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Mobile workshop three years cycling around the world!

About the project

Three years of research and artistic creation by recumbent bikes around the world.

We are Fanch and Barth, both artists, researchers, travelers and co-founders of this mobile workshop project. Our paths crossed at the end of our studies of art. While some historians agree to say that the dream of such a project would have been mentioned much earlier by one or the other, Geocyclab has officially emerged around the end of 2010.

Geocyclab’s idea is to give us the means, the tools and the time to produce a work of research and artistic creation, whilst traveling from one country to another. In other words, to invent a nomadic workshop, flexible and independent, that can make us fully experiment the "artist-researcher-traveler's” lifestyle.

Nomadism, artistic creation and Do it Yourself are the main ingredients that make each encounter, each change of culture or landscape, the raw material of our thoughts, our ideas, of our achievements. It interrogates the artistic creation process within our respective practices since a long time, in his relation to geographical mobility. 

Our mobile workshop consists of two recumbent bikes, each loaded of about sixty pounds of equipment. Many financial, logistical and human supports allow it to function in complete independence. We gave ourselves three years to travel the globe throughout the discoveries that inspire and sustain our productions.

If Geocyclab fully realized our personal aspirations, it is nonetheless an experimental adventure, rooted in its time, and incarnating values ​​that we want to share and disseminate the most freely and widely possible. Indeed, our workshop is somehow "augmented" thanks to a global network of actors, of locations, movements, associations that we meet, observe, and interrogate. This is the emerging community of the "Free sharing of knowledge" which Geocyclab is a part of, and which is our topic of research.

In this same logic of sharing, we use only hardwares and softwares "Open Source". This constraint pushes us to meet other users of such technologies, in order to be helped, but as well for passing on our experience from the road, more often as part of artistic achievements.

Geocyclab is an experience we want to share with the largest number of people. During those three years of travel, audiovisual works, performances, installations, web-documentary about the "Open culture", all our productions are freely broadcasted on Geocyclab's website throughout the kilometers:

The "carnet de bord" (diary) describes in words and pictures the daily life of our workshop on the road as  well as during our sedentary stays for production, and it is interspersed with "checkpoints" movies. Video and photographic recordings of our artistic researches, and "Haïkus" (audiovisual work) are visible in the virtual gallery "Ex Situ". And "Free objects" presents in a protean way the whole results of our investigation about Open Culture. 

It is now over a year and a half that we are on the road. We first joined Dakar passing through Spain, Morocco and Mauritania. From there, we flew to Mexico City where we stayed stuck for a while before riding up to San Francisco, California. A second plane dropped us in Indonesia and we are now in Malaysia, but about to take again our road to Thailand, Burma, India...

Two years of design, of development, of preparation, of organization and fundraising were necessary to launch the shipment and finally hit the road from Quimper on the 30th of september 2012. After our coming back to France in late 2015, we plan at least one year to testify to our experience through publications, films, exhibitions, conferences, workshops ... But before, we still have many kilometers to swallow and so much to discover.

What are the funds for?

The result of this first phase is that our ambitious workshop works, despite many technical and material obstacles! So, we're in the middle of our journey, more than ever motivated to lead this experiment to its end, but our financial situation forces us to seek new funds for the crossing of the Eurasian continent that separates us from our arrival point.

Before we left, we were able to fund two-thirds of our estimated budget, which allowed us to buy all the necessary equipment, to eat, to find accomodations, and to pay insurances or aircraft's tickets, during a year and a half ... In recent months, we hoped earn some new grants that we asked, but luck was not with us this time.

The principle of crowdfunding is important to us, especially because of our experience with Octopousse before departure, and because it is a beautiful illustration of this "Open culture" that allows Geocyclab to remain independent and go through with its dream!

This fundraising will help us to cover our daily expenses for food, sometimes for our accommodation, and to invest in some hardware from time to time, during the months to come, and it will give us time to explore other funding ideas. To all those who have supported us with Octopousse before our departure, you are allowed to participate again and you will receive all your counterparties in the months following our return, for sure  :)

Your support to Geocyclab is more than ever crucial, and if your budget does not allow you to help us financially, don't hesitate to spread our project around you, and to make this page visible with "likes"! Thank you !!!

About the project owner

Fanch is a musician and graduated from the Fine Arts school in Quimper. His work as an artist has led him to question the sound as a material through various interactive installations or performances thanks to "open source" technologies, digital and electronic.


Barth is passionate about the images, graduate of Decorative Arts School in Paris. From drawing to video through photography, web design and graphic design, his past freelance activity allowed him to refine his practice in these differents fields.


We decided to combine our skills to go further in our researches and our practices around common issues that fascinate us. By adding the desire of a trip around the world, this desire to create a kind of mobile laboratory research / creation has created Geocyclab.

The autonomy of this project is made ​​possible by the combination of our know-how, but also by the volunteer work of our network in France. 

Anaïs provides administrative and mediatic coordination of Geocyclab, from Brittany, as well as material transmission during her visits in some of the countries that we cross. She is Geocyclab's main interlocutor in France and the essential partner for the success of this project! 

There are also our friends from the free network "Linux Quimper", Fanch and Piero who spontaneously got involved into a real remote support of our computer by saving us putting several times! And time to time, all relatives, friends, families, that give us informations, support us, and follow us from France or throughout our road.

° ° °

Geocyclab is self-taught independent project hosted by LibLab association. It received financial support from the "Conseil général du Finistère", from the "Direction des Affaires Culturelles de la Région Bretagne", from "Quimper Communautée", from the grant "Défi Jeunes", and from many others partners who trust us. >> read more



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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