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FoldaRap, The Folding RepRap

a folding 3d printer, to carry it everywhere !

  • Breaking News : 208 % !

    This time we even broke the 200% fundings limit, all this support is incredible and encouraging !

    But it's also double-edged, my inital goal was for 10 machines, not daring to hope for more. At 20 it's the perfect balance between the interesting quantities to make large orders and the time it take. Beyond that, we could adapt there is always some solutions ; the printed parts being the bottleneck (pro/cons of designing a true reprap), I could ask for help from the community and the hundreds of existings reprap.
    Nonetheless, even if I have the capacity to produce all these parts, I think it would be wiser to don't over-grow and stay focused on the FoldaRaps already promised. And why not make another crowd-funding later for a second batch, once the first will be deployed and operational :)

    So I added a limit to the perks that didn't had one, to avoid to be overwhelmed. I imagine you can understand, between quality and quantity, I prefer the first.


    Otherwise, about the actual working FoldaRap, I could upload two new videos today ^^

    The first is 17min long, and was made in January while I was designing the firsts parts in Sketchup. For those who may be curious to see how I work, it's the occasion to see 2-3 tricks in practice like the use of components and copy-moving :

    The second, a little longer, was streamed/recorded this afternoon, while I was printing a gear of a recent project published on Thingiverse, the fabulous Nautilus Gears.

    I can't embed it here but here is it's link : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/24356568

    40-60mm/s is now my usual print speed, except for small part which are better at slower speed, and I've yet to try pushing it higher on big prints :)

  • SummerLab / 10k / 60mm/s !

    As announced in the precedent news, I was at the SummerLab, where I even met some people who read that, finally it was worth mentioning it ^^

    It was short but very cool ! (cf)
    The prints were streamed all day on ustream, and I even reached a new speed record of 60mm/s (precedent was 40), it's not as fast as some of the bigger machines (yet), but 60 is the max speed I generally use. It's quite fast and without having to worry about if the bot or the filament path will survive :)

    It was also a good week for the Ulule project !
    Many more contributors, which rise us now above the symbolic bar of 10k€, amazing !

    Beside showing the FoldaRap, printing some cool stuff and eating vegan, I also could do two important things :

    • passing the order for 20 power supplies to Trium Power, outch -2172€, but I had to do it or we would have needed to wait until september before they have more in stock;
    • and I opened a professional account at the post office for all shipping things, that allow small discounts but mostly some advantages like having a dedicated line in some offices.

    What's in the next news ?
    The coming news will be also dedicated to a componant or a particular part of the FoldaRap, to know more about the machine and to explain the reasons behind these choices, and to have something interesting to read during the waiting (we will start by this special power supplier, there is lot of things to say) :)

  • Nice News

    Today the FoldaRap has been mentioned on Fabbaloo and 3dprinter !

    For those who may have the occasion to go to the Summer Lab at Nantes, next week. I'll be there for three days, of course with my little machine ;-)

    Otherwise, I could start printing some parts, which will progressively be stocked on my folding shelves (a previous project). Yes I love origami and foldable things... at least it's handy when you have to move in a new place :)

    And even if most of the orders will be made in August, some of them are already in progress (for the motors notably).

    And for the last, while we just reached 130% (thanks to the 33 supporters !), a friend told me that the project is now selected in the front page of Ulule !

    Maybe the weather is not really good here, but the news are greats !

  • We are half from the end

    It was already announced everywhere on twitter/facebook/etc. but it's worth mentioning that this week we reached and are beyond our funding goal !! Thanks to you all ^^

    So, on the 42 days, there is almost the half left, that leave some time to prepare the following and try to goes further.


    The point I wanted to talk about the last time. Another interest in open-source, things being developed on other and existant things, many upgrades can be integrated. Sometimes simply by printing a new part, or by changing the electronic or a bit. The reprap are quite modular.
    One of the big upcoming progress is about dual extrustion, to use two different materials (hard/soft/support by example), as it is already done with professional machines. It's still highly experimental at our level but we can get prepared for when the time will come :

    Maybe I would have the occasion to try that during the next year. On the Reprappro side (Adrian Bowyer et al, those who are making the current Huxley), they may be ok to supply me the hotends parts, and some prototypes along ^^


    With the growing interest for the FoldaRap, I'm going for 20 machines not 10 (and ready to scale more if needed). I already had the occasion to start ordering some parts in bulk with other people, and the price being even more interesting, I think I will add some bonus for the current perks, like some spool of filament for the machines and other yet undefined surprises :)

    Moar pics/vids !

    By it volume, it's probably the biggest print I ever made (about 138 x 138 x 141 mm), even if on a little machine, this one can goes higher than its usuals bigger sisters.

    More pictures can be found on flickr : here

    And 2-3 new video of printing : a little cup (mostly to show my start-up routine), the tornado, and again.

    See you !

  • An impressive progress

    Impressive progress :

    I was about to write something like 5day = 50% but a little more than a week after the launch and 68% are already funded !
    Thanks a lot to all the contributors !

    Diffusion :

    The news began to spread, and be featured on other websites, like 3ders.org ! (I keep a track of them on the external link section of the wiki ^^)
    Thanks to all who help sharing this project :)

    Estimated date of completion : october/november

    I prefered to don't set a precise date, as it depend of numerous external factor linked to the different suppliers (some having their own delay of manufacturing), shippings, etc.
    But I can tell you that in my mind october/november is a reasonnable goal, even if I always hope to send machines before ^^

    Bootcamp Fablab Nancy :

    Also, during the last two weeks I was quite busy, being in FabLab training for a dozen of students from Maghreb. They learned to use most of the tools and software of the lab, we even builded 3 repraps in some days ! (link)

    To be continued :

    I'm looking forward the holidays, to have some rest and more time to spend on this project.
    But that's already a lot of news, I'll wait for the next one, to tell you about the possibles upgrades on the Foldarap, and eventual bonus regarding how high the funding goes :)