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Goulash Disko Festival 2013

4 Days of Global Music lost in Paradise

About the project

Goulash Disko wants to organize the First Crowdfunded Music Festival in the World! It will happen in Komiza (Vis Island, Croatia) on the 3/4/5/6 september 2013


We have the green light to make happen four days of legendary parties in an untouched paradise lost in the Adriatic sea, and want to connect the dots between theBalkan/Global/Tropical music scenes that are spreading the love for a few years in many cities of Europe. We get all of us together and enjoy the the beauty of the place, music and people. Those will be the most intense days this summer. Promise! To stay up to date with the last news, join our Facebook event.

The magic will happen in Komiza, a tiny fisherman village on the island of Vis,  on the Adriatic sea. The stage is a beach that has it all : remoteness, cristal clear water, pine forest to set up your tent, cactus, palm trees, and a great soundsystem. The lounge bar co-organizing the event is Aquarius. Here is how it looks, at night :

Lonely Planet's description of the place : "...Imagine being one of the first people to attend one of the full moon parties on the Ko Dhan Nghan in Thailand, or being in Goa in India when westerners first started turning up to party and chill out...My 16 hours of Aquarius Bar felt just like that. If you want a place, that you can choose to chill or choose to party, stay all night and wish you can stay longer, head to the Aquarius Bar."

We did not chose the location only because of that beach. Vis is among the most stunning and authentic island of the croatian coast, and is well known for its nature, food and laid back atmosfere. Adventurers should come here in any case :

As this is a 100% crowdfunded festival, the line up will depend on the amount of support we will get. You can expect top-notch Dj's playing the best of Balkan Beats, Global Bass, Reggae, Nu Cumbia, Funk, Chillstep, Afro, Tropical, Drum & Bass... And anything positive that will make you smile, dance, or both. If we raise enough, we would also book some live acts, with traditional gypsy brass bands on top of the list. The more support we get, the better the line up!

We have different scenarios :

5000€ is the minimum amount we need to build a line up that would be worth travelling for. We gather the Goulash Disko family and the Dj's that our Dublin crowd enjoyed the most. Plus some of the best of the local scene, and some chill out Dj's for the afternoons.

Some of our trusted Dj's that would be playing with us : Sacha Dieu (Balkan/Global/Swing, UK), Gypsy Box ("Delerium Beats", Mexico), Captain Steel (Kuduro/Mumbathon/D&B/..., Belgium), Pedrolito Radioglobal (Tropical/Cumbia Bass/Salsa/..., France), Filip Motovunski (Drum and Bass, Croatia), or Dj Izem (ElectroCumbiaSoul, Portugal). We have more in stock, and if you are personally interested in playing, just contact us!

Here are mixes from Gypsy Box, Sacha Dieu and Pedrolito Radioglobal, who we'd like to have on board too.

Yay! We can get bigger, and think about booking a gypsy brass band, bigger names, or entire crews! Some of the acts we have in mind : Kocani Orkestar, our dear friends from Gypsy Hill ; but also Stand High Patrol & Pupajim for digital reggae vibes, or Jinx in Dub to speed up the tempo. Gilles Peterson and LeFto would be great eclectic additions too!

17/04 Update :[dunkelbunt] is on board ! Providing that we raise enough, the wizzard will make you timelessly travel around the world with the infinite beauty of music, and delight your senses with his very own spices blends! 

Stand High Patrol Mixtape Channel

There is a pine forest just next to the beach, where you can set up your tent. It smells great, and has magnificent views over the sea. This has been the unofficial camping of the island for years now, and since it is technically just of piece of land, it is free of charge. The nearest toilets are few meters away, and belong to our lounge-bar. On the beach, you can also find a natural source of clear, drinkable water. The best option for a shower is the sea :)

For people who prefer to sleep inside, have access to hot water and have their own quiet area -which may make sense:)-, there are plenty of accomodation options in the village, from basic rooms to luxury houses. Prices usually vary between 20 and 50€ per night per person. There is a list of rooms and appartments here, and if you're struggling to book something, you can shoot us a mail at goulashdisko[@]gmail.com, and we'll do our best to sort you out. Here are some of the houses and rooms you can book.

If you want to attend the festival, it's simple : support this project! Your money will be used entirely to build the line up, so consider it well spent! There are a few packages out there, but the concept is that the more people you come with, the cheaper the ticket. And the more fun the festival :) If you want to come and contribute with other things than money, you're very welcome too! Artists, volunteers or smoothy chefs : contact us :)

Here are the main money options :

Feel free to combine packages. For example, if you want 2 early bird tickets, choose the 'Early Bird' package and send us 2x50€ = 100€. You'll then get 2 tickets. Also, let's say you are 7 and not 5, choose the 'Group of 5' package, and send us 7x50€ = 350€.

Bear in mind that if we don't raise 5000€ by the end of the crowdfunding project, the festival would unfortunately have to be canceled, and you would not be charged.

What are the funds for?

The funds will be used to cover all the costs : artists booking, transportation fees, soundsystem and site decoration. We do not have profit intentions, and we are going to spend everything we raise to build the best line up we possibly can. Promise :)

About the project owner

We are 2 people behind Goulash Disko : Yves (Belgium), and Iva (Croatia). We started the night 2 years ago in Dublin, where we lived at the time, as we felt something was lacking on the music scene : fun. We started small, but grew quickly, following the crowd's enthusiasm. Goulash Disko was the one night where people would invade the stage to dance together with the dj's and bellydancers, and share drinks with strangers. It felt like a big, happy and crazy family. If you want to know more about the night, we have a lot of pictures on Facebook.

We invited some of the best names of the Balkan and Global music scenes, and entirely filled the Twisted Pepper club (500+ people capacity) each time since our third night. Here is a little atmosferic overview :)

We relocated to Croatia and had to leave Goulash Disko at its peak, with a gap in the Dublin Clubbing scene behind us. Now that we're here, we decided to take it the the next level, and build a proper festival. Goulash Disko 2.0, here we go!



  • How to get to Goulash Disko Festival?

    The festival is happening on the most remote beaches of Komiza, a small village on Vis Island. Here is how to get there :

    1) Get to Split harbour.

    Several low cost companies are flying to the south of Croatia, especially in the summer. For example, Ryan Air flies to Zadar, and Easy Jet directly to Split! For the best rates, check out Edreams or Skyscanner.

    By bus, Split is well connected with all major cities in Croatia, including Zadar and Dubrovnik. The timetable is here.

    It is also possible to reach Split by train (the station is right in front of the harbour), or by car. 

    2) Get to Komiza!

    There are ferries and catamarans from Jadrolinja leaving several times a day between 9AM and 9PM (note that cars do not fit on catamarans!). 

    A 2 hours ride will get you in Vis, where you will be offered a minibus ride to Komiza, only 15 minutes away.

    Last updated: 7 years, 4 months ago

  • I do not want to camp. Where can I find accomodation?

    If you do not want to sleep in the pine forest :

    The best option is to rent a room/flat/house in Komiza. Prices usually varies between 15 and 40€ per person per night. There is a list of flats here, but keep in mind that all flats are not listed, as Internet did not reach everyone in Komiza yet :)

    We have good connections and could probably help you finding accomodation. If you need us, shoot an email at goulashdisko{at}gmail.com and we'll do our best to help you.

    There is also Hotel Bisevo ; the only hotel in the area. You will for sure find a room there, but try first to get an appartment ; as they're usually around the same prices and give you more facilities (i.e kitchen, garden, terrace,...) and overal better experience.

    Last updated: 7 years, 4 months ago

  • The crowdfunding project is over. Can i still get a ticket?

    Yes :)

    We will throw a limited amount of tickets for sale around the 1st of July, on the website (goulashdisko.com) that will be live by then. It won't be more expensive, promise!

    So, no worries :)

    Last updated: 7 years, 4 months ago