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Goulash Disko Festival 2013

4 Days of Global Music lost in Paradise

  • chipo85

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for 2 tickets for the lovely Goulash disko festival, can anyone help me out? You would make me really happy!!

    Please write to [email protected]

    Best, Lina

  • John Jadot

    Hi All Goulash lovers,

    Can't wait to go crazy on the Isle of Vis!
    I have an important question, how is it possible to buy additional tickets for the Goulsh Disko Festival?


  • Domi Nika

    So glad to see this got funded :)

  • istvandi

    Can't wait to be there. Flying from London straight into the clear water surrounding Komiza and the sound of trumpets!

  • Yves TaquetCreator

    Cool idea for the bus! There are quite a few belgians, dutchs and germans coming so we could work something out, pick up people on the way and get to Vis by bus.
    Another bus is likely to come from Sweden, it's a really funky one with turntables, bar and sofas! Check it out:
    If anyone knows about such bus in Belgium or Netherlands please contact us or drop a comment!

  • sven pynte

    are there people from belgium & holland going to the festival??? if we are with 50 people we can rent a partybus

  • Ori Goshen

    90% Funded!!!

    Way to go, 10% more and we'll have (an already perfect) festival!

  • kiwistardj

    Is it possible to play there ??? Kiwistar Electro swing dj from Paris : [email protected] /

  • slyz

    Staying, enjoying, chilling, partying, swimming, eating, diving in Komiza was just Perfect !!!
    This is really a well balanced way of life ;-)
    When Yves & Iva are taking care of Parties/Festivals, it's just a blast of entertainment !!
    I just Love it !

    By the way, not even sure to be able to make it at that date...a big unfortunately...

    But I really do recommend anyone who looks for freedom and entertainment (that means everybody finally...;-) )

  • djimphoenix

    Circus Hoppa's dj's from Amsterdam, can Balkan rock and lullaby at the same time @Peresola7 ;)

  • peresola7

    Please, do! :) Will there be a lullaby balkan dj? ;)

  • Yves TaquetCreator

    Pity, Pere and Zizibee. You will make it for the next edition, I am sure :)
    We'll set up a kindergarten and some nannies to take care of the little ones while you go crazy :)

  • peresola7

    We can't make it unfortunately (small baby has come!) but we'd love to be there! Vis island = paradise on earth

  • Madalina Ana

    Yaaaaay, paaartyyy!

  • zizibee

    Guys, it sounds amazing!!! and something I would not miss out...BUT the days are very baaad!!! No weekend included and the kids are back in school...impossible to attend :(((

  • myziot

    It's a 4 days of constant Goulash Disko on a remote island, amazing food, blue caves around, wonderful wine and most of all.. sun and heat!!

  • Samuel RasettiStaff

    I can't wait to come again! Komiza was so nice and the previous Goulash Disko rocked so much I can't imagine how great the mix of the two will be!