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France ! Figurines 28mm WWII - 3D wargame

3D files & printed figurines for WWII wargames

About the project

EDIT 9/8/2020 to be more clear of the 3D pack !30 STL PACK-39C Growing with stretchgoal Grandissant avec les paliers By Eskice miniature, for Resin PLA printers. stl Normal pre sliced files with supports

MINIATURE CHRONICLE WWII 28 mm french figurines - 3D wargame - August 2020 vol.01 n'01 - figurines and seenery 3D plans WAR IS DECLARED ! LA GUERRE EST DECLAREE ! Following the skeleton army and So- Faisant suite a I'armee squelette, I'ar- leige army, I started designing a mee de Soleige, je me suis lance dans whole new range of 28mm figurines la conception de toute une gamme de for wargame players figurines a I'echelle 28mm pour les joueurs de jeux de batailles. Je continue sur ma lancee en proposant cette fois-ci des figurines historiques destinees aux joueurs de wargame a la seconde guerre mon- diale (bolt action, etc...). Ce premier projet historique est consacre a I'armee Francaise a partir de 1939. I keep going on by offering you, this time, historical figurines intended for players of world war II wargame (bolt action, etc...). This first historical project is dedi- cated to french army from 1939. 28mm COMPABITILITY COMPATIBILITE 28mm These 3D files are thought out and Ces fichiers 3D sont etudies pour etre par- designed to be perfectly compatible faitement compatibles avec les figurines with Warlord Games figurines. de la marque Warlord Games.

Compatibility of miniatures, but also scenery  and vehicles. Below, the destroyed house with official warlord games figures.



All 3D files will be delivered to you by wetransfer. You will receive a link by email, allowing you to download the compressed file (probably several giga) including all 3D files in STL format.
All 3D files are designed and produced for:

  • Limited print media
  • Delivered in "pre supported file" (sliced with chitubox)
  • Limits the amount of material while maintaining strength
  • Obtain a beautiful rendering for players and collectors

All 3D files are tested on different 3D printers in 25 and 50 microns for the figurines and in FDM for the scenery.
We use the following printers:

For the resin, we have chosen bio organic resin. The color doesn't matter.

MINIATURE CHRONICLE FIRST CONTRIBUTORS PACK PACK PREMIERS CONTRIBUTEURS 25E/23f/30$ 25E/23f/30$ During the first 72h hours, you can Durant les 72 premieres heures, vous get the starter pack for 25E/23f/30$ pouvez obtenir le starter pack pour instead of 39E/35f/45$ It includes seulement 25/23/30$ au lieu de the entire starter pack as wel as the 39E/35f/45$ Ce pack inclut l'integrali- content of every stretchgoal that will te du starter pack ainsi que le contenu be unlocked later. Available for 72h de tous les paliers debloques par la only. suite. Valable seulement 72h STARTER PACK 39E/35f/45$ STARTER PACK 39E/354/45$ It includes II inclut - a HQ (3 figurines) two officers and a - un QG (3 figurines) Deux officiers, radio une radio - a squad of french soldiers 10 figu- - une escouade de soldats Francais rines in their closed long coats, with 10 figurines en manteaux fermes avec rifles des fusils - a squad of goumiers 10 figurines of - une escouade de goumiers 10 figu- goumiers rines de goumiers a FT17 1 tank with 2 different tur- - un FT17 1 tank avec 2 tourelles dif- rets and a pilote ferentes et un pilote - a MMG firing a MMG and its crew - une MMG tirant une MMG et 3 figu- of 3 figurines rines de servants - a mortar firing a mortar and its - un mortier tirant 3 figurines de mor- crew of 3 figurines tier et ses servants a sniper and its observer - un sniper et son observateur - a huge building in ruins like a big - un enorme batiment en ruines type mansion, administrative town hall, mairie, maison bourgeoise, adminis- school.. tration. - a set of scenery of the Maginot line - un ensemble de decors de la ligne 1 bunker and 4 observatories Maginot 1 bunker et 4 observatoires - an improvised < barricade made of - une "barricade' improvisee a base a civil vehicle d'un vehicule civil a pack of severa heads and accesso- - un lot de nombreuses tetes et acces- ries compatible with Warlord Games soires a imprimer pour la compatibili- figurines. te avec warlord games. ALL UNLOCKED STRETCHGOALS! - TOUS LES PALIERS DEBLOQUES

an example printed in 50 microns, painted with citadel contrast.

The FT17 tank is delivered in 3 parts, the hull, a machine gun turret and a cannon turret. A pilot figure is also added to the pack.



1 barricade and 3 differents ruined walls



here a sample, there are about twenty at the launch of the project

MINIATURE CHRONICLE ESKICE MINIATURE PACK PACK ESKICE MINIATURE 80E 94$ 94$ If infortunately, you have missed previous Si vous avez manque les precedents pro- projects, you still can get them for jets, pour pouvez encore les obtenir pour 80E/722/94$. 80E/722/94$. ESKICE MINIATURE PACK includes this Le PACK ESKICE MINIATURE inclut ce WWII project, but also Skeleton Army projet sur la WWII, mais aussi le starter starter pack with all its unlocked stretch- pack de I'Armee Squelette avec ses paliers goals, and Soleige Army starter pack with debloques, ainsi que le starter pack de all its unlocked stretchgoals. I'Armee de Soleige et ses paliers deblo- ques. PATRON PACK PACK MECENE 200E 235$ 200E 235$ You will receive all the 3D files of this pro- Vous allez recevoir I'integralite des fichiers ject, but you also wish to become some 3D de ce projet, mais souhaitez devenir en kind of < sponsor ? quelque sorte un < mecene >> ? Based on a sketch, a schema, or even a Sur la base d'un croquis, d'un schema ou descriptive text or an artwork, I will realize meme d'un texte ou d'un artwork, je reali- a figurine according to your desire. It has serai une figurine selon votre envie. to be related to this project theme the Celle-ci doit respecter le theme de ce french army during world war II. projet : L'armee francaise pendant la se- I will also print this figurine in 28mm scale conde guerre mondiale. in resin, and you will receive it physically, Je vous imprimera cette figurine a I'echelle or you could also come to take it at my 28mm en resine, et vous la recevrez physi- workshop for aperitif quement, ou pourrez venir la chercher a This figurine, realized thanks to you, will mon atelier pour I'apero. be added in each starter pack, for every Cette figurine realisee grace a vous, sera contributors, SO thank you for them too ajoutee au pack de tous les contributeurs. Alors merci pour eux aussi

You can see the Skeleton army here.

Armee squelette Et decors 3D Par eskice miniature
You can see the army of Women here.

Armee complete et decors de Soleige ULULE 250% par Figurines et decors 3D 28mm pour jeux de bataille 250/23E/28$

For 29 € (plus shipping), you will receive a full squad of 10 miniatures of your choice.

  • The 10 French fusiliers
  • The 10 goumiers

For 29 € (plus shipping), you will receive a vehicle of your choice with its accessories. When the project was launched, only the FT17 was available.

For 79 € (plus shipping), you will receive a French infantry detachment perfect to start bolt action. This includes:

  • 1 HQ of 3 figures (de gaulle, officer, radio)
  • 2 squads of 10 figures (your choice)
  • 1 support weapon of your choice (MMG or Mortar)

out of print, check the army pack V2

For 149 € (plus shipping), you will receive a full army of French people to play Bolt Action. This includes:

  • 1 HQ of 3 figures (de gaulle, officer, radio)
  • 4 squads of 10 figures (your choice)
  • 2 support weapon of your choice (MMG or Mortar)
  • 1 doctor
  • 1 sniper team (2 figures)
  • 1 FT17
  • + surprises!


For 199 €, you will receive an army printed in 3D in 50 microns. The figures are delivered un-deburred and with printing supports (for strength during transport). Including:

  • 1 HQ of 3 figures (de gaulle, officer, radio)
  • 4 squads of 10 figures (your choice)
  • 2 support weapon of your choice (MMG or Mortar)
  • 1 doctor
  • 1 sniper team (2 figures)
  • 1 FT17
  • 1 B1 bis
  • 5 bikers

+ surprises!

Precise content to be defined at the end of the project, don't worry!

MINIATURE CHRONICLE PHILANTHROPIST PACK PACK BIENFAITEUR 10006/900f/1200S 1000E/900f/1200$ With such a gift, you really are a phi- Avec un don pareil, etes vrai- lanthropist, for me, and for this pro- ment bienfaiteur pour moi et pour ject, which is just a part of my wish to ce projet qui s'inscrit dans une volon- create a whole range of figurines te de proposer toute une gamme de made for historical wargames pas- figurines destinees aux passionnes de sionnates. jeux de bataille historique. If you wish, you will receive (or maybe Si le souhaitez, vous recevrez (ou I can directly deliver to you depen- je vous livrerai en fonction de la dis- ding on the distance between us...) tance) I'armee peinte dont je me suis the painted army I used to take pic- servi pour realiser les photos de ce tures, printed in 3D and painted by projet, imprimee en 3D et peinte par my little hands. mes soins. We could also discuss about this pro- Nous pourrons egalement echanger ject future, more globally. In short, in sur I'avenir de ce projet, de maniere some sort you will be part of the pro- bien plus globale. Bref, rentrez cess making of what I want to imple- en quelques sortes dans le processus ment. creatif de ce que je souhaite mettre en Anyway, thank you SO much! place. Dans tous les cas, un immense merci.


How to paint it ? It's here !




What are the funds for?

The funding will be used to amortize the work and development time of the project and the videos that I offer on my youtube channel and allow me to spend more research and development time on new sets and figurines to decorate the tables of games for enthusiasts.

About the project owner

My name is Aron, I am 36 years old and father of 3 children. Self-employed miniaturist painter and sculptor, known as Eskice Miniature.

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