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About the project


August 2015, in the Pyrenées Moutains, South of France, the souls of 4 musicians gathered to give birth to Fuzzy Grass!
An improvised trip to a mutual destination: Psycheledic Heavy Blues !

Searching on stage as in rehearsal the authentic sound and the spontaneous mind, we want to propose you a music at the same time written as improvised. 
We aim to create an explosive, fusional and communicative cocktail, wich will bring many memories to the most nostalgic and pleases those that likes modernity, because we melt in our music everything that inspires and animates us.

"Once, I met three musicians on the stage. Life brings us together some mouth ago, and we found a mutual desire : make some good heavy rock, and, more than anything else, live it through improvisation, because this is what leads us the deepest in the wonderful energising vortex of music and life in general."
Clément, Drummer.

Now, Fuzzy Grass needs you !

After three years of activity that took us across France, sharing great scenes with exceptional bands (Left Lane Cruiser (US), Black Rainbow (IT), Wedge (DE), Red Sun Atacama, Decasia, Hell's Strippers, Slift and many others...), our set has matured and our first album is finally ready to bloom in your ears! He is already in the box and waiting for your support to physically spring up in your turntables and CD players !

"The amps purr a powerful groove guided by a frantic and technically perfect drum game. A style evolving between the hypnotic psyche of Naxatras and the furious Heavy Blues of Radio Moscow. "Healed by the Fire" and "Upside Down" are good examples." 
March 2018 - Desert Rock - Paris - L'International

"Fuzzy Grass has no trouble to mix blues, rock and dark atmospheres, without forgetting that the quartet holds the road both musically and scenically. Drum and bass provide a rhythmic reinforced, while sing and guitar duet takes the crowd [...] "
October 2016 - La Grosse Radio - Bordeaux - Bootleg

"Don’t be fooled by this cottony sobriquet smelling fresh grass: Fuzzy Grass hurls a heavy psyche-flavored sauce with hot peppers... We immediately think of Led Zeppelin's flamboyant period ... Except here, Robert Plant has raven-colored hair, John Paul Jones is a bearded statuesque, John Bonham looks like Slash, and Jimmy Page is a girl. " 
February 2016 - God-squizo -Toulouse - Psychédélique Révolution

What are the funds for?

- 1971 -
Analog Recording


Our first album, "1971", was recorded by Lo Spider at Studio Swamp Land Record on Tascam analog recorder.
The tapes were then entrusted to Triboulet from Le Studio de La Trappe for mixing and mastering
An album made in Toulouse that needs you to discover new horizons !

Recording, mixing and mastering have already been financed by our own means.

It remains to be financed

  • artworks made by a professonial designer : 1000€
  • making of the CDs (digipack with  booklet) : 900€
  • making of the Vinyls (140gr, etching on lacquer, in the vintage style) : 2000€
  • various rewards : 500€

It brings us to 4400€.

We've got 720€ in our pockets. So we need 3680€.
Ulule takes 8% on the global amount as a commission, that to say 320€ for a global amount of 4000€ !

The additional money will be used to finance the other bills around the album production :

  • rent a truck for the release tour
  • produce some extra merchandising 
  • give a bonus to our heartful collaborators
  • shoot a video clip with professional quality 

In order to make you support us, we've prepared "PACKS" with some things in them, that you can compose to please your taste :

  • Digital Version
  • CD Digipack 
  • Vinyl
  • Totebag 
  • Tee-shirt
  • Pins
  • Poster
  • Mugs
  • Private Gig


We hope this album will take you on a trip... We'll be on tour in France between October and November 2018 to celebrate the release !

If you're around, we could give you your rewards from hand to hand in those places

28.10 ------------------L'Olympic Café w/Howard & Red Sun Atacama---------------- Paris(75)
29.10 --------------------------------Le Bar'Hic w/Howard---------------------------------Rennes(35)
30.10 -----------------------------L'Astrodøme w/Boogarins----------------------------Bordeaux (33)
31.10 --------------------------------Le Ravelin w/Howard--------------------------------Toulouse (31)
01.11 ---------------------------The Black Sheep w/Howard-------------------------Montpellier (34)
02.11 -------------------------Raymond-Bar w/Slift & Howard-------------Clermont-Ferrand (63)
03.11 -------------------TBA w/Stone From The Sky & Howard------------------------Dijon (21)

And if you're not, we'll send you a package directly to your home !



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