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Exploring Economics

An e-learning platform to change economic thinking

Day 7. Today, we reached 57% of our funding goal. Ideas to spark and grow for society's most pressing challenges

Dear plural econ lovers,

dear supporters of open access education!

we are very happy to announce that with your help we reached the incredible number of 144 supporters and with 11.595 Euros 57% of our funding goal! Thank you for sharing your genorosity and abundance with us!

We are now counting down: 7 days are left to reach our goal of 20.000 Euros or more with your help!
As you know, if we do not reach the goal, your donation will automatically be returned to you.

Let us just remember: Why do we do all this?

In her recently published article on Rethinking Economics' blog,  project member Lisa Weinhold explains why it is  important that poeple like you believe in Exploring Economics and support us:

 "What is taught and discussed in the economic courses of our universities shapes the mind of the next generation of decision-makers, and therefore partly shapes the societies we live in.

And as she goes on:  "But shouldn’t the real world and the different theories, methods and perspectives be brought back into economic seminars, lectures and debates at the universities? Don’t we need a pluralist economics curriculum that includes a history of economic thought, interdisciplinary cooperation, an overview of schools of thought in economics, qualitative methods, analysis from different theoretical perspectives, philosophy of science?"

There is where Exploring Economics comes in: We open up a space where these theories, methods and perspectives can be discovered, studied and evaluated. Change in the current state of economic thinking can happen and possible solutions to society’s problems can finally spark and grow in people's mind.

Let us encourage more people to make thrive Exploring Economics! 

You are giving the best credit: Sharenow this News and tell your friends and work collegues why you support us! Make a post on Facebook or Twitter or send and email!

Thank you for all the abundance you give to the eager learners, thinkers and makers!

Daniel & Esther
in the name of the Project Team of Exploring Economics