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...if one could only imagine

About the project

DOCUMENTARY - 60 minutes

Stubbornness and the desire to escape misery: this is the incredible story of Felice Pedroni, who becomes Felix Pedro in America, where in 1902 he discovered gold in Alaska and founded the city of Fairbanks. An epic adventure made of silence, hard work, cold and hunger.

The documentary Felix Pedro ... If one could only imagine, tells the story of a man from the Bolognese Apennines, who was born in the mid-nineteenth century and his name was Felice Pedroni. This man flees the poverty, takes a ship to America, where he becomes Felix Pedro and in 1902 he discovered gold in a stream in Alaska founding subsequently the city of Fairbanks.
The story is told today on the trail of a search by Giorgio Comaschi, Claudio Busi and Massimo Turchi to build a show about the adventure of Felix Pedro.

Among the mountain people of today and those of the beginning of the 20th century, including twists and turns, theories, suspicions, testimonies and legends, on the slopes of a truth that plays hide-and-seek with itself.

Paolo Muran tells it with the curiosity of a gold digger, sniffing the wind and atmosphere of today and a hundred years ago not so much to look for answers but to give color to the incredible story of Felice Pedroni from Fanano, known as Felix Pedro, who is still today, every year, celebrated by the people of Fairbanks on July 22, in the "Golden Day", the day of discovery.

What are the funds for?

The realization of the Documentary ended in December 2018 and was presented to the public and the press at the Cineteca of Bologna within the Festival Visioni Italiane in February 2019. Now FELIX PEDRO wants to go abroad and for this we need your help.

With the funds we collect thanks to your contribution we will carry out the following actions;

  • Translation and subtitling of texts in English
  • Registration and participation in international festivals
  • Graphics and DVD authoring in English and Italian
  • Design and printing of all the film promotion and distribution materials in Italian and English
  • Creation and promotion of the crowdfunding campaign awards you are participating in




The project can be supported in different ways. In any case, the supporters name will be imprinted forever on the end credits of Felix Pedro... if only one could imagine

You can start with a minimum contribution, next it’s possible with a few contribution more to receive a DVD copy of the film.

Step by step if your contribution grows more you can receive ever more different rewards, for example THE BOOK "Felix Pedro" written by Giorgio Comaschi,  or with more support you can receive THE EXCLUSIVE FELIX PEDRO KIT composed of the Felix Pedro DVD with Your NAME on the end credits + the T-SHIRT dedicated to the movie + THE BOOK. 

With a bigger amount you can send a FELIX PEDRO GREETING: on July 22nd in Fairbanks, Alaska, on the occasion of the Golden Day parade, a delegation will leave a BUNCH OF FLOWERS in your name with a CARD showing your personal message to Felix Pedro at the foot of the statue on the Pedro Creek.

There is also a special offer valid for associations and groups who desire to insert the LOGO of their association on the end credits of the documentary and on all social media and communication coverage related to the project and also the Association will have the possibility to screen the documentary for free on the occasion that they consider most suitable for it activity’s events.

And finally, if you are interested in this project, you can contribute to finance all the possible developments of it. Read more on the rewards section…

About the project owner

Born in Bologna where he lives and works.

For more than 30 years he was a member of the company "Pierrot e la Rosa" with whom he still collaborates and with which over the years he has produced the documentary films of Gianni Celati.

In the role of director of photography he realized several documentaries for the italian broadcast RAI. 

In the production of Documentaries, short films and docu-fiction he collaborated with poets, writers and friends (Ermanno Cavazzoni, Gianni Celati and Franco Arminio, Giorgio Comaschi, Maura Argelli, Emilio Marrese, Cristiano Governa) having a lot of fun.

Director, among others:

VIAGGIO IN IRPINIA D'ORIENTE (Pierroto e la Rosa, 2000)

LA VITA COME VIAGGIO AZIENDALE (Pierrot e la Rosa, 2006)

SONO ANDATO A VIVERE IN CAMPAGNA (Paolo Muran Doc e Fondazione Bonzi Argelli, 2013)

IL CIELO CAPOVOLTO (Cineteca di Bologna, 2014)

MAN ON THE RIVER (Paolo Muran DOC, 2015)

MI CHIAMO RENATO (Paolo Muran DOC, 2016)

TUTTO IL PALAZZO (Paolo Muran DOC, 2017)

FELIX PEDRO ... If only one could imagine (DocLab in co-production with Paolo Muran DOC and Pierrot e la Rosa, 2018)

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