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Exploring Economics

An e-learning platform to change economic thinking

  • Great media echo, now help the donation clock on the jumps!

    Dear lovers of open-acces education,

    dear lovers of new economic thinking!

    thanks to you we reached the magic number of 100 donors this night!

    Time for you to know that we had a great media echoin Germany during the last days! Here is the latest articlewith dear Daniel from our team: "Why do I learn so little in economics about the economy?"

    Sure, you are curious, what else did happen at Exploring Economics to spread new economic thinking?

    Great news: the Summer Academy for pluralist Economics went online!

    If you haven't done it yet, you can sign up here until June, 11 2017 ;-) 

    But now, let's talk more seriously:

    As you see, we had a great media echo,
    but the donation clock needs now all our support, to help it on the jumps!

    Therefore, choose NOW one out of this three optionsto make the donation clock happy :-)

    Donate now!

    Introduce us to

    your direct contact

    to press & television

    or a sponsor

    Make a post on Facebook or Twitter!


    Esther Schmitt
    [email protected]

    Together we can #changeconomics!

    As always, plural hugs,

    Andrea, Daniel & Esther
    in the name of the Project Team of Exploring Economics

  • Time to celebrate our first step!

    Dear early supporters, dear lovers of plural economics!

    It is time to say a big thank you to all of you for your support! We are very happy that the amazing number of 78 supporters have been contributing2.765,00 Euros to Exploring Economics so far. And the best thing is: One of them is YOU :-)

    We are also glad to inform you that we are today covered by the prestigious German newspaper DIE ZEIT.
    We also have been covered by several other newspapers, here you can find out more about it.

    Let us share with you what is happening in our project these days:

    • Thanks to the student group around Lukas and Ann-Christin, we celebrated a perfect start with the plural lecture series at the University of Bochum which is carried out in cooperation with Exploring Econmics. Many students attended the lecture on philosophy of science applied on economics of the Jakob Kapeller (University of Linz, Austria).

    • Yeah! This week we received the first essay on gender & the economy in its final version from two students which participated in the international writing workshop on feminist economics which took place in March 2017. It passed the reviewing and commenting process and we are very happy about the end result. Soon, we will publish it on the platform.
    • New materiel is being described and tagged in order to be uploaded on the platform. Thanks to help of the Center for Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchwan (Canada), you will soon find more materials on co-operatives. If you can't wait, check out this materialwhich we have on co-operatives.
    • Yesterday, the students Ren, Lisa, Andreas, Stella and others have been working hard to develop a concept on critical self-reflection, decolonalisation & internationalisation for Exploring Economics.
    • Daniel from our project team is currently working like a crazy horse to make the webpage ready for our cooperation partner, the Summer Academy on Pluralist Economics.

    Now, let me thank you again very much for you support! We would love if you can share the project with your friends on facebook twitter , your mailing lists and personal blog. Personally, my favourite thing is to take 5 minutes to call a friend on the phone and explain to him or her why this project is important to change economic teaching and ask her to consider donating for it! 

    If you have any ideas about potential sponsors, don't hesitate to approach us.

    Together, we can #changeeconomics !

    Plural hugs,

    Andrea, Daniel & Esther
    in the name of the Project Team of Exploring Economics