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The beetle forest

A film for the stage

About the project

Olivier Durand´s and Norman Zoo´s The beetle forest  is an animated film for the stage. The german-french collaboration is produced by the music-formation Le Philharmonique de la Roquette and will be presented as a part of the cinema-concert Le P'tit Ciné-Concert 3, which will tour in France and Europe in September 2013.

The story and the pictures are especially produced for the stage. The film will be part of a event where live music and video-projection work together. The goal is to revive the technique and the aesthetic of the silent movies era by creating a modern animated film with a contemporary story for a young and old audience.

In The beetle forest a 6 year old boy gets lost in a forest, where he meets a strange, marvellous colony of beetles and other forest insects who welcome him as a hero. The forrest dwellers put hope into their new friend, because they are threatened by a big danger. After knighting him they go to war together. But the looming menace is much more powerful the boy could ever imagine.
Suddenly he finds himself in a conflict of being trapped in a conflict about responsibility, might and guilt. The beetle forest is a fairy tale addressed not only to a young audience about the concern of our times and especially the destruction of nature.

The Band Le Philharmonique de la Roquette is responsible for sound, music and production. The three musicians (and one sound engineer) from Arles (France) are realising Cinema-events with live music since over 20 years. At the tour Le P'tit Ciné-Concert 2  the band worked already with Olivier Durand at over 100 events.

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A small team based in Berlin works at visuals. With the help of graphic-tablets an 3D Animation they create pictures which are inspired by the antique aesthetic of the shadow theatre.

Before the final cut, there will be some rehearsals in France between March and September for the synchronisation of sound and image.

The schedule for the tour will be announced in September 2013. For more information check The film will be presented in September 2013 at the web site / video-platform Vimeo.

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What are the funds for?

At the very beginning of the production The beetle forest was planned to be 7 minutes long and without any 3D animated elements. Now the film has the duration of 10 min and because of that reason we now lack some amount of the needed budget. That´s why we decided to make our project public at ulule and hope to finish the film with your help and support.

While working at the project it fast became clear that we would not be able to create the atmosphere needed to depict the story and especially the forest and the inside of the beetle colony without any use of 3D animation. Thats why we decided to add a 3D department to our team. Fortunately the company Fantasy-Art-Effects liked the project, and was willing to join the team. Unfortunately we calculated the budget too low to finance an additional 3D department, for which we need about 1200 Euro. So if you like our project, feel free to support us and be sure that we really appreciate your support and thank you very much.  

We need the crowd-funding-money for two things:

  • 3D animation production
  • Production of the rewards (DVD discs, posters, postcards, T-shirts etc. )

Thanks for your time, attention and support.

About the project owner

Norman Zoo & Olivier Durand  Art Director & Illustration

Olivier Durand is a graphic designer and 2D artist who works as a freelancer in Berlin. Degree of Communication Design and Superior Art School both in Marseille. In 2001 he founded - digital art in Salon de Provence (france), where he organised the festival Expériences Numeriques between 2004 and 2007 .
In 2007, Olivier moved to Berlin and worked at several collaborations also with Norman Zoo: several video-installations and animated film projects were created in France, Germany, Nederland... In 2011 Olivier collaborated with Le Philharmonique de la Roquette for the second time for the Le P'tit Ciné-Concert 2 concert tour and he realised three parts of the animated series Bob the sheep. After the successes of Le P'tit Ciné-Concert 2, Le Philharmonique de la Roquette asked Olivier Durand, to realise a new animated silent film for the Le P'tit Ciné-Concert 3 tour. At the moment, he is working on "The beetle forest" with Norman Zoo and "Bob is back" another film for the Ciné-concert.

   Story & Director

Norman Zoo lives and works as a freelance photographer and video-director in Berlin. Until 2007 he studied communication design at the FH-Potsdam with the main focus on film and photography. Under the name Jan Poppenhagen he realised several video-installations and short-films and has won several international prices.
In 2008 he founded the NationofZoom creative agency and works as a video-director and portrait photographer. Since 2008 he worked on several collaborations with Olivier Durand.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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