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Art project : Stations and Locations in the Loir Valley

About the project

And what if the Loir Valley became the theatre of a strange and unusual event?

And what if we imagined an extra-ordinary event, an artistic form that would take place along the 19 kilometers that link Thoré-la-Rochette and Troo?

And what if the spectators of this event were in a moving train?

What would you name this particular art form?

A landscape scenography?

A panoramic performance/show?

An esthetic creation in motion?

Choreographic Land-art?


A show performed beyond and alongside  the Tourist Train of the Loir Valley.

A performance seen from  the movement of the train going 30 km/hour between Thoré-la-Rochette and Trôo.

A change of scale

Unusual perspectives

The  highlighting of different points of view.

The metamorphoses of landscapes

Passengers as Spectators

The Tourist Train of the Loir Valley, an authentic railcar from the 50’s

            The route from Thoré to Troo...

A perfect framework!

This unusual project was imagined by the Association Remue-Ménage in collaboration with actors - amateurs, professionals, and enthusiasts who, during the time of one trainride, will participate in the creation of several scenes within the passing landscape.

GARES ET REGARDS (Stations and Locations) was born from the desire  to attract public attention to the perception and representation of their environment.


July 28th 2018

The origins:

One morning in 2017, the Association discovers by chance a video of the channel “DW” representing the project of two German artists, Jörn Hintzer and Jacob Hüfner.

They had the idea to create a huge operation regrouping 400 volunteers to entertain the passengers on a short train journey. Baptised “Bewegtes Land” (Moving land), the project consisted of imagining and organizing funny and amusing scenes that came alive in the countryside, near the rails so that the passengers could watch a unique show as they rolled by.

This vision was enough to create an emulation, ideas flew in all directions… and created our project - Gares et Regards (Stations and Locations).

What are the funds for?

5000 € what for ?

50 % for the decors / accessories / costumes / giant puppets ...

40 % for the 800 meals needed to feed the volonteers 

10 % for communication supports (web site and prints)

About the project owner

Remue-Ménage is a french-american art companie, runing a pocket-theater in the Loir Valley, created by the Dutour-Davoust family.

With theater, danse, puppet, they've worked for 16 years now to help spred happiness !