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Franz Robert Wild - New album project "Change"

Folk Music

About the project

Hello ! My name is Franz Robert Wild, I'm a singer songwriter. I'd like to put my new album "Change" on this crowfunding campaign and I hope to get your attention here. 

Please, take few seconds to watch the video above and and this brand new filmed for you, english speakers !

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This is an overview into my brand new musical adventure ;).

Great Smoky Mountain, TN. © Monica Wild

What are the funds for?

Aside from the regular products (digipack CD, T-shirts, posters..) it was my wish to provide a fine production with a high quality recording (HR). It is my hope that these recordings will be ones that everyone will appreciate and enjoy for a very long time.

I have chosen for this special production a top professional team with whom to record this new album. It is entitled "Change". I know from past experience that quality comes from the time spent in the recording studio sharing the work with skilled musicians... together researching for the right sound. I recognize the importance of devoting time to discover and endeavor to find the spirit of a collection of new material. The best quality in music takes time to develop. So it is important that the music mix and the mastering of the sounds in the end product are in harmony.

This new team and I have worked cohesively on a musical arrangement of which I feel very proud. Below is a graphic of the expenses : 

About the project owner

Being reclusive by nature, I prefer to let others talk about my work and my musical universe if you do not mind :)

Franz Robert Wild, by the French author, Stéphane Guibourgé:

It’s a simple story, of both folk and rock. A way of being himself. Taking his time. A way of freedom. A man and his guitar, his texts, his songs. An artist and a craftsman. He puts his hand to paper, constantly, he tries, sometimes failing, resumes, then finishes his work, each time it’s a success. It’s about a man and his dream. His gentle and inflexible determination. A man at the helm, solitary but never completely alone. Hours spent writing, recording in his loft studio in the hills, the sun and the wind, songs following on from another, slipping away rather. Hourglass, sensual rosary, a game of go….Slide, dobro, electric riff, ragged heart, escaped voice... 

It’s a long road, fraught with pitfalls, winding pathways and narrow escapes. One and the same melody, woven day after day, night after night. Stages, festivals, concerts …. Obscurity, light, darkness. Plenty of sunshine. A long road close to the elements. Close to the heart as well. It’s a matter of generosity.

It’s about a man who can only smile, who only knows how to give.

It’s also a story of encounters, Dylan in ’93, Francis Cabrel and Magyd Cherfi in 2006, Toni Childs in 2008 and Dick Rivers, for whom he played the first act at the famous Paris Olympia in March 2012. Several festival

This is the story of dust, lost loves, of dried blood like dried-up teardrops. Folk music that can stir up and rip the heart apart like an old blues song does. Between the sky and hills of southern France, a tune from Mississippi's delta, a native-American echo, a European melancholy… that's totally him. It’s in English. Heart and Soul.

This is Franz Robert Wild.