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Fibre Bio

100% organic T-shirts from fibre to dye

About the project

Fiber Bio is the result of an incredible adventure of sharingloving and travelling.

Our goal ? Working for the conservation of our beautiful planet.

Our vision ? Consume less but better and rediscover the know-howbenefits and quality of 100% organic clothes from fiber to dye.

While travelling in India Laura met Mayank. Together, they became passionate about herbal dyeing: an ancestral know-how and art that very few people practice today.Thanks to the many people they met along their journey, they saw, learned and discovered the benefits of organic fabrics with natural colors.  

That is why, they decided to share their findings by creating Fiber Bio to make these special fabrics with so many benefits for both our health and planet available to everyone.

But what is "herbal dyes"? Let's talk about it! Nature has always provided us with plants and minerals required to make colors. Unfortunately, today natural dyeing has been largely replaced by toxic and chemical dyeing.
On an average there are more than 8000 different chemicals used to dye a t-shirt: endocrine disruptors, carcinogens ... The list is long and we often tend to forget it.

We wanted to prove that it is possible to make clothes without any chemicals, which is healthy for the people who make them and also for those who wear them.

We want to demonstrate that there is an alternative to the toxic lifestyle we are living . So what better than the universal T-shirt to be an ambassador of the herbal dye?
The aim is to help people of all ages discover the magic of nature. Our T-shirts are timeless, of good-qualityecofriendly, marketed at the right price and manufactured in a responsible way. In order to create the most ethical t-shirt possible, we follow all the stages involved in the production process. 


  • They are incredibly soft, because no chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process
  • They are completely hypoallergenic, because its 100% natural fiber to dye
  • They are perfectly unique, because their colors are inimitable
  • They are undoubtedly ecological, because they are biodegradable
  • They are quite resistant, because the cotton fiber has not been damaged by toxic agents

The yellow, orange, grey, pink and red colours are made in India, in the region of Gujarat. 

The blue pastel colour is realized in France in the region of Gers, by the company Bleu de Lectoure. For this tint, we decided to honor made in France.

You will not have to select the size or model when ordering on Ulule.
We will write to you by mail, as the campaign goes on so that you can place an order of your choice! Also, we will attach a color summary and a size guide to choose the model that will suit you the best.

Delivery is planned for end of December, we will do how much is possible to get them ready before Christmas. 

SIZES: Woman & Man T-shirts ( S to XL) / Children T-shirts ( 2 to 12 years )

Do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] in case of doubts or for further information.

Obviously if the size does not satisfy you, we will exchange it. The returns will however be at your expense.

What are the funds for?

Fibre Bio's t-shirts is our only project today .

With your help, we can make it happen! We need to achieve a minimum of 200 pre-orders in order to start our very first production!

This project will only begin if we reach our goal (or even go beyond ) So we are counting on you to support us and spreading the word throughout the campaign!

In concrete terms, here is how your contributions will help us:

Now you are wondering why it doesn’t add up?

Fiber Bio carries a solidarity project through its partnership with Prerana Educational Centerto whom we donate 1€ per t-shirt sold in order to financeschooling to underprivileged Indian children. All of your contributions will therefore give Prerana Educational Center a little boost.

About the project owner

Fiber Bio is an expression of our willingness to work together on a problem that really matters to us.

It all started in India, because that is where we understood the problems in the textile industry and also got to know our ethical suppliers/partners. These partners dared to go “back" choosing an ecologicalresponsible and ethical alternative in today’s toxic textile industry because of which we decided to support them.

Thank you all for your trustsupport and participation!

Naturally yours,

Laura and Mayank.

To follow our adventures, find us on our website and join us on social networks!