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Glowee, the living biolighting system

What if we did not need electricity to produce light anymore?

About the project

Glowee is a biolighting living system that both does not consume electricity and does not emit light pollution. Glowee's technology is based on bioluminescence, the natural superpower of some micro-organisms to create light. It has been thought to tackle the current issues faced by the urban lighting market.

You may not know it yet, but you have seen it for sure in fireflies and algaes, as well as in Nemo, Avatar and Life of Pi.

That's after having observed these amazing natural superpowers of living organisms to create light that we decided to create a biolighting system to revolutionize our cities lighting. 

Glowee's research team works days and nights to develop the best ideal solution that will make the best light and last as long as possible, by optimizing bacteria, their nutrient medium and their receptacle. Glowee is transparent during the day and luminescent at night. It is made up of an organic, biodegradable, transparent shell that sticks to glazed surfaces, that contains the biological and bioluminescent solution.

To get to the optimal product, we based our research on four criteria: light intensity, lifespan, adaptability to outside temperature, and colors.
Before being the best we can on every of these criteria and being able to offer a urban lighting system, many steps have to be taken, as you can see on the image below. 

What are the funds for?

Today, we almost reached our first goal, as we managed to make light for 20 hours!! We are now working on repeatability to launch the first product in September 2015 ! 

That's to achieve this second objective and go from a cool biolighting system to a real revolution that we need you!!

>>  The main part of our expenses consists of the rental of a lab bench and the consumption of biological materials needed by the research (restriction enzyme, plasmid preparation kits, mutagenicity kits, sequencing, etc).

>> We are convinced that most of the answers to environmental issues can be found in the nature itself. Through this crowdfunding campaign, we want to explain deeply our approach. But moreover, we want to motivate young people to follow us in this biotech revolution, to make a great impact on our common future.  <<

Should we get more money, we would invest in laboratory equipment to fasten the research, and be more and more autonomous!

Should we have even more, we would widen our team and hire a yound PhD to make a bigger and faster impact!

Sadly, we cannot offer you glowee's products in exchange of your contribution. That is the reson why we drafted some very special packs! From nominal considerations to considerations tied to projects that hold our strong ethical values, through considerations during which we will share with you our knowledge and happiness, we truly hope that each one of you will find something he/she likes!

To enable to to be even more engaged, we picked TREEZ as our partner for this campaign (firefly & jellyfish packs). To learn more about them: http://treez.org

Through our campaign, you will be able to get involved in a fantastic reforestation project, in the heart of the Amazonian forest, in the Peruvian region of Alto Huayabamba. Click here to learn more about this project: http://treez.org/projets/alto-huayabamba/

To enable you to benefit from the magic of bioluminescence anyway, we are working on a culture of bioluminescent algae (plankton pack)

To enable you to understand the biotech revolution and the challenge it carries for the future of our planet, you can take courses or visit our secret laboratories! (squid and lantern fish packs) 

To enable you both to escape in a magical place with all the glowee team and to enjoy a great moment of sharing, here is the "Ferme des Isles" for our Super-Fungis

About the project owner

Sandra and Maëlle worked many time together during their design studies where they met. They also collaborated during their internships. 

> Sandra Rey - Co-founder - Head of the glowees: Graduate in industrial design and societal entrepreneurship, Sandra rules the startup and is very careful that everyone keeps working in the same direction. She is notably in charge of partnerships.  

> Maëlle Chassard - Co-founder - Head of design: Graduate as well in industrial design and entrepreneurship. Though she is involved in many entrepreneurial projects, she keeps an eye on glowee and is careful that our values stay at the heart of our communication. 

Sandra met Geoffroy during their societal entrepreneurship track in Madrid. Yet, Geoffroy only joined glowee in early 2015 to strenghten the operational team.  

> Geoffroy de Bérail - Head of finance: Graduate from a tier-one business school, Geoffroy is in charge of business development and the financial aspects of the project. 

> Gilles Defrel Head of bacteria: Though he is still an engineer student specializing in environmental biotech, Gilles was the first to enter the labs to work on the feasbility of the project. He drafted a great part of the R&D strategy. 

> Victoria BiroHead of bacteria: Last year student in an industrial biotech school, Victoria joined Gilles in February in our brand new labs to fasten the research. 

> Samuel Juillot - Head of science: PhD in synthetic biology and graduate of a biotech Master, Samuel is the new science project leader. His experience and passion make him a great asset for all the glowee team. 


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