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FahrenHemp 451

CHASE THE LEAF ----> Eco-sustainable future

About the project

Has been the most helpful and rife plant in the whole planet for more than 10.000 years.
We can acquire more than 5.000 different products out of it.

However, during the first half of the 20th Century, people were investing in other kinds of markets, products and materials, such as petrol, plastic, pesticides, chemical processes. They were investing in heavy and uncontrolled industrialization.
All those combined are the main sources of POLLUTION.

"Soon, the plant fell victim of a negative campaign because it couldn’t fit the pattern due to its natural benefits."



There are many things that we could say about how we are destroying the planet that gave us life, but we prefer introducing the solution we found. The answer is as simple as the questions that we, as human beings, ask.

Is it possible to live today in a world without petroleum and all its derivatives - plastic, asphalt, gasoline?
A world where millions of trees do not have to be cut down in order to produce paper, a world free from products from the chemical industry?

The answer is “YES”. And it comes down to one single word: HEMP.
Exactly, hemp. Through it, we can easily obtain paper and other textile products. Also paint, plastic and - last but not least - fuel and building materials.
All of this is achievable in an economically sustainable way and in complete respect for the environment.  
Not to mention hemp’s high nutritional values.


Is a brand linked to hemp. It is born to sustain markets, progress and the evolution of the sector itself.

We believe that a more accessible market automatically becomes richer. In order to increase the demands, we provide space to producers, retailers and new entrepreneurs. Our efforts are focused on making the whole selling process easier for anyone, from producer to consumer.

Thus, the project FahrenHemp451 is born. Our goal is to make the market of hemp-derived products more accessible.



To everyone who is engaged in environmental sustainability activities, from the daily chores to ethical consumerism.
To everyone who is looking for a new way to improve the quality of their lives, but also to those who are curious and want to know more about this plant.

Our project is especially addressed to those who see a bright green future for the world and want to make the difference through hemp commerce.



The project is as simple as it can be!

We conceived a MarketPlace, a global digital central hub dedicated to hemp and environmental sustainability where users can shop. The products there range from clothing, cosmetics, food to green building, each one of them made using certified hemp only.

The web portal is linked to our blog. We will use it to inform and educate the new generations over the important role that hemp has for the future of our planet. News and updates about the hemp market are published on it as well.

In contributing to our project, not only will you help us sharing the information about hemp, you will sustain agrarian development and the commerce of the products that will change the lifestyles of millions of people. Products that are designed with the utmost care about the environment.

Give us the chance to provide new and innovative means to an ancient tradition: SUPPORT US!


What are the funds for?

"Setting up a MarketPlace comes with a non-indifferent price. This is why we are asking for your support!"


Here are all the information about how the MarketPlace’s structure.
We must stress the fact that further details of the FahrenHemp451 portal will depend on the crowdfunding campaign.


The BrandFahrenHemp451 will allow everyone to contribute to the project, even those who are not going to sell products on the Web Portal.
In order to tell everybody about the potential of hemp-based products, we designed t-shirts and other articles branded FahrenHemp451. One part of the earnings from the merchandising will cover the costs of the articles’ manufacture, while another part will be invested to the project.  
Through donations, you will sustain the editors and those who work in R&D. The road to the Green Fuel is within reach!


-The MarketPlace is divided in different sections such as textile, food, cosmetics, and so on.

-Every company will have a customisable space inside the web portal. The number of products for sale will be determined by the subscription that they will choose (Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly). The subscriptions will contribute to the maintenance of the web portal.
-Commercial transactions will be direct between company and client. Our company will simply provide the space on the web portal through subscription, with no extra transaction fees.

-The companies who will pledge from 42 to 451 Euros during the campaign in order to gain access to our MarketPlace, have the chance of using it for free from 1 to 12 months. Companies are not obligated to use the web portal in that case. At the end of the free trial period, the companies will have the chance to subscribe to the web portal according to the sum they pledged:

1 month - €42 + sales tax
3 months - €110 + sales tax
6 months - €160 + sales tax
12 months - €240 + sales tax

The price will be unchanged, and it will be automatically renewed until termination of the contract.

Subscriptions registered after the campaign will be stipulated at full price.
This is a way to thank and reward those who believed in our project since its very foundation.



There are thousands of ways of using it, here are some examples:


We invite you to follow us for further updates 😉
We are happy to answer any of your questions.


About the project owner




Thank you for attention so far! Let us introduce you our team:






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Thank you for getting here and supporting us!


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"Faremo grandi cose, insieme."