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GOOD KRAMA - Summer Collection Pre-Order

Fashion That Tracks Your Eco Impact

About the project


Nope, we mean krama. The krama is a traditional silk or cotton scarf made of thousands of tiny squares that reflects the tumultuous history of Cambodia: a patchwork of contrasting hues, of darkness and light. Used in hundreds of different ways by people of all socio-economic backgrounds, the krama materializes the balance between function and esthetics. 


GOOD KRAMA is a ready-to-wear fashion label that produces high quality, versatile and trans-seasonal pieces for women and men. Each garment we create blends traditional weaving techniques with contemporary designs for the conscious consumer in you!

We partnered with like-minded social enterprises and weaving communities to ensure high quality fabrics, socially responsible manufacturing, and sustainable consciousness. Our story remains transparent, from the makers behind the garments we make, to the footprint and ecological impact we generate with each collection. We continuously research new sustainable alternatives, and have since developed a closed-loop system to remain a zero waste brand.

Our fabrics come from two primary sources:

  • Handwoven textiles of silks, cottons and bamboo in partnership with rural weaving communities in the Takeo Province of Cambodia. 
  • Up-cycled fabric deadstock and offcuts of factory remnants diverted from landfill.

Our entire supply chain remains local and everything we do is proudly made in Cambodia. 

Fashion is one of the most resource intensive industries in the world! We think there are smarter ways to utilize these resources and we have verified data to back it up. 

GOOD KRAMA is dedicated to total transparency as we track closely our ecological impact in all aspects of our production. This data is translated to our customers who can consciously understand how each of their GOOD KRAMA purchase can and does make a difference compared to conventional industry standards. We challenge consumers as much as we challenge ourselves to know #yourecoimpact and make smarter choices.

We partnered with Green Story, a Toronto based company that verified our entire supply chain and helped us translate our data into relatable information with the help of punchy graphics. It was important for us to have our numbers verified by a third party and have access to global industry data to make the most accurate comparisons and confirm that our numbers match our mission and communication. We are proud to say that since the beginning of our young company, GOOD KRAMA has saved the equivalent of:

Step into our world of Mirages: In this summer collection, desert hues meet nautical themes as we embark on a reflection between fresh water scarcity in the world and water overconsumption in the fashion industry. Our fabrics were chosen as low impact fibres that require little water to exist while remaining light and breathable for the rising temperatures. We introduce a new range of unisex looks that can be styled a multitude of ways to let your creativity flow. Discover our colorful take on handwoven luxury and our latest zero waste designs!

Our collection also includes a limited edition series we call Mini Bee. We created original print designs on a range of tops made from a beautiful upcycled cotton jersey. These designs aim at raising awareness on the importance of honeybees in the world. 5% of the profits from this series will be donated to the Nature Wild which works to fight illegal deforestation, educate on ethical beekeeping and preserve the wild honeybee's natural habitats in different regions of Cambodia. With your support, we can all help #savethebees !


Hosting a pre-sale allows you early, uninhibited access to our garments without having to worry about them selling out. You are also getting a first glance at our limited editions before the collection goes live on all other sales channels.

This campaign helps creates the supply and demand for each design- removing the potential costs of unsold inventory. This creates a zero-waste production cycle and better prices for everyone! By choosing your favorite items from our latest collection you are working with us to avoid wasting resources and getting first access to beautiful eco fair designs!

Projected Timeline:

  • Our campaign ends on Friday March 22nd, also known as International Water Day!
  • March 25-29th: We collect your data on desired colors and sizes for all orders
  • April 1st: Production begins!
  • May 20th: First orders dispatched.
  • June 3rd: All orders dispatched and ready to be enjoyed in time for the summer!

Part of our clothing is produced in Phnom Penh with Fairsew, a manufacturing studio that treats its employees fairly by providing them with a safe working environment, offering wages and benefits above the standard levels for garment workers in Cambodia and giving staff opportunities for further learning and development. 

We also partnered with PSE - an NGO that that offers food, healthcare, schooling and vocational training to disadvantaged families. PSE’s workshop employs 30 women whose children are supported by the NGO: they are guaranteed a fair wage and good working conditions in order to help increase family salary and maintain their children’s education.

Our latest partnership is with Friends International, an NGO which aims to respond to the harsh living conditions of street living and working children. Today, this NGO works in seven zones of the city, providing holistic social support to over 18,000 children, youth and families per year so they can claim their rights to health, safety, family care and education.


80% of the gross things about fashion happen after you take the garment home.

Don’t be gross, follow these mindful care tips:

Wash Cold: most of the energy spent in conventional washing machines is used heating the water. Switching from hot water to cold or warm can help prevent 227 kilos of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

Hang Dry: Skip the drier, just do it. Air-drying your clothes just 6 months a year could save up to 318 kilos of Co2. That’s the equivalent of a flight to the South of France where hang-drying laundry is super chic anyways. Go hang like the Frenchies.

Iron Cool: All of our GOOD KRAMA clothing can be ironed. Give your iron a break and set it on a lower temperature – you’ll save energy and do less damage to your clothing.

Hand Wash: Our handwoven fabrics are super delicate. While you can place them in a gentle cycle, we recommend handwashing them whenever possible. 

By following these smart care instructions, you can make a positive impact and generate countless savings in key resources:



A little share can change everything... 

Risks and Challenges:

It would be silly to deny that problems won't arise. However, we've probably encountered most of them already. Here are a few of the risks and challenges we can face:

- While we go through a rigorous quality control, the handwoven and hand dyed nature of our fabrics makes them unique with their slight differences and imperfection. Do not fear, we strive for the best results!

- Zero waste fabric: This fabric is woven from our collected scraps over time. While the color scheme will match the featured items above, each item will be unique and vary slightly from one to the next. This is part of our zero waste poetry!

- There are a lot of public holidays in Cambodia...like a lot. This can affect production timelines as the studios remain closed during those times. This has already been reflected in our schedule estimates so we accounted for that extra time just in case.

- We're all the way in Cambodia so shipping times may vary. From experience we have had 100% successful delivery rates to customers all over the world so we're pretty certain we'll get your goodies to you safely.

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