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Fred & Fed !

Black & White Street Photography ...

About the project

My name is Frederic Buchet, my friends know me as yOuKfOu, I am 35, I live in a small, peaceful village in South Belgistan ( Belgium ;o) ). As a self-tought photographer for a little over two years now, I have a boundless passion for this discipline which was discovered late in life.

My favorite subject: the street! The empty street in the morning, the bustling street on market day, the hidden, dead end street that deserves discovery.

I seek the black and white streets of Doisneau! Constantly moving, always full of surprises and unforeseen. I try to capture the ambience, the right time, right place, the right person! Always accompanied in these excursions by my trusty "Fed", a Russian camera from 1961, weathered by time, crude at first, but nevertheless charming and awfully good in any circumstance ... 

... until one fateful day in May 2011 when he was inadvertently and terribly damaged!

Unfortunately, one day I left him in the sun and a magnifying effect on the lens caused a curtain inside to burn. Now we are both devastated. 

But I can not bring myself to throw a friend in the garbage, to let him languish in a drawer or to become a paperweight.

He deserves a better fate! I therefore decided to restore his life by entrusting the "Blanc" workshop for repair and a complete overhaul that will provide twenty years of his loyal service by my side.

After the surgery, I intend to take him with me for two weeks of recovery in the streets of the capital. There, in thanks for your kind contribution, we will undertake a complete series of black and white Street Photography culminating in a set of prints, post cards and bookmarks available exclusively to those of you who have saved the life of my true friend "Fed."

During these two weeks I will make about 1000 photographs to be developed, scanned, sorted and printed to create a self-published book. This book will be used to promote my work in galleries around Europe and the world, hopefully spawning future exhibitions.

This summer I also have planned an "introduction to film photography" workshop for those adults and also for some children who are a bit less fortunate in life curious to discover the charm of the methods of yesteryear. During these courses the "Fed" I've used for my own shots will be the ideal tool for teaching the basics of photography to others.


What are the funds for?

- cleaning, repair and adjustment of the curtain burned at the "Blanc" workshop.

- purchase a new lens ( Jupiter 3 1.5/50mm ).

- buy a Gossen Digisix light meter for better calculation of light.

- buy a spool of thirty feet of film B/W Ilford + development.

- print postcard series, photo series and bookmarks in limited edition, each numbered and signed.

- To cover logistical costs ( costs of packaging, postage, commission ululate, Paypal fee, etc ... ).

- Two weeks of convalescence for my Fed in the streets of Central Belgistan ( at my expense ).

About the project owner

Need I say more? Photography was a revelation to me. I now have a path for the future and I hope one day to live my dream of supporting myself through that passion ...

I sometimes give classes for beginners in film photography. I see some adults who are delighted to discover a creative outlet and some troubled children who find photography as a way to focus their energy.

I have received my first paid assignment recently. I formed a photographic duo with a friend. I have other projects in my portfolio such as the creation of a photography club, a series of portraits of mentally deficient people, and a "no camera" photo essay.

I will not hesitate to submit these ideas if Ulule turns out to be a good springboard for the future.

I invite you to take a little look at my Flickr gallery ... maybe my photos will speak more about me.

Do not hesitate to contact me, I remain at your disposal.

Want not use Paypal ? No problem, a bank transfert is also possible:


IBAN: BE16 8538 6245 0674


BANK: Centea

Don't forget the mention "Fred & Fed" and your adress ! Thanks !



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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