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Free to Dive

A discovery journey into Apnea

About the project

Did you know that water is an element of your origin? Have you ever been scared of water ? Have you ever imagined taking a deep breath and diving into the deep blue ?

Free to Dive is a film-documentary that goes back to the relationship foundations between humans and water, through the prism of freediving.

The goal of this movie is to introduce freediving to the general public.
Our idea of this sport is often reduced to the competitions, as practiced in the movie “Grand Bleu” , or to the performances of athletes. But freediving is rooted deeply in us. It’s a very simple activity which everyone can practice and which only demands you to develop yourself.

This movie should give to the most curious and courageous of you the urge to conquer the depths.

1 person out of 10 is scared of water..

After 9 months spent in a liquid environment (99% made of water), all babies know how to dive in apnea. They have all the natatory reflexes - when immersing they close their mouth, automatically blocking their respiration and moving their arms and legs. And they feel as comfortable in water as fish..

Even though we are born with these natural skills they become more or less expressed in us or even completely forgotten over the years living on dry land. As well some among us can persuade themselves that they “are not made for freediving” or that they are incapable to hold their breathe for “more than a few seconds”. The distance to the aquatic environment even  brings us to develop a fright. Sam is one of these people - she’s scared of immersion. But Sam has decided to finally do something about this handicap and starts taking courses at a swimming pool to face her biggest personal challenge yet. Once she has gained confidence in herself and her aquatic capacities she will fly to Philippines to learn the basics of freediving.

Who I am in the water... ?

This is the link with water we will try to question during the adventure - through interviews with our divers and their experiences in the practice of yoga, scuba diving and surfing.
The narrative will be also run through with authentic meetings which will bear witness to their deep relations binding them to water. With this film we have the will to spread the values f sharing , freedom, dreams, self-transcendence, wellness, curiosity.

And if someone like Sam who is afraid of water can do it, why not you !? 

If you are still in doubt, join our beginner divers in this adventure and after all will become evident !

SAM (FRANCE/LATVIA) has AQUAPHOBIA or fright of underwater immersion. She is unable to put her head under water without experiencing a terrible sensation of panic. We will try to understand why she has this fear and be the witnesses of Sam's evolution as a beginner freediver. Still anxious about the challenge which is awaiting her, we will see that she has unexpected strength, courage and an unbreakable willpower. With the support of the whole teams she will try to overcome her fear, expand her limits and realize her potential..

JANOSH (NEW ZEALAND) is a SCUBA-DIVER but he too has no freediving experience. He will allow us to witness the difference between freediving or apnea and scuba diving. As a scuba diver he can stay underwater for much longer due to his equipment but what about the sensations and experiences ? Diving without any equipment, not having to deal with the laws of physics and decompression will give him a sense of freedom he has never felt before. We will see how much these two sports are related, even though diving without equipment is a whole different story.

LUCIE (FRANCE) has a lot of YOGA experience. This helps her to manage her breathing and her emotions. Because of her yoga practice she's also the most experienced in knowing how to control her mind and not to panic. Yoga practice, being part of freedive training, should endow her with the mental keys to handle herself underwater. Just as Sam, she will be one of the least aquatically experienced and will have to deal with these new mental challenges. Being a naturally relaxed person on dry land, will she be as relaxed under water? Could she surprise us and be even more relaxed by the water ?

REMY (FRANCE) is a SURFER. He's naturally attached to the marine world and the ocean is his main element. But this time he’ll discover a brand new side of his favourite environment. Even if he's somewhat practicing apnea while he is under the waves, he doesn't stay underwater for long and he doesn't dive deep. He never really felt the sensation of freediving. Remy will display to us how this aquatic experience helps him to move underwater and what are the difficulties that he will encounter as a surfer. And we are especially looking forward to seeing what freediving adds to his passion !

What's a static apnea ? a free immersion ? a constant weight ? Cause Freediving is also a sport which has rules and techniques. Free to Dive speaks to a large audience, generalizing freediving through his learning and you will know everything about the different ways to freedive.
But you shouldn’t think that 15 or 20 meters depth is tamed so easily. The challenge is physical but as well and especially mental. How to resist the irrepressible desire to breathe? How to fight this constant discomfort during descent ?
Cause Freediving is also exploring oneself. Its practice requires knowing when to relax, show humility and above all - never force. Everything happens much more in the head than we imagine. We must listen and feel the signs given by our body and our subconscious. In addition to the long training sessions underwater, this is why practicing yoga is essential to improve his performances. Mastering your emotions is capital in our divers achievements. It's actually difficult to judge who will the best and the most confortable in depth.

As much as it will be a discovery, an inner and outer journey, the movie will as well be an inspiration to TRAVEL. Going out of our comfort zone - bringing us to discover the largely unknown South-East Asian country, which is Philippines. Freediving will teach us how to move easily and accurately under water to come closer to the local flora & fauna in its large variety.
Going to the Philippines is both a strategical and a technical choice. The warm and clear waters will provide the perfect conditions for freediving. Among the wrecks, the shoals of sardines, the blue lagoons, the multicolored coral reefs and the crystalline waters, our freedivers will have a mind blowing experience.

What are the funds for?

After more than 10 months, working hard to make this movie possible, we are finally launching our crowdfunding campaign. 
But now, we really need YOUR help to achieve this daring project.
Our ambition with this initiative : 

  • engage you in the creation of the film by a financial support
  • offer you some splendid rewards related to the movie 
  • and specially having a local and humanitarian impact in Philippines by making a donation to the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and help the fishermen/freedivers communities

It's a NON-PROFIT film-documentary and each members of the crew finance is own travel and most of the video equipments have been already self-funded.

But there is still a part that is hard for us to fund, which will bring the movie to an higher level of quality and immersion.

  • 45% of the budget will be on the additional video equipment.
  • 55% will funds the rewards (+ shipping costs) + donation to the foundation + Ulule charges (8%) + taxes

The film needs you to exist, so if you want to see the movie on screen, feel free to donate on this page :)

The equipments required :
- Underwater camera housing (3000€)

- Drone for aerial videography (1000€)

Huge thanks to the companies who already support us, believe in this project and help us to make this movie real. Like them, join the adventure ! ;)

About the project owner

It was while I travelled Indonesia in October 2014, that I practiced freediving for the first time. With some scuba-dives under my belt, I discovered a whole new way to explore the underwater world.

I was curious about the idea of mindfulness and surpassing oneself. Despite my scepticism, I faced the reality that I was about to completely overstep myself. What you are able to learn about the human body and therefore about yourself is absolutely incredible. The feeling you have when you have accomplished such a performance, when it was absolutely impossible before, is simply amazing!

I am producing this movie because I'm keen on sharing this adventure with you and especially to help you discover the undeniable benefits of freediving. It's an accessible activity (no equipment needed), a lot easier that it seems, and a sport in which you can feel the benefits of training really quickly.

This project is crucial to me, as it is a stepping stone of my previous achievements. Surpassing oneself, adventure, discovery, travel, encounters, curiosity and sharing, are the values that I hold throughout my travel movies ( It is also a big opportunity for me to direct and produce my first documentary film, while being helped by a passionate team in order to realize the first movie about freediving.

Join us on oir WEBSITE and on the social networks :

To finish, I would like to invit you to watch this video (ENGLISH SUBTITLES INCLUDED) of the french freediving recordman Guillaume Néry who share with us his extraordinary diving experience in the depth. You will have a good preview of what's professional freediving but specially what's the sensations that you can already experiment as a beginner.
It's because we are sharing the same desire of generalizing this sport and we are both convince of his benefits, that our crew is going to make the first film documentary on the basics of freediving : Free to Dive

With our both visions, you have no excuses anymore, to not go on this journey ;)

Thanks a million to be part of the Free to Dive community and to join us in this adventure ! All together, let's make an exciting, fascinating and precursor movie about freediving, which I hope, will give, to the most curious and courageous of us, the urge to conquer the magnificient underwater world :)

The Free to Dive team