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GAIA Project

Study of vertical and indoor farms around the world

About the project


In 2050, we will be 2 billion more on Earth, with 5 billion living in cities. To meet the growing food demand, the agricultural world is evolving and developing within cities.

The GAIA Project is an innovative and unique project carried out by Camille and Johanna, two French Engineer Master students at Grenoble INP-ENSE3. It will study a new type of urban agriculture that has emerged in the recent years: vertical farms.


It is a building located in urban areas, where plants are grown hydroponically in barren rooms that are cut off from the outside world. The plants are placed on racks on the top of each other forming vegetable "shelves" and receiving either sunlight or artificial light.


This kind of farming is developing rapidly in different countries such as England, the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, etc.

While keeping in mind that feeding cities is not an issue resolvable with a unique solution but with a multitude of solutions adapted to each country, each production and each need, we will try to answer the question:

Will vertical farms be part of tomorrow's farms that can sustainably meet growing food demand?

To answer this question, we created the GAIA Project -Grow An Innovative Agriculture. The aim is to contribute to a better understanding and improvement of existing vertical farm models by studying and comparing them. The research will be based on five different theme: environmental, energy, economic, health and social.


We will visit several farms around the world during 6 months, from February to July 2017, to collect the relevant data information: London, New York, Montreal, Chicago, Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Singapore.




We will analyze these data and evaluate the farms according to a rigorously methodology. We will then try to understand how these farms can best fit into each city, each type of culture and each necessity.

The study of each farm will last between 5 and 7 days. This period includes the preparation of interviews (research of information and drafting of a questionnaire adapted to the farm), visit of the farm and interviews with managers and employees, interviews with consumers, distributors and suppliers, and the writing of conclusion report for each farm visited. We will also write throughout the study, a report of analysis and observation summarizing visits, impressions and our conclusions.

Back to France, we will carry out a large information campaign to share our experience and explain this concept in France and in the world, in order to make the public and professionals aware of the future of vertical farms.


We are both passionated about the environment and innovation and so will do everything possible and much more to carry out this project. We sincerely believe that it is important to analyze these new systems of technological agriculture in order to understand how they will adapt tomorrow to our cities and our needs.

Opinions diverge, new information is disseminated every day, others do not reach us. In this context, the best way to forge a sure opinion is to go there. We want to be able to take by decisions that will build our future society.  

The data will be relevant because we will look for them inside the farms and ask to expert people. We will be advised by professionals.The comparison of data will be pertinent because it will be done on a sufficiently large sample: we plan to visit fifteen farms, conduct studies with consumers, analyze distribution networks, etc.

Finally, this work has never been carried out yet: this prospecting study on vertical farms is unique.

For all these reasons and many more, we invite you to follow us with this project that is so dear to our hearts !

What are the funds for?

Such an undertaking, you suspect, requires a solid and thoughtful budget. And as we believe more than anything in this project, for several months we have set aside, marched partners, participated in competitions and with success!

But it is not finished ! As the main mission of this project is to analyze the vertical farms we also want to take advantage of it to become real experts in this field. And it is here that you intervene!

We carry out this raising so that we can participate in trainings and workshops throughout our adventure, with the most important experts in this field. The more your gifts will be, the more we can receive varied and quality training. And thanks to that we can then share this knowledge around us !



And you are not the only ones to trust us ! We introduce you our financial, technical and logistical partners who will follow us throughout this study:


About the project owner





If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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