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Goulash Disko Festival 2016

Global Music Festival lost in Paradise

  • Goulash Festival 2019 funded in only 25 minutes!

    25000€ in 25 minutes: A new Croatian record (-or at least we think so!)

    Thanks to a lot of trust, enthusiasm and support from the Goulash community, we reached our objective of 25000€ in only 25 minutes, and raised 40000€ in 7 hours!!! We broke the Internet again, and it's a true blessing to have so many great people behind us! We are super grateful for this incredible start!!   ❤️ ✊ 🙏  ❤️ ✊ 🙏  ❤️ ✊ 🙏

    We already made our first bookings, and have lots of exciting acts in the pipe. First announcements will come soon, but, what is already sure is that we are all coming back to Komiza, and we'll enjoy a week of music, love, sun and happiness together ❤️❤️❤️

    We have now reached 56,000€ (more than last year's entire campaign ;), and we are already more than 600 Goulashians on board, on a total of 1200 tickets available...so, If you or your friends need more tickets, it's still cool, but you may want to hurry up as the space is filling fast!

    Early Bird Ticket are over here: www.ulule.com/goulash2019/

    ...Goulash 2019 is in the making!

  • Goulash Festival Tickets -and other things!

    Dear Goulash backers!

    The festival is approaching and we hope you are as excited as us! Everything looks great so far, and the whole Komiža is waiting for you with tangible excitement! As many backers are wondering where are their festival tickets, here is the answer :)


    - All Ulule backers who donated for a festival ticket will be on the Ulule list, so just a piece of ID will be required to get the festival wristband. No physical tickets will be sent to your home!


    - If you took a ticket for someone else, tell us the account you bought the ticket with (username, email, or full name), and the name of the person you bought the ticket for. We will then do the update on the list.

    - If you got a group ticket (5 or 10 people), send us the list of names.

    - If you want modify the ticket holder's name, contact us and we will do the update!

    IMPORTANT NOTE (1): Camping is NOT included in the festival ticket. If you want to camp, you should get a separate ticket (20€ per person for the whole duration of the festival). This will contribute to costs of infrastructure, energy and staff in the camp. Here is the link: https://www.entrio.hr/event/goulash-disko-festival-2016-3277

    IMPORTANT NOTE (2): Festival capacity reached 90%, so it is probably going to be sold out. If you have friends who plan to come but do not have tickets yet, you should advise them to hurry and grab them here!

    TO CONTACT US: Email: [email protected] // Facebook: www.facebook.com/goulashdisko // Here on Ulule!

    See you soon on the beach :)))

  • Goulash Disko Festival, warmup night and day after!

    Due to avalanche of awesome artists up for Goulash Disko, there will be an unofficial warmup night on day 0, and an after on day+1! Your support has been overwhelming so take these extras as a present from the house :)

    Proper lineup announcement coming soon, but here is a little teaser with one of our last booking: My Bad Sister!

    Oh, and Goulash starts in exactly 2 months, how awesome is that!!

    See you soon :)

  • First names on the lineup!

    Slow beats from the Andes, organic deep house, ex-yu psychedelic funk, afro-tropical, acid arab or gypsy punk? All of the above! Awesome artists from all corners of the world will represent the Global Underground movement in Komiža, and it is going to be unique, magic and beautiful.
    Here are the first official bookings of the festival. We have many more to come and lots of awesomeness in the pipe!

    Among others:
    ~Gypsy Disco~ // UK 
    // A Gypsy Circus with 15+ performers singing, dancing and getting naked: The troubadours have an affair with Goulash Disko for 3 years now!
    Jhon Montoya // Columbia // Violinist and composer, Jhon Montoya combines his academic path with electronic experimentation, where the Andean mountains harmonies meet folk/tribal traditions and western rationalism.
    UMOJA // Netherlands // An organic evolution between two humble groove aficionados, dedicated to combine electronic productions with a perfect understanding of world rhythms, experimenting with African, South American and exotic traditions.
    Buffo's Wake // UK // Armed with accordions, violins and a bucket full of gusto, the twelve-legged beast from Brighton waltz, tango, mosh and kolo its way through various influences from Eastern European, Balkan and Russian folk, to punk rock and cabaret.

    Timboletti (Germany), Barrio lindo (Argentina), Waggles (<wbr style="color: rgb(32, 32, 32); font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 16px; line-height: 24px;"/>UK), Dr. Smeđi Šećer (Croatia), Gal Kadan (Israel), DJ BARU (Germany) are equally awesome, if you want to check them out and listen good music, head to our facebook page!

    We will keep you posted with the next lineup additions, coming soon :)
    Thanks and hugs to you all!


    PS: There are now less than 200 festival tickets available. If you plan on coming, grab yours while you can...here: www.entrio.hr/en/event/<wbr/>goulash-disko-festival-2016-<wbr/>3277

  • 10 Hours left!

    We reached 200 supporters yesterday, and to finish the campaign with another awesome milestone, it would be great to reach 25000€ by midnight today, since we are pretty close! You can contribute by grabbing one of the 5 last Early Bird tickets remaining(90€), get your group ticket or any of the regular goodies available...

    Thank you for the beautiful campaign we've done together so far, let's finish it with a bang!