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Following Dreams & Divinities, part 2

(working title) Documentary about today's visionary, surrealist & fnatastic art

About the project

HELP ME PRODUCE THE SECOND PART OF THE FILM "FOLLOWING   DREAMS & DIVINITIES" !!                                                     

This documentary in two parts is an exceptionnal point of vue about contemporary visionary art and surrealism, following the international exhibition "Dreams & Divinities travelling show".

Next spring, the exhibition will go to Mexico, showing new pieces and including exceptionnal cultural events.

That is why we have decided to keep going with the movie, and create a second part.

This film is a personnal creative project, but is also part of the collective energy of Deams & Divinities, by promoting the work of the exhibited artists and visionary art in general.


This project is spontaneously born of the enthusiasm and dynamism of a group of 60 artists from all around the world (France, U.S., Mexico, Japan, Australia, Austria, etc...),

put together by the artist and curator Liba Waring Stambolion.

This very energic artistic movement, including surrealists, visionary and fantastic artists is gathering around positive values of mind-openeness, spirituality and conscience about today's world.


The concept of "Following DREAMS & DIVINITIES (part 1)" is to create, in 47 minutes, a dialogue between the pieces of the exposition, through a dynamic and musical editing, but also a dialogue with the common initiative and the history of the project, and interviews of artists summerizing their artistic approach.

I have done myself the shooting, the editing, the directing, the translation. The musics were composed by artists Manuel Jesus, Schaye B. and myself.


After one year travelling in Spain and France, "Dreams and Divinities" will arrive in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, in the heart of the Mayan territory.

New pieces will join the exhibition, some of them especially created for the occasion, the global esthetic approach is becoming more precise and rigorous.

Considering that, i am convinced that the dialogue between the different artistic universes, and with the human dynamic of the group is gonna keep on going in a more and more interesting way.

On top of that, artists that could not be in the first movie will be able to express themselves in the second part.

But there's more : Some extraordinary cultural events will take place there : Concerts, including one of Axel Lecourt (a french incredible showman !), a ceremony gathering several spiritualities from around the world in a mayan cultual place, poetry readings...

This is the promise of really nice images, exceptionnal sequences, and a very rich movie !

What are the funds for?


My total minimum budget is 3479€ (in which my personnal investment is 66%), and on which only 621€ are lacking.

the detailed budget can be consulted on my blog through this link :


It is mainly to be able to get more numeric memory storage for the images i will shoot, and also to insure my equipment.

A HARD DRIVE : I have recently been creating, voluntarily, video works for several cultural associations (Flamenco en France, Lab//SEM, Onanyati, and the Dreams & Divinities project).

These works require storage of high-definition video rushs, which are being really heavy. My hard-drive space is now saturated, that is why i need to get a new hard drive to be able to edit the images i'm going to bring back from Mexico.

MEMORY CARDS : Because these will be 10 days of incredible cultural events to shoot !

To give you an example : in Toledo, the 10h of video storage i have were not enough to cover the 5 days i were there. I had to select, and could not shoot all the interviews, pieces and events.

It seems to me really important to enhance my portable memory capacities, by buying two extra memory cards (10h) to be able to cover correctly the event.

AN ADAPTER : Well, without it, you can't plug the batteries, and no battery, no shooting... 

AN INSURANCE : For good quality work, i use my own professionnal equipment (HD camera, microphone, tripod, memory cards, wide angle lens, etc...), which i got on my own expenses. All this is really expensive, and i prefer to avoid bad surprises !

BONUS ?!! : If it happens that you are even more generous than what i was expecting, and that i can raise more than the necessary minimum budget, i could get more equipment : an extra battery, and a PELICASE, a waterproof and shockproof case to protect the camera during transportation, and extra memory... These would be really nice shooting conditions !

About the project owner


I am a french film-maker and actor. My work in films is a kind of anthropological and passionated quest, which, through fiction and documentary tries to seek the secret soul of arts; wether it is through visionnary art (Following Dreams an divinities), Flamenco (Manuela / Flamenco / Duende), cabaret (O Solitude), contemporary dance (Instants d'accord) or south indian ritual forms (Theyyam, The world of Kutiyattam).

Here's the link to my Vimeo where you can see some of my works : http://vimeo.com/user12758015

Curriculum Vitae :


2013 : "MANUELA, FLAMENCO, DUENDE" documentary, Paris, France, in post-production Director, cameraman, editor

co-produced with the association Flamenco en France : That film follows the great gipsy spanish dancer Manuela Carpio and tries to understand the mysterious concept of Duende.

"JEUX D'ACCORD" Dance video, 13mn 32, Paris, France Director, cameraman, editor

"O SOLITUDE" shortfilm (surrealist baroque drama), 21mn 25, Paris, France Director, actor, script-writer, producer

co-produced with Septime Productions : Xavier, a young shy singer will through his uncommon voice come to explore a strange cabaret and will have to fight against his most weird fears. A surrealistic, baroque movie.

"ACUERDATE" video recording of the show, 1h27,Levallois, France Director, cameraman, editor

co-produced with the association Flamenco en France : A Flamenco show, mixing tradition and contemporary.

"ACUERDATE : DETRÀS DE LA CORTINA (Acuerdate : Behind the curtain)" documentary, 21mn, Levallois, France Director, cameraman, editor

co-produced with the association Flamenco en France : In the wings of a big french theatre, a meeting with the members of the Flamenco company Eva Luisa

2011 :   "PIED GAUCHE (Left foot)" Shortfilm (comedy), 8mn 37, Paris, France Director

produced by Septime Productions : Mitch wakes up and begins in a merry mood the worst day of his whole life.

2010 : “UN ANNIVERSAIRE (A birthday party)” shortfilm, 10mn, Paris, France 1st A.D., acting coach

2008 : "LA PRIMERA TAZA DE CAFÉ (The first cup of cofee)" short film, 35mn, Mexico D.F., MexiqueDirector, Storyboarder, co-producer, co-writer

International production with Corexian Film & theatre (Australia), with the financial support of the Crédit Mutuel du Jura via the "Défi Jeunes" grant : Greta is a young mexican woman : married by force with a violent man, cut from her roots, the tragic circumstances of her life will lead her to the worst...

2007 : "ANDANTE MA NON TROPO" short film, 10mn, Lons-Le-Saunier (39) France Co-producer, Director of Production, Co-writer

International production with Corexian Film & theatre (Australia)

2006 : "BLANC ET NOIR (White and black)"

animation, 2mn 32

Director , Animator, Graphic designer

special price of the jury at the national selection of the Student's film contest of Clermont-Ferrand : An experimental short film mixing rythm and geometry

"ONIRIQ 1, 2 & 3" 3 experimental animation short films trying to transpose the universe of the dream in moving images Animatior, director, editor

2005: "LE MONDE DU KUTIYATTAM (The world of Kutiyattam)"Ethnologic documentary, 37', India Director, cameraman, editor

Kutiyattam is a 2000 year old religious theatre style, still practiced in the south of India : the film shows the young students in a modern traditional academy and the artists.

"THEYYAM" Ethnologic documentary, 34', India / Director, cameraman, editor

Theyyam is a ritual of possession practiced in the south of India : violent and beautifull. Dances, sacrifices, transe, fire.


2012 :        Camera and editing training at FSM, Professionnal formation in numeric arts.

2007 :        Master degree of sociology of Theatres at the University of Besançon 

2003:         Bachelor's degree in performing arts at the University of Besançon

2001:         High school diploma with Fine Arts specialisation.

ONE LAST THING : If you have any question, please ask !!!