split. You can get to Split directly by plane (easiest option), but you can as well land in a nearby airport -Zadar, Dubrovnik or Zagreb-, then get to Split by bus or train. When you arrive on Vis island, local bus or friendly locals will drive you to Komiža, located on the other side of the island.

In cooperation with the city of Komiža, we are setting up a temporary camping spot on a protected piece of land, shaded by pine trees and accessible by cars and camper vans. The camping will be open from September 11th to 18th, and in order to cover the costs of toilets, water and tourism tax, a participation of 20€ for the 7 days will be asked to all visitors. Camping tickets will be available separately after the crowdfunding campaign. If you are coming by car or camper van, you will have to pay an extra 15€ to the city of Komiža, for parking in the camping zone for the whole week.

There are plenty of accommodation options in the village, from basic rooms to luxury houses. Prices usually vary between 15 and 50€ per night per person. If you want to book private accommodation, we suggest checking out airbnb.com, asking a local tourist agency to find something for you, or getting in touch directly with the apartment owners listed at the Komiža tourist office website.

And if you're up for a romantic trip, you may be interested in one of the charming flats of Villa Nonna -see picture below!

To be part of Goulash Disko 2017, it is simple : Crowdfund the project!! Early Birds start at 50€ and will gradually increase to 100€ during the crowdfunding campaign that will last until 31st May at midnight. Group tickets for 5 people are also available for 400€. After the crowdfunding campaign, price will go up to 120€, the regular ticket price, and a limited amount of discounted tickets will be available for citizens of Ex-Yugoslavia. Keep in mind that the festival is most likely going to be sold out, so the earlier you get your ticket, the safer! We want to remain 100% independent and sponsor free, so every penny counts and your generosity makes our dream possible!

About the project owner

Originally, we are 2 people behind Goulash Disko : Iva and Yves. We started the night 6 years ago in Dublin, where we lived at the time. After moving away from Ireland and settling in Croatia, we had the idea to organize the first ever crowdfunded music festival in the world, on this little paradise that we discovered many years ago. Luckily, it worked and the rest is history!

Since then, the community kept on growing and beside the festivals, Goulash Disko events have been independently organized in over 20 cities around Europe. Regular nights happen in Croatia and Slovenia, but you may also catch some Goulash in the near future in Berlin, Cork, Paris or Salzburg. Hundreds of artists are now part of the movement, and we couldn't be more delighted about it! If you want to see how the festival looked like in the last years, check out the gallery and previous aftermovie below!

If you like what you see, you can follow us on Facebook, Soundcloud or sign up to our newsletter. You may want to attend our Goulash Disko Festival Facebook event as well, to get the news while they're hot!

More questions? Contact us at goulashdisko[@]gmail.com or on our Facebook page!

We hope to see you in paradise!