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Girls, Gods & Monsters - vol.5

A NEW collection of works presented by Julien Hugonnard-Bert

About the project


And every week, a drawing of lots is done. Signed comics, prints, etc. to win!(For contribution of 30€ or more)

And every

Following the success of last year’s project (and the one before), I need your support again to fund my new artbook:

It’s my new artbook, which is a book featuring reproductions of artwork and details about how I work. In Girls, Gods & Monsters - vol 5, you will find a selection of my most recent work, collected in a bigger book, with more drawings (in black and white and in color) than my previous books. Also included: more explanations about how I draw.

  • Why should I get an Artbook?

In an Artbook like Girls, Gods & Monsters, you can discover how artwork is created whilst reading the details of the artist’s techniques and processes. Girls, Gods & Monsters will feature the stages of a comic book cover's creation: the sketches, the inking, and the color. You will also learn about my inspirations, the many parts of my work, the specific tools I use, and even rare and unpublished stuff! Above all, when you purchase an artbook, you sustain the artist, so he won’t have to depend exclusively on publishing houses but have the possibility to take time to work on more personal projects.

What are the funds for?

Like last year’s campain, I would like to thank the backers with :

  • My new artbook Girls, Gods & Monsters - vol. 5 in paper and/or digital format, and my previous artbooks as well
  • exclusives prints
  • Original pages or drawing: inked headsketches, commissions on demand (inked torso), original cover art, published pages, etc.

(Click here to have a look)

(Click here for a larger view)

(Click here for a larger view)

Original pages of Injustice and Star Wars will be randomly assigned

On top of that, special gifts will be awarded by drawing lots, weekly: prints, signed comics, with sketches, etc.

In addition, bonus rewards are planned in case we surpass the initial goal… New rewards will be announced throughout the campain!

If you wish to see those bonus rewards, you can share this page with your entourage !

The goal of this campain is to fund the production costs, the shipping costs and the website's fees (8%)

About the project owner

After a few years working as a mechanical design engineer, I decided to do what I always dreamed of : drawing. Or, more precisely, I started to work as an inker, as this part was always my favourite. Since 2008, I've worked for french and foreign editors, and with gifted pencillers!

  • DC Comics (USA) : Injustice Gods Among Us
  • Dark Horse Comics (USA) : Star Wars, Star Wars: Agent of the Empire
  • Marvel Comics (USA) : Origins of Marvel Comics, X-Men
  • Avatar Press (USA) : Crossed Family Values
  • Soleil (FR) : Le Sang du Dragon, Hannibal Mériadec, L'Epée de Feu, Templier
  • Delcourt (FR) : Masqué
  • Panini / Marvel (UK) : Marvel Heroes Magazine
  • Eppo (NL) : Roodhaar
  • ...

This artbook allows me to show a more personal  part of my work. I hope you’ll like it!

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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