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The First Living Gif Art Exhibition !

Gif It! is the exhibition that pulls GIFs out of screens. June 11 to 24 in Paris (Les Ateliers). Worldwide Premiere!

About the project

"GIF IT! is the first edition of a series of nomadic art exhibitions around GIF art. GIF IT! pulls Gifs out of screens and raise them as works of art. Animations are triggered when moving around via optical illusion. Magic! "

We live in a world where digital is increasingly present and where art holds a very important place. One year ago I wondered how GIF could be appreciated more naturally. It is time to propose a new art, appreciable off-screens without the need for a source of energy.

Digital art is increasingly exposed in galleries and museums. GIFs in particular have seen their interest soar with exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Paris and even in Iran.

The first GIF IT!  exhibition will help to spread digital art neither through a screen but in the physical world!GIF IT! combines traditional artistic experience with digital creations of our time. A unique concept that is emerging in Paris, the city of art and culture!

  • 8 GIFs artworks in limited editions produced by Gif Arte
  • An opening and closing ceremony
  • Actors of the local Net Art scene (events with L’Oeil de Links and multimedia labels like PERMALNK).
  • Meetings with topics as:
    • The Glitch-Art or reproduction of the error
    • The vision of digital art 10 years ago
    • Hyper reality dystopias and utopias
  • Surprises ... dj sets, meetings ...

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Bill Domonkos: Filmmaker, GIF maker and stereoscopist. His work combines computer animation, still photography, live footage and manipulated archive film footage. His work has been broadcast and shown internationally in cinemas, film festivals, galleries and museums.

Vasya Kolotusha:  25 year oId graphic artist from Cherkasy, Ukraine. He love to draw since he was a kit. After getting a Bachelor Of Architecture degree in KNUCA in 2012, he started to work at game development studio in position of 2D artist. Last year he decided to become a freelance illustrator. 

Bill DomonkosVasya Kolotusha

Francois Beaurain: French artist currently living between France and Morocco. From a scientific formation, Francois is an autodidact and protean artist whose practices include photography, sculpture and collage.

Nico Tepo: Designer, Photograph, Director, Husband & Father.

Francois BeaurainNicoTepo

Eran Hilleli et Ori Toor:  Eran was born in 1981, lives in Tel Aviv and has studied animation at the departement of screened art at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. He is represented by two studios in Asia, Asutralia, United States and United Kingdom and has worked for artists like  Shrillex. Ori Toor doodles in order to keep sane. He likes using colored pencils, pens, and broken lava lamps in his drawings.

PATAKK: 24-year-old student from Zagreb, Croatia. Beside math and science in general, he has always shown interest in visual arts. He especially feel comfortable producing generative art due to his background in math and programming, and enjoy finding connections between nature, math and code.

Eran Hilleli & Ori ToorPATAKK

Joe WinogradJoe Winograd was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his BFA in Printmaking and Drawing in 2013 from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, winning the Peter Marcus Prize for Printmaking that year. His work has been featured by Vice Magazine, Tumblr’s Year in Review and an upcoming book with Graffito Books. Winograd currently works in New York.

SholimThe work of Serbian artist, Milos "Sholim" Rajkovic, was once described as "Freaky GIFs You Will Never Forget,". His work looks like a mad scientist's twist on Magritte's The Son Of Man, as politicians, corporate workaholics, and models. He has found a unique way to express his anti-war and anti-corrupt corporation/government/religion sentiments: with a new artistic form animated GIFs. 

Joe Winograd Sholim

Many artists and illustrators produce and share their creations via the GIF format. The start-up Gif Arte enables these artists to bring their digital works in our physical world.

Gif Arte is the first platform spreading this type of art. It is an art of quality, moving, fun to watch, & unique. Bare in mind that it doesnt' requires any source of power.

Each artwork isframed, numbered (3, 12 and 100 copies according to the work) and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Prints are of the highest quality. As for the artworks, they are framed by Nielsen and their latest Alpha Frames (high quality).

                GIFS are available in several formats :

It's simple, the animation is triggered when moving around the work. No need of source power, it is a matter of optical illusion.

The technique used will be that of "lenticular printing" widespread for over a century, producing a sense of depth and animation. Lenticular imaging produces images that gives an impression of relief (3D) or animation depending on the angle.

The GIF IT! exhibition will be held in Paris, city of art and culture by reference.

The spot « Les Ateliers », is hybrid: gallery, showroom and coffee, A place at the crossroads of cultural diversity.

See you in the 15th district of Paris: 6 rue de Cléry.  

Thanks to you, this is where you will have the opportunity to visit us from the 11th to the 24th of June 2015.

Gif Arte wishes to organizing exhibitions in worldwide cultural cities (Paris, Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, etc. ..). Our goal is to produce the best GIF artists with high quality prints.

What are the funds for?

  • Production of 6 artworks (2 are already printed) : 200 x 6 = 1200 €
  • Frames : 40 x 8 =  320 €
  • Certificate of Authenticity, unit price = 3€
  • Privatization of the gallery « Les Ateliers » = 600 €

To promote this exhibition, ...  a bit of printed communication

  • Flyers x 2000 + Posters (A2) x 300 =  50€ + 70€  Soit 120€

  • The commission related to the crowdfunding campaign = 179 €

      Total = 2420 €

If we pass the campaign's goal, we will have the opportunity to launch GIF IT! # 02 as quickly as possible & discover new artistic experiences together;-)




About the project owner

The author of the project, Rubens Ben , spends much of his youth in I.T. After his Baccalauréat he follows a Bachelor in Communication and Psychology, where he specialized in psychology of the Internet.
His sensitivity for Digital Arts is growing and passionates himself about the interconnection between cultures, art and technology. Rubens focuses specifically on digital art and the "net art ", reflecting a the expression of contemporary cultures.

After his Bachelor Rubens works as a webmaster and finds a way to appreciate GIF Art in a physical way, without tiring the eyes.

A question? Do not hesitate to contact me:

Thank you to all members of our community as well as artists