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Fleet at Battle

Battleships is history, bring victory to your fleet !

About the project

All men on deck!!!!

Welcome to FLEETS AT BATTLE, the evolution of the pen&paper game “Battleships” you played in endless hours at school. This modern dexterity game challenges young and old and is easy learned and ready for action!

You andup to three other players get their own fleet of ships, submarines and sea mines. With a focused shot you will sink enemy ships, setup or disarm mines or cruise the sea.

This game can be played on any free place, a table, the floor of the children’s room, a ping pong table or…

Just let me tell you how easy this game is :

  • Every player chooses one of the 4 colors and takes the 20 ship cards
  • Put aside 3 cards to randomize the game
  • Shuffle your card deck and the first two cards of every player are tossed into the middle of the table, the game is set up.
  • Beginning a attack, a player has to always to fill up his hand to two cards. Choosing his first attacking card he throws it onto an enemy ship. If hitting, he checks if the damaging side of his attacking ship equals or exceeds the hull points of the enemy. In this case he has sunk the ship and may take it to his victory pile. If not, his ship is placed alongside of the enemy and he may continue with his 2nd attack.
  • Now it is the next players turn.

After all cards have been thrown onto the table you add all hull point gathered in your victory pile, the winner is the one with most points.

The game of course offers more variety: submarines, mines and torpedo boats extend the rules but you see that this all is quickly explained. If you are interested here are the complete rules.

The game consists of the following components :

For every up to 4 players there is 20 ship cards of one color packed in small plastic bags. A printed game manual in 3 languages and multiple box lids in at least two languages will be included.

The BEACHHEAD expansion version of this game will have 4 paper bands showing a beachhead that I will print and cut. You can lay down your ship card pile here and have a printed line not to be crossed while throwing a card.

As second extra there will be the PIRATES expansion.  I will add a 5th player to the game, the Pirate black fraction wich I will design. They will be printed by myself and cut from card board just as the original prototypes I have made.

ATTENTION - I ONLY SHIP TO EUROPE. DUE TO THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFTY COMMISSION IN THE US. If this project is funded successful I will maybe start a crowdfunding project ind the US, just mail me to stay up to date. 

What are the funds for?

A creation of a game begins with an idea and an empty white piece of paper. Then step for step every new component slowly fits into it as in a puzzle. Finally you hold the first prototype in hands and can play test it with family and friends and have fun.

To share this fun you can contact a board game publisher. Unfortunately but most of them only produce a few games a year as development is costly and very time consuming. Commercial and personal decisions lead to publishing of only a limited number of all those games out there.  

You can decide with this project to publish FLEETS AT BATTLE. You finance the artwork, the game manual, shipping and the very costly production of this game.

The financing goal of 9600 € will be used to produce the game. The small print run of only 1000 games will cost about 7000 € exl. VAT. So 8300 € is needed only for printing and packaging. This game was planned together with the printing company Hertel in Bayreuth. Shipping, translation, layout and promotion will require  at least the rest of the funding. Production est. March/2014.

In addition to it I want to offer some stretch goals:

If 10 000 € funding are acquired, I will contract a graphic designer to work over the game manual, the box and cards used in the game.

If 16 000 €  funding are acquired, I will add a plastic inlay for the game box. The deep drawing die will cost 1600 €.

About the project owner

Being a game designer sounds great but most of them only can perform this as a serious hobby just as I do. My living I earn as baker in my own bakery but board games always where an important part of my life.

As a game designer I wanted to create games wich I can play with my kids without getting bored and playing gets painful. Many family games don’t focus on adults and so I searched for game mechanics that challenge all ages and guarantee fun for all of us without getting too complicated for the young. I have published Mathtornado on and “Schnappschussafari” made 2nd at the spielz-contest at Potsdam 2013.