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When the howling pixels of the commodore 64 overflow from comic book..

About the project

Galaxus is the kind of comic book which should been existing in 1982, maked on a Commodore 64, the quintessence of the 8BIT style.

The history of an utopia, Fight-Club 2 in a tripped matrix totally 8 BIT recall with howling of leaked pixels.Laurent & James meet in a parrallax world where Brad Trip do the shipping into a quest in the heart of Galaxus.

It's also the pleasure to work with friends, present the visionnary art of Simon Somma, digitized in Commodore 64 8 BIT et serving the whole thing with the musical universe of Chantal Goret, GOTO80 and DIVAG, reachable page by page on a dedicated website or with a USB concept-album.

Comic Book A4, 150 gr glassy paper, 3mm hard paper, 48 pages of full color pixels but not only...Goodies like spaceships, monsters, T-SHirts 100% commodore 64, ARTwork, some surprises and hidden websites, a new world, utopia generate by YOU if  you believe in BEATMOTOR, our futur creative house.

BEATLOTOR is originally a concept of a "music sound box" verastil and innovating.A new tool re-programmable and upgradable with Arduino processor removable.This machine offer a lot of new inedit possibilities of connecting hardware like gyroscop, braiwave, VC, MIDI, USB the thing for a very low cost.

BEATMOTOR is also an on-line drumpad to format with your own samples and that allowed to stream sounds live between the users, with a futur vision for connecting the machines with internet with huge possibilities with this new technologie.

BEATMOTOR is also an artistic concept mixing futuristix technologies with a look on the good things of the past that are sometime abandoned.  

The galaxus project is under gestation since about 5 years and started with a commodore 64 set in a planetarium whiwh needed crually some spaceships.It's also the meeting with a plactician, Simon Somma and Chantal Goret, 8 BIT pixelist.

What are the funds for?

Mainly to made printed the comic books in Italy, making done the goodies, T-shirts, USB album.

Paying charges and taxes, lauching BEATMOTOR futur company of re-programmable synthesizer to travel in universal sounds.

For now, here is our 2 models of T-Shirts proposed.If the selling are good, we will add some more models to choose on the 30 april.

Some pictures of the last synthesizer prototype, Help us to finish it !

If we reach 25.000 eur we will open a record é medoa shop in Verviers (Belgium) !

About the project owner

Jean-Michel Dewez AKA Chantal Goret8 BIT musician on commodore 64 since 2006 and HerrmuttLobby's collective member.

I was looking for a way to illustrate my music on a planetarium's screen in Brussels, thenSimon Somma came helping me to materialize the sounds of the spaceships and monsters of Galaxus, where our world started to live, thanks to the commodore 64 which is maybee the only way to come into Galaxus.

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