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Goulash Disko Festival 2015

Global Music lost in Paradise

Festival tickets / Lineup updates / Goulash cooking

Dear Ulule Goulash friends!!

As the festival is getting closer and the excitement is rising, time has come for some news and updates :)

All Ulule supporters who donated for a festival ticket will have their name / email on the Ulule list at the gate. Ulule supporters do not need a physical ticket, a piece of identity will be just fine. The festival bracelet will let everyone enjoy both Goulash and Seasplash festivals, and get 2 festivals instead of one (opa!). Also, you are welcome to squat the festival site for a couple of extra days before/after the festival. It is an awesome place to camp so do not hesitate :)

There are already more than 100 artists booked for Goulash only, and as we speak more bands and djs are still being added to the lineup. Last minute applications can still be sent to [email protected]. Some of the recent additions : Be Svendsen, Izem, Gypsy Ska Orquesta, Rafael Aragon, Figli Di Madre Ignota, and many more (check their style on the website...quality only!)

In case you do not have yet a plane ticket yet, you can find pretty good deals from all corners of Europe, as there are few airports nearby : Pula / Trieste / Rijeka / Ljubljana / Treviso / Zagreb. Low cost companies landing directly in Pula include : Easyjet, Vueling,, Germanwings, Ryan air (listings here). If you do not find anything good, car sharing platforms such as could be a great help. A Goulash Car Sharing Facebook Group has just been set up fo that reason too.

Prices : As our crowd is completely mixed between locals and foreigners (we are proud to be the only festival properly connecting both worlds!), prices will be local. Good news for UK people : Half liter of beer will cost you only 1,5£.

Goulash is a collaborative festival by essence -as crowdfunders, you know it :) If people are interested in volunteering before/during/after the festival, you can send an email to [email protected] Selected volunteers get free festival ticket and few more extras.

Online help : You probably know people that are Goulash minded. If this is the case, we would REALLY appreciate if you take a few minutes to invite the right people to like our page, and suggest them to attend the festival. Goulash is a big word of mouth movement and we appreciate if you help us spread the word in the right direction! Both links are below.

Thank you for reading through and helping us making this festival so special.

Now that you made it to the end, treat yourself with a Playlist 100% Goulash Festival 2015!

Bok bok!

Your devoted Goulash crew