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Ödland's third album

About the project

You missed the fundraising but you would like to receive Galaktoboureko?

No problem, pre-order now the third Ödland's album and receive it as soon as it is released !

" Mon préféré d'entre tous les gâteaux, c'est toi que j'aime : Galaktoboureko "

Galaktoboureko, Ödland's next album which you are able to produce, is a musical journey on the Aegean Sea shores. The last album Sankta Lucia was a trip around Europe thanks to Ulule and the audience. This time, we stop in a new port for a while.

Our travels and passions led us to Rebetiko, a Greek and Turkish music: its colors tinged our whole album. We've created a hearty and mediterranean music, between East and West, mixed with our own style and our love for French language.

"Why such a name? I can't pronounce it!"

The Galaktoboureko is a cake, full of meanings. It's made of Galakto (in greek milk) and Börek (a turkish dessert), if you just think about Milky way, Galaxy, Galak chocolate, you will feel comfortable with the name. This cake, is a kind of marriage between two cultures, the cooking ones and even more. We like this delightful idea! (and of course the word is funny)

Rebetiko is an inebrieaiting, mysterious music, hiding many secrets, with a fascinating history. This knowledge is transmitted by word of mouth and it was a composition adventure for Lorenzo, who wasn't born in this tradition. First we started looking for Rebetiko traditional instruments in Greece, during our Sankta Lucia video tour. Lorenzo brought back bouzouki and baglama in his luggage. Then for a year, he decrypted, decoded this language from old recordings (from the 20s to the 50s) as if these street poets were his masters.

And finally the album came to life, rich with new roots. The Ödland band is composed of Alizée (song and ukulele), Lorenzo (bouzouki, mandola, baglama, manjo, cithar and piano) and Léa (violin). To make it sound perfect, deep and magic, two musicians joined us : Mélodie (flute) and Lucie (cello).

Here are the tracks of this album (around 57 minutes):

  1. Galaktoboureko
  2. Ce soir je bois
  3. Bouge ton Istanbul
  4. Ménades et Satyres
  5. Orphelin
  6. Un baiser dans la nuit
  7. Gypsy
  8. Le long du Bosphore
  9. Ayışığımsın (there is a surprise guest on the disc)
  10. Dans les faubourgs d'Athènes
  11. Serait-ce un rêve ?

We love nice discs, both nice-sounding and nice-looking (and what's the point of an ugly disc anyway?), this is why we wanted to go further than last time. We enjoyed creating a 3D album, with the old-school red/cyan glasses technique. The result is exciting and charming, all the album pictures will be in 3D with glasses included. As always we aim at producing music videos with care, but at the moment we first need to release the disc.

And now, music!

On the top video, you listened to many previews. We thought that you would like to hear one full-length song. So here is Galaktoboureko, the same version you will appreciate on the future disc:

The same song, an acoustic record, and everybody looking at the camera:

And some rehearsals, we did before the studio recording.

What are the funds for?

We have spent a lot of time and energy on this project. During the summer 2011, Lorenzo bought the first greek instruments to use them in Galaktoboureko. For two years the band has made research and experiments, including one hard work year of composition, writing and repetitions. And all this was profitable: we now have all our photographs, songs are composed, recorded, mixed, copyrighted. The graphic design of the digipack is almost ready. If everything works fine, we will raise our funds at the end of september, and we will make everything during october. The albums and little goodies will be in your mailboxes at the end of october (mid-november the latest).

We are ready for the shows too, either light shows (3 of us) or ensemble shows (5 of us). We just need enough money to produce the discs, and may be some music videos if our results are better than what we had fixed. This is what the funds are for, your help is a real preorder because the rewards are great.

CD Pressing and digipack manufacturing (we choose the quality): 2700€

3D glasses (to be amazed while reading the 32 sheets booklet): 450€

SDRM costs (France copyright law): around 600€

Postal envelopes (preserving your beloved album): 150€

Postal costs (we ship worldwide): around 500€

Visit cards (to communicate): 220€

Postal cards (the rewards): 300€

A "Galaktoboureko" handstamp (because it's nice): 30€

An Ikea Billy bookcase to dispose all the digipacks (funny yes, but very useful because we stock and ship everything ourselves): 40€

Ulule + Paypal costs (lots of small international bank transaction mean lots of bank costs): around 1000€

If we pass our objective?

First of all, WOW! We jump into the air, we are over the moon, we give a meaning to our life, etc... Then we have many ideas, we are still hesitating.

  • We could increase even more the digipack quality (with golden ink)
  • Or we could produce more ambitious movies, full of crazy sets, costumes, animations, 3D and infrared technologies (this is true, we will do it anyway, you will see), a shooting in Greece, an other one in Turkey...
  • Or we could tour for shows everywhere. In october we will tour again in Germany, but we would love to set a big tour in our country, la France! We could go back to UK, even if it rains and we have to camp. And we could go to all the other lands where the audience is waiting for us, buying our albums but we could never afford the trip: US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Italy, Poland, Greece and Turkey (because its a rebetiko album!), Belarus (if Lorenzo is not banished anymore).
  • Or we could convince an editor to publish a nice book!

Or everything and even more, but first of all: Thank you!

About the project owner

Since 2008, the French band from Lyons Ödland has created a unique music, rich with many inspirations. In love with acoustic instruments, travels, the 19th century, science, and european folklore, they have been totally independent since their beginning.

Lorenzo Papace leads this project and sublimes it with a strong visual identity, with graphic design, photographs and videos. If you like new artistic productions, internet, and poetry, you have probably already heard of Ödland, well, you have just done it!


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