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Generation A

Sharing Mindfulness skills for teens

About the project

Generation that our pre-teens and teens feel better and their carers too

We are a non-profit organisation with the vocation of democratising access to Mindfulness for youngsters. 

We go directly into classrooms at both primary and secondary level to teach Mindfulness techniques to children of ages 10 to 15, without requesting financial contributions from their families. The school pays a token amount to demonstrate their commitment to the programme. 

The benefits of a regular Mindfulness practice are now being widely demonstrated scientifically. We can see that despite this, and the increasing number of adults incorporating these practices into their daily lives, access to learning Mindfulness remains limited for teens. The programmes available aren't always adapted to/appropriate for their age and/or the financial barriers can be substantial and prohibitory. This is why Generation A operates directly within the school system as a complement to their current curriculum in order to ensure both access and optimal learning conditions.

The programme used in the classroom is called « Dot be »

It is an adaptation of the internationally recognized programme « MBSR » (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) recognized for its effectiveness in helping adults manage anxiety and depression, but not only. This shortened and age-appropriate version was created by the British « Mindfulness in Schools Project » twelve years ago and is widely demonstrating it's own positive impacts.

Non-religious and with simplicity at its core, « Dot be » was developed to be taught to a whole class of adolescents at once in the presence of their usual teacher. The programme comprises 10 lessons at a frequency of one lesson of approximately one hour each week. 

A few words on Mindfulness : 

It's a way of being, allowing us to be wholly present in the moment, to ourselves, in a detached way observing and welcoming whatever is there in a kind and accepting way. It allows us to focus our attention on whetever we choose being present and non-judgemental.

There are many benefits of cultivating a regular Mindfulness practice, both psychological and physical, including reducing anxiety and stress.

A great number of scientific evaluations (neuroscience, epigenetics...) have focused on the benefits of practicing mindfulness though a meditative practice. Their conclusions confirm the linkage between mind and body through:

an improvement in well-being and self-confidence,
a reduction in anxiety, stress and reactive behaviour,
better quality sleep, 
enhanced learning capacities through improved focus and more calm,
development of empathy and more harmonious relations with others davantage d'empathie

According to an international study by "Health Behaviour in School-aged Children" (HBSC), France is one of the countries where adolescents complain the most of anxiety, irritability and difficulties sleeping.

For more information :,

What are the funds for?

Your financial support will allow four classes to benefit from the 10 week " Dot be " programme

The cost of a programme "Dot-be" programme for a class  of 30 children is 1500 €.

The financial support requested, 1500 × 4 = 6000 € will support four classes (approximately 120 teens), the teaching costs, worksheets, posters and photocopies, travel costs along with Ulule's fees.

The project costs 50€ per adolescent.

Given the lag-time in securing funding from both private companies and local authorities, this financing will allow Generation A to ensure the ramp-up of our activities during the current 2017/2018 school year, having an immediate impact on the lives of approximately 120 teens. We are working to secure other financial support for the 2018/2019 school year.

Two classes (CM2) in Ile-de-France have started their " Dot be " programmes this September.

We have a waiting list of several primary and secondary schools interested in persuing "Dot be ". The teaching staff are particularly satisfied with the professionalism and security of the programme which has already demonstrated a substantial positive impact in over 2600 schools across 40 different countries. 

If the financial contributions go beyond our initial request for support, other schools will benefit in the same way from "Dot be" sessions from the beginning of 2018.

About the project owner

Convinced by the benefits that Mindfulness can bring to the lives of both adults and teens, Nadia, Constance & Caroline created « Génération A » in early 2017. 

Nadia, our president, is British. During her 20 years in France, she worked within the Human Resources function where she was Head of Learning for a large international software editor, before leaving to create her own company. She devotes her time to writing works and developing kits dedicated to personal development and collaboration. She has two children.

Constance, our Vice-President, is Franco-American. Prior to becoming a qualified MBSR teacher, she worked  23 years in the international Finance industry.  This experience enabled her to see first-hand the impact that stress can have within both professional and personal environments. She has two children.

Caroline is our Treasurer. She is French. Her previous experience as a Financial Controller within the automobile industry gave her good insight into the stress and anxiety of the day-to-day lives of her colleagues. It is through seeing the positive impact of her own child incorporating Mindfulness practices into her life that she decided to contribute actively to ensuring access to these skills for other teens. She has three children.  

★★Our intention is to share life skills that help young people to build balanced relationships with themselves and those around them. Generation A aims to provide support which is founded on the principles of empathy, kindness and finding serenity in the reality of the present moment.★★

Life always feels better when shared...


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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