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Fermentation Revolution - the movie

An educational film to learn the ins and outs of homemade fermentation

About the project

Close to 300 supporters joined the campaign, a figure that stimulates us to continue the project. Proof of a real interest for fermentation and its secrets. Despite our inability to reach the crowfunding goal, we will still produce the documentary. You can still pre-order it at the same campaign discount price here.https://www.possiblemedia.org/fermentation-revolution/


Fermentation Revolution is an educational documentary in which food entrepreneurs, authors and all-around fermentation geeks David Coté and Sébastien Bureau share with you the ins and outs of traditional fermentation processes with a modern twist.

Homemade fermentation is a low-cost probiotic panacea ! It prolongs the life of your food, revives the immune system, soothes the digestive and nervous systems, regulates metabolism, wakes up your taste buds and brighten all meals! There are only advantages to fermenting, grab your jars, the hour of the probiotic revolution has come with Fermentation Revolution !

Filmed over several months in Quebec, Fermentation Revolution offers an unprecedented collection of fermentation methods, with an emphasis on their simplicity and ease of making. After years of refining the tools and techniques, this dynamic duo invites you to discover the result of their work through simple, fool-proof recipes. Embark on a new and exciting gustatory journey, retake control over your food, improve your health and revolutionize your life and your guts with some fermentation goodness!

Over 90 minutes of beautiful HD footage with a humorous tone to it, the movie takes you through some theory and teaches you a variety of tools, techniques and recipes including :

  • Sauerkraut and lactofermentation
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Water and Milk Kefir
  • Tempeh
  • Yogurt 
  • Vegan and non-Vegan cheese
  • Sourdough, Bread and Naan
  • Shrub, Cider, Hydromel
  • Wine Fruits
  • Koji, Sake
  • and more ...

The film is being produced in two versions, English and French, so we filmed everything twice, and the editing also requires almost double the work (Click here to see the French-language version of this campaign).

We're currently shooting for a February 2018 release date, but we're working hard to finish the film as soon as possible. The final product will be available in digital download format (720p and 1080p versions) and on DVD.

Like everything we produce at Possible Media, we not only focus on environmentally innovative content, we also like to create something beautiful. Our rewards for this campaign (you can see them in the sidebar on the right of this page) include some unique DVD covers illustrations by Leslie Herman (www.leslieherman.com). Here's an example of his incredible style : 

To see more footage from the film, you can watch a short trailer we released a few weeks ago:

What are the funds for?

We've already invested a lot of time, effort and money into the project, and all the footage has been shot. We're starting the editing phase, but now we need your support to help cover the costs of post-production, music, audio mastering, illustrations, subtitles, DVD production, distribution, and the final phase of editing and color grading. 

About the project owner

Barthelemy Glumineau  joined force with Olivier Asselin in 2013 to help develop the crazy adventure of Possible Media. Since then, they worked together on the Permaculture Skills video series as well as the Market Gardener's Toolkitdocumentary. He also filmed and directed the crowdfunded educational video The Art and Science of Natural Plaster

Falling into the pot of 'cooking experiences' when he was young, David Côté is the tireless eco-entrepreneur who has already made us salivate through Crudessence, Rise Kombucha, Loop Juice and five recipe books. It has two goals in life: spreading good humor and making the world better (to taste).

Founder and president of MannaNova,Sébastien Bureau is always busy concocting something or other. With a background in Chemistry and Biology, Seb has continually honed his passion for Food Science. Before taking on MannaNova, he spent several years as VP of R&D for a major Kombucha company (Canada’s largest) and played a critical role in its growth phase. He’s the man with the plan, and hopes to extend his wealth of knowledge to producers of ecological & sustainable foods and beverages.