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Production of Diskio Pi

Diskio Pi, an Open Source touch device, compatible with Raspberry Pi / Odroid

  • On the handling of the touch panel

    Good morning, everyone,

    It's been a week since I started shipping, and some of you have already received your Diskio Pi.

    For each copy, I have to assemble the screens, and that gave me the idea to make a little point about what to do and not to do, when you will have the object in your hands.

    The Innolux documentation is very clear, there are gestures to be respected so as not to risk damaging the screen, the screen/touch glass assembly is all the more fragile.

    At the end of the document, there are recommendations that may be useful to you, knowing that the warranty will not apply in case of mishandling. So be extremely careful, the screen is fragile !

    Personally, I try as much as possible to take the screen as a tray, on the glass side, in order to distribute the weight over the whole surface.

    I wish you all a successful assembly, quietly, and without losing patience. And if something is not clear, don't force it, don't hesitate to ask the question on the forum. I will be there to answer you.

    Have a good time !



  • Deliveries begin !

    Hello all,

    Here is the moment you all have been waiting for, the delivery!

    I wanted to thank you for responding to my previous request, and if you haven't already done so it's not too late ;)

    So the daughter cards arrived on Monday, and after testing one or two of them, it turns out that they work perfectly well.

    So all the elements are now in place to proceed with shipping.

    In a little while, when you open the box, you will find this :)

    However, be careful when unpacking, don't go too fast. Some parts are fragile when in pieces, especially the stand frame. It can break when following the printing lines, but if you follow the assembly guide, everything will be fine!

    When you get to the assembly of the daughter board, you will discover a small design error.

    One of the holes in the card doesn't match the bolt hole in the hull, I'm sorry about that. It's not blocking, the screw may not be screwed in, the studs don't go through the card. I deliberately placed a lot of screws in case a filleting would be eaten away, so despite the absence of this screw, the board is well fixed.

    This error will be fixed for the next version (1.1).

    Deliveries will therefore be made in order of order of arrival of orders, I hope to be able to deliver you all during the summer.

    Another good news, regarding the HDMI adapter. I received the PCBs and soldered the components, and the tests were successful.

    If you are interested, I currently have 7 or 8 that I can weld and deliver in your package. Contact me for more details ([email protected]).
    I might be able to order some more and it will be in the shop later.

    To specify its use, this adapter allows you to connect a video+audio source to display it on the screen of the Diskio Pi.

    A reverse adapter is being studied, and this one will allow the display of your internal Raspberry Pi 4 on a second screen (or projector).

    So there you have it, you still have to wait a few more days or weeks, I try to do it as quickly as possible but I don't want to rush things either, at the risk of making mistakes or forgetting something when preparing the kits.

    See you soon and thank you again,


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  • About the shipments

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • A new obstacle has been overcome: the "external display" function.

    Good morning, everyone,

    This week end, I was finally able to make progress on an important feature of Diskio Pi: the possibility to use it as an external screen. It's done, but not without some trouble. Here's why.

    Here's the context: we have a display driver card with two mini HDMI inputs (mini, I specify because it's important). This card being proprietary, no modification is possible, so you might as well take advantage of its possibilities.

    Here is the card:

    For the display of the internal nano PC, everything works from the beginning, with a direct connection via an HDMI cable.

    However, if you want to use the second HDMI port, you had to find not a standard crossover cable, but a straight cable, because the internal cable is an extension cable. I had thought of this trap from the beginning. It's the next step I hadn't imagined at all!

    Indeed, on the daughterboard, I put a normal HDMI port, type A. So I figured I just had to extend the tracks (19 of them) to the mini HDMI port for it to work...

    Well, not at all. I thought for a long time about why all my connections didn't work, until I found this schematic:

    And yes... the pins between HDMI Type A and Type C are not the same... There are inversions, pin 14 which becomes 17 etc...

    So this week end, after seeing this magic board and receiving the prototype PCB, I tried this connection by soldering this adapter, which connects to the daughter board :

    And then it worked! :)

    Diskio Pi can now display the output of an external computer, laptop or desktop, with audio transmission. And if you plug in the external USB cable, the screen becomes touchscreen automatically. (tested under Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10).

    All this to tell you that natively, the external port will not be functional, you will have to equip yourself with the adapter.

    Yesterday and this matter, I drew my first PCB under Kicad. This PCB will be the adapter that will plug into the screen driver board, like this:

    The PCB is small but without any active component, which allowed me to draw it quickly. I just had to connect the pins together, following the mapping table.

    Afterwards, I will propose this adapter as an option, at an undefined price, but hopefully not more than 15€.

    I'm trying to equip myself with reflow soldering to be able to make them on demand.

    And afterwards, a second adapter will be proposed, which will allow to display on a second screen the output of a Raspberry Pi 4, still using the correspondence table!
    But it will be more complicated and more expensive, as there are twice as many tracks (38). It will certainly be necessary to use a 4 layer PCB, and not 2 layers like the previous one.

    I hope this news doesn't disappoint you too much! In any case for the internal PC everything will work as expected, natively.

    Thanks and see you soon,



    Ah! And I forgot:


  • impending shipment !

    Good morning, everyone,

    I hope you and your loved ones are well.

    Here is the penultimate newsletter before the parcels are sent!

    This week, I received the feeder cards, and the second sample of the daughter card. The tests went well, everything works as expected. Namely, to use the HUB with an external USB cable, it will be mandatory to unplug the internal cable of the daughterboard to avoid the antenna effect of the cable which disturbs the signals.
    I will summarize all these details in the wiki, and the forum will also be available if you have a technical question regarding the installation or use of the terminal.

    So I gave the green light to the assembler to complete the rest of the order. Reception is scheduled for early June.

    Upon receipt, I would start preparing the kits and packages: assembling the screens (I prefer to store them unassembled for the moment), preparing the bags of screws, etc...

    I would start shipping in the order of arrival of the orders, and before each shipment, I would send you a personal email so that you confirm your presence at the address indicated. I wish indeed not to meet problems of delivery!
    If I don't receive an answer for various reasons (holidays or other), I will put your package aside for later.

    However, please do not hesitate to contact me beforehand if you have changed your address or phone number: info[at]diskiopi[at]com

    Thank you

    See you soon, and stay safe !


    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)