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A road-documentary movie by Daniel Cohn-Bendit

About the project


A 90 minutes documentary film



In June 2013, «la Revolata do Vinagre» exploded in Brazil, which wil host the football World Cup in 2014. Thousands of people went in the streets to protest against the raise of the transports’ price. This is the first time that a such movement in Brazil happens since the social fight in 1985. The World Cup organization then appears as a sorrows’ indicator for the country.

But who said that football players are not comitted ? During the protestations in the streets, some of them have decided to raise their voice to support the fighting movement.

Futebol wants to explore, by reversing the angle of the official World Cup, hitting the road of Brazil. Through this road movie, our cameras will shoot from Salvador to Rio to live the repercussions of this worldwide event. we will follow figures as random people in many places as bars, beaches, villages, youth and social centers, Favelas, to feel and understand the atmosphere.

Futebol… a film, a poetic essay about football, life, Brazil, democracy, happiness, and sadness. But first of all, a tribute to the exceptional man and football player who was Sócrates, the creator of this project.

During this trip, Dany and his team will meet Brazilian activist figures such as Raí, Gilberto Gil, Romário, Afonsinho, Wladimir, Paulo André Benini, but also Vidigal inhabitants for who the World Cup represent many things.

The famous football player Raí will tell us how his brother, the legendary Sócrates, fought for democracy in his country. He will also invite us in his educational and sport centre for youths, «Gol de Letra

The film will be broadcasted on Arte but a private link on Vimeo will permit to the contributors of Ulule to watch it when and wherever they want. 

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What are the funds for?

Sócrates and Dany - 1985


Because we are going to film the amazing excitation of this World Cup through the football Kingdom. Because besides the games and the jubilation that will emerge from this event, we will go back to some key-historic moments until the mythic team of the Corinthians in 1984, led by Sócrates in the politic turbulences. Because linking football to the actual political and social situation seems to be a passionate and original topic.

Thanks to the support of the CNC and Arte, we have been able to develop the project. However a Brazilian co-production, that was supposed to help us on the field did not succeed. The project is getting bigger and bigger everyday with new interviews scheduled and is pushing us to go deeper, meaning staying longer than the World Cup period to shoot everyone.

We estimate out financial need about 15,000 euros to allow us staying enough in order to shoot everyone. Your contributions than can change something for the film’ materials, and can permit us to shoot much more than we were expecting.

We then plan to start shooting10 days before the World Cup starts and to stay one month after since the waves of this events will be still here while and probably until the presidential elections.

We care about shooting a special meeting that is dare to us : the gameFrance-Brazil of youths organised by the non-for-profit organisations "Gol de Letra" and "Sport dans la Ville." Those organisations have both the same goal: re-integrating disadvantaged youths, both girls and boys, by sport. This event will permit us to meet the French minister of Sports and women rights.

If we pass the15,000 euros, 2/3 will be allocated to both organisations"Gol de Letra," and "Sport dans la Ville," the last part to thepost-production.

Sesh Graffiti


We really care to share this common passion with you. We then propose the following rewards to thank you for your support:

  • Deep interviews that will never be diffused
  • A private link Vimeo to watch the film whenever you want
  • Yourname in the credits
  • 3 making-off exclusively for you : you will have the opportunity to pickup 3 themes among the proposed ones from the directors

About the project owner


Daniel Cohn-Bendit - Author

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is a journalist, and an active political personality in France. He was one of the leading students during the events of May 1968 in France and was given the name of Dany The Red (because of his political ideas and his hair’s colour). He just ended his career as a member of the European Parliament. He was co-president of the Green Alliance of Europe at the European Parliament and co-president of the Spinelli Group, an intergroup of the European Parliament, which goal is to unify Europe. He has written numerous books such as Que faire ? Since September 2013, he rolls a radio show that meets success on Europe 1.


Nous l'avons tant aimée la Révolution (1984), C'est la vie (1991), Juden in Frankfurt (documentary on Jewish’s life in Frankfurt).

Niko Apel – Director

Niko Appel was born in 1978. During his studies, he selected films to show them in his cine-club. At the same period, he started directing short-movies. He then continued his studies at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. He directs at the same time documentary films such as Genova città aperta (2001), and If dogs run free (2002), and short movies such as Prime Time (2003),Gülay (2004) and the biopic Pake (2006). Sonbol, his final examination film, has won the First Step Award.

Ludi Boeken - Réalisateur

Ludi Boeken is a Dutch producer and director. He started as a war correspondent for BBC and the Dutch television in the Middle-East and then in South America, and Africa for which he has obtained many awards.

He also produced many long-lengths films such as Vincent et Théo, directed by Robert Altman (starring Tim Roth), Silent Tongue, directed by Sam Shepard (with Richard Harris, Alan Bates and River Phoenix).

Ludi Boeken then started to direct his first film Britney Baby One More Time (nominated at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002). His second film, Deadlines, co-directed with Michael Lerner, also received many awards. His last film as a director was a German co-production, Marga (Unter Bauern). The film was a huge success in Germany, and was released in many countries. In 2012, Ludi Boeken produced the film Jappeloup, directed by Christian Duguay with Guillaume Canet.

- Futebol -

A documentary film produced by Acajou Film and les Films en Hiver.