Faito Doc Festival: MY 10th Festival

join our celebration for the tenth edition

About the project

We are a group of friends, professionals of the cinematographic world and cultural operators, and when we started this project, ten years ago, we were simply some “crazy day-dreamers”. The Faito was only an abandoned place and its Renaissance was very slow, but we saw great potential at the Horizon.

It seems like yesterday, but 10 years have passed. And now we are about to celebrate our tenth anniversary. It’s an achievement that WE reached thanks to the great backing of institutions, sponsors, a lot of friends and  supporters and thanks to the enthusiastic energy of the many volunteers who help us every year.

Today “WE” is a keyword.

Nowadays’ world seems to be characterized by a step back to selfishness, frontiers’ closing and to the hunting of who is “different”. This vision has no horizon. It’s a losing vision.

But we are here and we want to celebrate these 10 years. 10 is a very nice number because it looks like “IO”, that in Italian means “I”.

On my own, “I” can only do a little to make the world a better place. But many “I” together, connected by a common vision, can broaden the Horizon of a community. We want to do this together with you.

Setting our sights higher and broadening the Horizon. What better place to do it than on the Faito and what better moment than the Faito doc Festival?

We are sure that the tenth edition will be an extraordinary one!

We want to share with all of you the Inebriation of this new Horizon 2017 and we want to keep growing! How?

We have been organizing “crowdfunding campaigns” for years, an unwelcome term that defines a wonderful instrument of active participation. During the last years, together with our supporters, we realized things that we could not have achieved on our own (the “casa del cinema” - a new home for the festival, many artistic moments and the possibility to host many guests on our Mountain).


This year we want to heighten this instrument too. Our desire is to let the MUSIC rush into the festival. It’s a new challenge launched in the name of “Madness” and we will win it thanks to our cohesion.

It will be a joyful achievement. We will reach it together, involving new friends, passing down the Passion for documentary cinematography, for the discovery of the human being and his landscape, for the delight of making magical encounters.

For many years now a group of SPECIAL friends have been backing us. They all are our supporters and we want to give them the RIGHT place in this festival especially today, while we’re celebrating such an important birthday.

Come to join us!!

What are the funds for?

For this tenth edition we asked the organization and everybody else a great commitment in order to make the festival’s atmosphere even more fascinating. MUSIC will be the wand giving you relax and Inebriation in different moments of the day and in amazing locations with concerts and performances to be treasured in your heart: music in the SUNRISE, musical SIESTA, music in the SUNSET and music under the STARS.

We already have enthusiastic contacts with bands having different kinds of lineups and playing different genres of music: they will cheer you up with performances of great professionalism and very high quality.


Expenditures for artists: for 4 concerts with different lineups

(a concert with 7 artist + a trio + a quintet + a duo)      € 5.000

Italian Authors and Publishers' society and service             € 2.000
Musical material (speakers, stage monitor system, spotlights)          € 1.500

that will be left to the association, and therefore to the territory, as part of the equipment 

Promotional expenditures       € 1.500

Total amount - 10.000 Euros         

About the project owner

The cultural association MONTEAMARE organizes the Faito doc Festival and other events concerning cinema and education in the schools. / FB Faito doc Festival


The Directors of the Festival are Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro, a couple of Italian/Belgian authors and filmmakers who love their family, the Faito and who have always worked all around the world, passing down amazing narratives.

Marika De Rosa and Roberto Ucci live at the foot of the Faito Mountain. They put their experience, their know-how, their passion for cinema and mountain and their talent at the service of the festival: he is a musician and she has a great predisposition for public relations. 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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