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Puckish Flora ! the heart's friend

A collection of books changing your view on down syndrome !

About the project

Puckish Flora ! a project supported by  the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, which was given public interest status in 1996, has been working for individuals affected by genetic intelligence disorders.

And if we did our children grow up through the adventures of an extraordinary heroine?

There are heroes or heroines who exist every day among us and our children do not know it...

There are fairies who do not transform toads in princes or mice in princesses but who still have a lot more power...It is to transform themselves so that they become better, because they directly affect their heart.

And if this heroine was a daughter with Down syndrom ?

It will be the greatest strength of our heroine Flora, who fight daily against the limits that inflicts her illness.

The entire collection puckish Flora ! - friend of the heart - is a message of hope for all parents of the earth, for all those who have a different child.

It is also a cry of love to all the children in the world. It can help them to understand that the difference is above all a wealth! It is a collection of books which wants to spray the locks on all the misunderstandings for the young and the old!

Prepare our children to open their hearts by communicating directly with them on disability. It is the goal of these 2 collections of children's books.

Also prepare them to become caring adults and appeal to the intelligence of their heart.

That is the message of joy to these collections of thirty books (see more) for children 2-8 years and also for adults who have kept a child's heart.

We can use these collections of books as a tool of communication, at home, in family, in the school..

Participate in this project, is a militant act to promote the difference in the world! help children with Down syndrome to be understood in their relationship with others.

Communicate on this issue, specifically on the reception of the different child seen by another child.

What is the content of these stories ?

The puckish Flora's collection includes books by age 30 see more, which resumes each a theme associated with children's Down syndrome to better understand.

-A first collection for 5-8 years.

-A second collection for the 2-4 years

Why a collection addressed to children to children 5-8 years & and 2-4 years on the same themes?

Contribute to the edition of the first 6 books of the collection and the collection of 2-4 years 5-8 years will launch the first main themes associated with Down syndrom.

The project allows to communicate on the same themes related to disability in 2 collections, but with text and different images appropriated to the age for who they are intended. The stories can be addressed in the same way to children 2-4 years with those of 5-8 years.

At the end of each little book, a very short explanation is given to the child according to the topic with a text adapted to his age to better understand the consequences of Down syndrome on our little heroine.

An encouragement to help his different friend compared to his difficulty, is suggested to the child according to his age and what he can do. This encouragement is free, of course, if he wishes.

​In what forms are the books ?

- Books for 5-8 years will be in the form 21cmx21 cm with 20 pages and beautiful illustrations.

- Books for ages 2-4 will come in form 16 cmx16 cm with 18 pages with simple illustrations, appropriate to their age!

 Share with me a taste of this project !

2 illustrators are already at work on the project for the illustration of the first books in the collection.

Solenne and Thomas have created the logo of the books in the collection puckish, Flora! and the cover of the first 2 books for 5-8 years and 2-4 years of :- Flora starts school !- They are ready then to illustrate the following books in the collection!... But this adventure cannot continue without you!

Thanks to them! Thank you!!

First sketchs of the final cover of : Flora starts school !- for the 5-8 years 

Excerpts from the book: Flora go to school! 5-8 years

Flora is one girl like no other.

It was a difference that is called Down syndrome.

She's pretty with her clear blue eyes moon shaped, and its smooth and golden hair.

Looks like they have the color of sunshine. A small duvet tickles her head...

At home, everyone called her puckish Flora!

 At school, all buddies cry, but Flora has more fear, she finds that her mistress is pretty!

-"Bo-ti Full '" (she is beautiful)! she said to her mom. Her mom caressing her cheek gently.

"Yes, she is beautiful, it's true!"

Flower is not always well understood, but she doesn't, she seems always cheerful, she's like that Flora!

2017 © all rights reserved

At the end of the book a page bears the title:

How can you help a child that is different like Flora if you want ?

These tips have been validated by professionals specialized in Down trisomy.

" In this book, we have observed that Flora struggled to talk like you and to be understood." : its difference, Down syndrome because she thinks less quickly and speak more slowly.

If a buddy has Down syndrome like Flora, he can have the same difficulties

• You can, if you want, speak slowly and give him time to respond in its own way!: remember that he understands what it is told!

Because of Down syndrome, she grows up like us but slower... That's why her fingers are less muscular and what a clumsy gestures. Her head struggled to coordinate her  hands to make things like you.


Although there are various friends around you, you can help them by thinking with your heart!

As puckish Flora! they are friends of the heart!

© all rights reserved

1rts final cover of Flora starts school ! for children between 5-8 years old

Puckish Flora's colllection for children between 5-8 years old!

Excerpts from the book Flora starts school! 2-4 years

In the class, the mistress asks all classmates to stand...

Flora has trouble saying her name.

Then the teacher says:

-"This is Flora!"

Flora is so happy to talk about it, she turns happily pulling her blue dress.

It's how Flora!

"It's Mouaah pu....cki sh. Flo....ra. you!"

-"Puckish Flora! Puckish Flora !"

All classmates repeated this pretty name. It looks good!

2017 © all rights reserved

1rts final cover of Flora starts school ! for children between 2-4 years old 

Puckish Flora's collection fort children between 2-4 years old ! 

Puckish Flora's logo ! 

Share with me this project on the link! You can have all the info present and future on the publication of the 2 collections of books!    

web site

(puckish Flora's web site is created and will carry on with your support ! )

Thank you for your support which will give life to the first 6 books of the collection and allow our children 2 to 8 years to know children like Flora!

What are the funds for?

The Publishroom publishing house is by my side to give life to 2 collections of books and to publish it.

Each crossed level will be a victory that could help to better communicate on one of the aspects of our heroine's disability! 

6 levels to offer you 2 beginnings of collection!

- Puckish Flora  !- 5-8 years

- Puckish Flora !-  2-4 years

If you want to participate in this project, you can contribute from 5 euros, 10, 15 euros see more so that the double collection of books can exist: small streams make large rivers!For illustration and publishing 2 collections of Puckish Flora, fees (6 books) the amount is for 35815 euros.

For the collection Puckish Flower! to be translated into English for your children, digital version for 6 books, the amount is of 2130 euros.

The digital release of the books will arrive between february & september 2018 !

please follow me on the pages !

Thanks for your help, so that the largest number of children in the world can discover their friend  Puckish Flora !

Financing of the first 6 books in English and their digital output!

1st level - 100% objective 355 euros funding from the 1st book of the collection 5-8 years

in English for its digital release!

-> 1st book - amount: 355 euros - Flora starts school!-5-8 years

Your funding will be used to contribute to:

• the translation of the book into English

• the page layout

• the digital online

• the English translation of the counterparties

2nd level - 200% objective -710 euros- funding of the first 2 books of the 2 collections!

in English for its digital release!

                                                        -> 1st book - Flora starts school !-5-8 years

-> 2nd book - Flora starts school ! -2-4 years

Your funding will be used to contribute to: 

•the translation of the book into English

• layout

• the digital online

•the English translation of the counterparties

3rd Level - 300% objective – 1065 euros - : funding of the first 3 books of the 2 collections!

in English for its digital release!

-> 1st book - Flora starts school! -5-8 years

-> 2nd book - Flora starts school!-2 - 4 years

-> 3rd book -  Nathalie helps Flora - 5-8 years

Your funding will be used to contribute to:

• the translation of the book into English:

• layout

• the digital online

• the English translation of the counterparties

4th level - 400% lens - 1420 €- : funding of the first 4 books 2 collections !

in English for its digital release!

-> 1st book - Flora starts  school!-5-8 years

-> 2nd book - Flora starts school! - 2-4 years

-> 3 rd book - Nathalie helps  Flora - 5-8 years

-> 4 th book -  Nathalie helps Flora - 2-4 years

Your funding will be used to contribute to:

• the translation of the book into English

• layout

• the digital online

• the English translation of the counterparties

5th tier-500 % - goal 1775 €- funding of the first 5 books of 2 collections!

in English for its digital release!

> 1st book - Flora  starts school! school!-5-8 years

-> 2nd book - Flora starts school !. 2 - 4 years

-> 3rd book -  Nathalie helps Flora - 5-8 years

-> 4th book - Nathalie helps Flora - 2-4 years

-> 5th book - Flora pulls her tongue - 5-8 years

                     Your funding will be used to contribute to:             

• the translation of the book into English:

• layout

• the digital online

• the English translation of the counterparties

6th Tier - 600% objective – 2130 euros: funding of the first 6 books of 2 collections!

in English for its digital release!

> 1st book - Flora  starts school!-5-8 years

-> 2nd book - Flora starts school. -2-4 years

-> 3rd book - Nathalie helps Flora - 5-8 years

-> 4th book - Nathalie helps Flora - 2-4 years

-> 5th book - Flora  pulls her tongue - 5-8 years

-> 6th book - Flora pulls her tongue - 2-4 years

Your funding will be used to contribute to:

• the translation of the book into English

• layout

• the digital online

• the English translation of the counterparties

I wish also to pay a percentage of my income to the Lejeune Institute for research on Down syndrome and let them know about this project.

Do not hesitate to talk about this project around you to make it known!

Thanks for help without whom this project will see the day!

About the project owner


I am the mother of 3 children including a girl with Down syndrome, called Flore.She is now 4 years old.

I am an educator Montessori for 9 years old children, graduated 3-6 years and I am a fan of this pedagogy, that allows to approach learning by touch and manipulation of a material.

After working for 3 years in a bilingual Montessori school with children of 2 years, I continued to exercise my profession specializing me in particular support classes with children with disorders of learning, with this pedagogy.

The desire to work with different children has always been present even before Flore's birth !

I was always attracted to these little beings who carry within them a wickness, being convinced that it is them who help us to become better!

When my girl with Down syndrome was born, it was a love bomb.

A test too, lived from day to day in an immense joy.

Then I was given the chance for a year as school life assistant, to take care of a little boy of 4 years on average section reached the same difference.

I accepted this valuable mission with joy, thinking a lesson on how that little boy could evolve to school. This experience has reinforced this writing project.

In the meantime, Flore grew. She such a personality that she eventually inspire me.

This book became a no-brainer. I had to write it: my daughter gave me this challenge and life too: I had something to say. It is the substance of these stories, she blew me the words and tone of these stories.

The " Puckish Flora " collection - the friend of the heart - was born!

It will become the friend of all children. Thanks to Florette, the message of the reception of the different child enters everywhere in schools, families, nurseries. This collection is also for teachers and early childhood educators.

It gives me also, the immense joy of become author, to express my beliefs on the difference, which can be shared by many of you!

This collection is also a fulfillment of my journey, a personal reflection on the essence of life.

It is that the difference of the small beings is not a weakness but a chance for all, if you know look with your heart.

Editing and illustration of this collection are possible thanks to you!

If this funding could lead, this will be a sign of hope for all parents who have a different child.

This collection can grow small children and transform their eyes so that they become future adults open welcoming life in all its nuances.

This project is possible thanks to you! It is also yours! Thanks to all those who will carry this message of hope with me!


"All that is not given is lost" Hasari Pal


They believe already in the project PUCKISH FLORA! Thank you !

In 1959, Professor Jérôme Lejeune, doctor and researcher, discovered the cause of Down syndrome (trisomy 21).

Subsequently, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, which was given public interest status in 1996, has been working for individuals affected by genetic intelligence disorders

Because it defends life, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation is highly vigilant about bioethical issues: in a context in which ever-accelerating scientific progress and ideological pressure pose fundamental questions for society, the Foundation provides its scientific expertise together with its ethical values.


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