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Goulash Disko Festival 2015

Global Music lost in Paradise

About the project

UPDATE 22/04 :




Goulash Disko Festival is an independant gathering of like minded souls. We are music lovers, dancers, painters, dj's, acrobats, gypsters, clowns, makers, vagabonds, musicians and pirates. For the third time, the Goulash family is joining forces to make happen a week that nobody will ever forget, as the combination of positive music, virgin nature and beautiful people proves to be truly magical. We were the first music festival to be entirely crowdfunded, and we want to keep it that way. If you want to join the ride this year, you are at the right place!

If you don't know yet about us, you will get an idea with Goulash family pictures taken last year at the festival :

Big news : we are moving! This year we invite you all to the Fort Punta Christo in Pula, Istra. The fort was built more than 150 years ago by Austro-Hungarians on a peninsula, surrounded by beautiful beaches and pine trees. It has tunnels, dungeons, and lots of space for spectacular performances of any kind :)

The fort was abandoned after second world war, until our friends from Seasplash association started cleaning the site in 2001. They hosted their first Seasplash festival in 2003. Since then, music festivals and other cultural events are happening there, the biggest ones being Outlook and Dimensions. Here is how the entrance looks like :

Goulash Disko Festival 2015

Big news : we are merging! We are happy (and proud!) to team up with the Seasplash crew, which started the whole independent music scene in Croatia. They have their roots in Punk, Dub and Reggae, support the local scene and try to keep it real. Since we have the same approach, work with the same people and gather the same kind of crowd, we decided to merge the two festivals, as there is such an obvious fit between us. So this year, you will get two festivals instead of one! Awesome, right? We will take care of the beach program during the day, and take over the left wing of the fort at night...while Seasplash will run several other spaces. Pictures below will give you a hint of how awesome this merging will be.

Goulash Disko Festival 2015

FREE CAMPING : We will have free camping around the fort. Tents will be shaded by pine trees, and surrounded with the beautiful beaches of the peninsula. Showers, toilets and lockers will be there too. Camper vans are welcome and will have their own area. For those of you with families or higher standards, there are bungalows in the official camping nearby (300 meters away), and rooms/flats for rent in the village.

What are the funds for?

The money raised via crowdfunding will be used to build the line up. As the festival is happening in only 4 months, we are speeding up the fundraising process. This is why the campaign will last for 30 days only, instead of 60. This is quite a though challenge, which means that we will really need your support to spread the word among your friends -and convince them to come with you to Croatia :)

Music wise, we want to be more and more eclectic, and cover as many world infused and positive music styles as possible. To name a few : Tropical, Digital Grooves, Gypsydelic, Swing Folk, Gypsy Punk, Brass&Bass, Cumbia Core, Russian Disco, Balkan Beats, Latin Funk, Ska Hop, Oriental Deep... and anything in between.

While nothing is confirmed yet, here are a few tunes from Bands we would like to book this year :

 And some DJ's sets of artists we would like to see at the festival :

As for the performers, we will invite jugglers, dancers, clowns or fire breathers to spice up the program. We would love to get on board our friends from Gypsy Disco Circus, one of last year's highlight. Their moto 'Sing, dance and get naked' fits perfectly with Goulash Festival, and it would be awesome to see them performing in the fort.

Just fill in the form, we will get back to you.

FESTIVAL TICKETS : 50€ / 60€ / 70€ / 80€ / 90€ / 100€

The festival ticket will give you access to both Goulash and Seasplash festivals. It also includes camping. To get your ticket, it is simple : Crowdfund the project!! Early Birds start at 50€, and regular price is 100€. Group tickets are also available : 400€ for 5 tickets, and 700€ for 10 tickets.

Note : We won't kick you out of the fort at the end of the festival, and there will probably be some improvised program for a couple of days. So feel free to stay with us a bit more, if you want.

Goulash Disko Festival 2015

GOULASH DISKO VINYL : 25€ (+shipping)

The first Goulash Disko vinyl ever printed, very rare item!  There are only 500 copies in the universe, and you can get yours for only 25€. Tracklist features exclusively Goulash family producers who played last year at the festival. 10 tracks, 50 minutes, 180 grams vinyl. You can listen it here :

Goulash Disko

GOULASH DISKO T-SHIRT : 15€ (+shipping)

The official Goulash Disko T-shirt. Designed by our dear Denis Meyers, the shirt comes in various colours and sizes. As you see, very famous people like Kosta Kostov are already wearing it with pride.

Goulash Disko

BY AIR : Pula has its own airport, with low costs companies Ryan Air, Aer Lingus, Jet2.com, German Wings, etc. If you don't find a straight flight to Pula, you may get lucky with nearby airports of Rijeka (100 km), Trieste (120 km), Ljubljana (200km) and Treviso (270 km). All have low cost airlines too. Common practice is to rent a car with friends from those airports to get to Pula. Otherwise, buses will help you. You can have a look at Skyscanner to see what suits you best.

BY ROAD : Here a few distances between continental european cities and Pula :

Pula Goulash Disko Fesival 2015 Fort Punta Christo

About the project owner

Originally, we are 2 people behind Goulash Disko : Iva and Yves. We started the night 4 years ago in Dublin, where we lived at the time. After moving away from Ireland and settling in Croatia, we decided to make it little bigger and make a proper Goulash festival : 

Since then, the family is growing : regular Goulash Disko nights are happening in Dublin, but also Zagreb, Bristol and Berlin. We get support from all corners of Europe, and we now partner with the best possible crew to organize this year's festival in Pula. We're really excited to see you all in the fort! To stay up to date with the last news, find us on Goulash Facebook Page and join Goulash Festival Facebook event!

More questions? Contact us at : [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]



  • I have just contibuted £74. I am assuming that I have paid for 2 x£37 early bird tickets?

    Hi Nina!

    You contributed with 100€ (=74£) without chosing a reward. All the Early Birds are gone, and the ticket price at the moment is 100€ and it includes vinyl or T-shirt. Discounted tickets will be available for people from Ex-Yugoslavia who have much less purchase power. Are you from Ex-Yu? If it's the case, you can get 2 tickets for 100€. Otherwise, it's just one.

    Let me know!


    Last updated: 5 years, 6 months ago