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Goulash Disko Festival 2014

6 Days of Global Music in Paradise

About the project

Goulash Disko festival was born last year here on Ulule, and was the first music festival to be entirely crowdfunded. People from all around Europe joined forces to make happen a week that nobody will ever forget, as the combination of positive music, virgin nature and beautiful people turned to be something truly magical. Most came to the island as strangers, but left as a part of a big family.

Vis is situated further offshore than any of Croatia’s other inhabited Adriatic islands. Closed to foreigners for military reasons until 1989, it has never been exposed to mass tourism. For the past two decades, independant travellers have been falling in love with the island, drawn by its breathtaking bays, fantastic food and wine and two great-looking small towns – Vis Town and Komiža.

Vis Island - Goulash Disko

Goulash Festival takes place in Komiža, a tiny fisherman village completely lost in space and time, impossible not to fall in love with. To understand why, just visit the fishermen market at 6am, smell the lemons growing all year round, taste homemade wines and olive oils, or join the locals for an afternoon of fjaka - the art of dalmatian zen.

Situated in Kamenice bay, the festival spot offers one of the most beautiful sunset on the adriatic coast, where you will find yourself surrounded withcrystal clear water, pine forest, crickets, palm trees...not to mention the people and the soundsystem.

6 DAYS INSTEAD OF 4 : It is very hard to leave Komiza, especially when there is a Goulash going on. This time, we're inviting everyone to stay for a week, 4-9 September 2014. You probably don't mind staying a couple of extra days, right?

SUPER FULL MOON : Those who were there last year noticed that the moon was away. Probably jaelous, she decided to join us for the next edition, brighter than ever. The super full moon (biggest of the year!) will be on the 9th september, closing day of the festival. In fact, that's why we decided to extend the festival. Expect the most beautiful moonset you ever saw, falling right into the sea.

CRAFT BEER : When we’re not organizing festivals, we brew craft beer in the serbian mountains, mostly using ingredients from Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. For the Goulash fest, we're planning on brewing a very special batch, using lemons from Komiza as aroma for our Belgian Witbier. We'll probably also come with our Gypsy Pale Ale and couple of other delicassies.

GOULASH DISKO DJ's : Since last year’s festival, we’ve built a big Goulash family from around Europe, and many of our DJ's will be there for the annual gathering. You can expect our gang to kill it whenever it comes to Global Beats, Dubwise Breaks, Gypsy Jungle, Nu-Cumbia, Brass & Bass, Folkstep, Digital Grooves and any other world-infused music styles you can think of (zouk bass anyone?).  Next year you're likely to see, among others : Haris Pilton, Luca Vaga, Jinx in Dub, Balkan Hotsteppers, Dj Izem, Gypsy Box, Petrol Molotov, Turntable Dubbers, Dunkelbunt, Killo Killo, Balkan’s Hifi, Panama Cardoon, Savages y Suefo, Sacha Dieu, Fanfara Electronica. And many others. To get an idea, check out the playlist below, containing tracks and mixes from last year's line up.

LIVE MUSIC : This time we want to invite more live bands, as we'd like you to meet the german Gypsy Punks of Budzillus, discover the growing Gypsy Hip Hop scene with Euro Black Nation, or dance on the Global Fusion rythms of Skip & Die. Flying a band over is way more expensive than booking a dj, so the more money we raise, the more bands you'll get :)

CLOWNS, ACROBATS & PERFORMERS : To spice up the program we want to broaden the art spectrum of the festival as we're sure that you'll enjoy the naked acrobatic skills of Gypsy Disco, that you'll be up for Balkan Fitness lessons on the beach, and that you'll stop by to watch painters in action. 


If you want to perform at Goulash Disko, please fill in the form below and let us know what you have in mind. We're currently building the line up, so it's about time :) You can also use this form if you want to recommend us djs, bands or any kind of performers that would fit the Goulash style.

Vis island is far from the coast, but thats why we love it. To get there, most of you coming from abroad will take a plane to the croatian coast. The easiest option is to fly into Split, but there are other low cost airports nearby - Zadar and Dubrovnik - which are lovely places to visit on your way. Both cities have frequent connections to Split with a bus ride that lasts between 2.5 and 4 hours. You will then catch a Ferry or Catamaran from Split to Vis.  You can then use your imagination to get from Vis to Komiza, located on the other side of the island, 10km away. Bus, taxis or hitch hikes will be most frequent options, but you'll get free beers if you arrive on a donkey. Click here for more details and links to timetables

Here is a map showing which countries have Low Cost Flights to Dalmatian coast. To see which companies are flying where, please refer to our FAQ!

And here is how to get to Komiza when you'll arrive in Croatia :

What are the funds for?

Your money will be used entirely to build the line up and the festival site, so consider it well spent! We want to remain 100% independant and sponsor free, so every penny counts. You can contribute to the funding by getting goodies and/or tickets. Here are the options (scroll up and click on the right hand side to fund) :

When contributing, you can combine goodies and tickets in one single transaction. For example, if you want to buy 2 early bird tickets and a hoodie, choose the ticket option, but send us (2x75€) + 50€ = 200€. Please leave us a message specifying what you exactly want, and which size you want for clothing. Best is to pick up your goodies at the festival, but If you can't make it and want us to ship abroad please add extra cost for sending it from Croatia.

For the festival to keep its family atmosphere (and to avoid the island to sink!), there will only be 700 tickets available in total.


- If you are resident of Vis island.

- If you are over 60


- If you come from the Balkan area and can't afford regular prices

- If you have valid reason to ask us for a discount.

About the project owner

Originally, we are 2 people behind Goulash Disko : Iva and Yves. We started the night 3 years ago in Dublin, where we lived at the time. After moving away from Ireland and settling in Croatia, we decided to go little bigger and make Goulash a proper festival. Since last year, the crew is growing : Haris Pilton is in charge of the new baby, Goulash Disko records ; Botond Istvandi from Videowl makes the movies ; Marko is web developper, Killo Killo and the whole scene supports with music. Paulina is working hard on Goulash Dublin and people organize festival launch nights everywhere in Europe. This is really awesome, we can't wait to see you all in Komiza!

More questions? Check out the FAQ, contact us at [email protected] or friend Goulash on Facebook.