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Exploring Economics

An e-learning platform to change economic thinking

  • Thank you for your support!

    Dear plural econ lovers!

    It has been now four weeks ago that on June, 4, we sucessfully crowdfunded with your help the incredible sum of more than 20,000 Euros!

    Our thanks goes to each of you who believed that we can contribute and foster a new economic thinking, which eventually leads to new practices.

    A special thanks goes to theYoung Scholar Initiative which very generously contributed to make the campaign a success together with you! In total, we counted more than 237 donors. Donations came from many countries around the world, such as Estonia, Colombia and the United States.

    With your support, the Exploring Economics project team can continue their work: 

    The preparation the Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics "Exploring Economics", goes very well. As Gustav, student and co-organiser, states: "I think it will be really a great experience for the 90 participants. We are so excited about the broad interest in event: participants will be coming from 20 different countries, among others from Switzerland, Pakistan, DPRK (North Korea), Ukraine, Israel, Poland and Spain."

    Moreover, your donations will help us to expand the content of the website - for instance we are preparing the integration of this wonderful e-book on Dependency Theory - to offer writing workshops for students and young scholars, which we plan for the new study term in autumn; to integrate new learning material as well as to take care of our partnerships with universities. 

    Again, it can never be said enough, Thank You for your support! If you feel now like wanting to become part of our mouvement, please join us and become a member of the Network for Pluralist Economcis (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik).

    Also, we would love to see the one or other plural econ 

    to continue to financially contribute to Exploring Economics and our network! ;-) If this appeals to you, here is were you can choose between an one-time or an annual donation!

    Let's keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter.

    Hugs & Love, 

    Daniel, Andrea, Esther & the whole Exploring Economics Team

  • Celebrating our 200th Supporter!

    Dear plural econ lovers,
    dear supporters of open access education!

    Today, we celebrate our 200th supporter! 200 times thank you all!

    We've made an enormous progress towards our goal during the past days, and we are looking forward to taking the final steps needed to reach our goal by Sunday night. Only 8% left!

    Your support is so motivating for us and everybody involved in different projects promoting pluralism in economics. We want to take the opportunity to introduce another project brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik): The summer academy for pluralist economics:

    A summer of economics: 9 workshops, 90 participants, 20 lecturers. One week of eye-opening and engaging learning. Your academic experience of the year. August 4-11, 2017. Learn more on www.summereconomics.org

    Feel free to support us by liking, sharing, retweeting and commenting on Facebook or Twitter!

    With love,
    Daniel, Esther and the Project Team of Exploring Economics

  • Śpieszmy się: Let's hurry up to love. Or why today's résumé is overwhelming!

    Dear plural econ lovers,

    dear supporters of open access education!

    Welcome dear new supportors.Thank you so much for your generous donations. 

    We are tremendously happy and overwhelmed by today's résumé:

    In Jan Tardawski's outstanding poem Śpieszmy się, he reminds us of uncertainty as inherent to the human condition: "Don't be sure you have time for there's no assurance", "We love still too little and always too late". Therefore, he concludes "Let us hurry up to love people"!

    In that sense, spread the [love] message of our campaign with your friends and encourage them to donate so that latest by Sunday, June 4 2017 we will have reached our funding goal of 20.000 Euro or more!

    With love,

    Daniel, Esther and the Project Team of Exploring Economics

  • Day 7. Today, we reached 57% of our funding goal. Ideas to spark and grow for society's most pressing challenges

    Dear plural econ lovers,

    dear supporters of open access education!

    we are very happy to announce that with your help we reached the incredible number of 144 supporters and with 11.595 Euros 57% of our funding goal! Thank you for sharing your genorosity and abundance with us!

    We are now counting down: 7 days are left to reach our goal of 20.000 Euros or more with your help!
    As you know, if we do not reach the goal, your donation will automatically be returned to you.

    Let us just remember: Why do we do all this?

    In her recently published article on Rethinking Economics' blog,  project member Lisa Weinhold explains why it is  important that poeple like you believe in Exploring Economics and support us:

     "What is taught and discussed in the economic courses of our universities shapes the mind of the next generation of decision-makers, and therefore partly shapes the societies we live in.

    And as she goes on:  "But shouldn’t the real world and the different theories, methods and perspectives be brought back into economic seminars, lectures and debates at the universities? Don’t we need a pluralist economics curriculum that includes a history of economic thought, interdisciplinary cooperation, an overview of schools of thought in economics, qualitative methods, analysis from different theoretical perspectives, philosophy of science?"

    There is where Exploring Economics comes in: We open up a space where these theories, methods and perspectives can be discovered, studied and evaluated. Change in the current state of economic thinking can happen and possible solutions to society’s problems can finally spark and grow in people's mind.

    Let us encourage more people to make thrive Exploring Economics! 

    You are giving the best credit: Sharenow this News and tell your friends and work collegues why you support us! Make a post on Facebook or Twitter or send and email!

    Thank you for all the abundance you give to the eager learners, thinkers and makers!

    Daniel & Esther
    in the name of the Project Team of Exploring Economics

  • Sunday rolls, or why Lisa and Ruben want you to become today Exploring Economics' coffee-cup ambassador!

    Good sunday morning dear lovers of open access education,

    good sunday morning dear lovers of pluralism in economics!

    Maybe you know this fantastic sundays, where you get up, get some freshly baked Sonntagsbrötchen (sunday rolls) from the bakery around the corner, prepare a nice cup of coffee, listen to this music(a recommendation of our dear friend and supporter Mirabei from San Francisco) and, yes, the world is just perfect!

    WE want to enjoy this sunday with you! ...so, you wonder, who we actually are?

    Who are the people you are supporting?

    I asked two of them, Lisa and Rubenwhy Exploring Economics's existence matters and why they are investing time and energy into it


    M.A. in International Relations majoring in Global Political Economy 

    For me, Exploring Economics is amazing because it is a bottom-up-project from students and young scholars for students, lecturers and the broader public. You don't need a degree or previous knowledge to follow a course - everybody can study and participate!


    M.A. International Economics 
    I am actively engaged in Exploring Economics because I truly believe pluralism is what economics needs in order to answer the most pressing questions of our society!

    By the way, you might have a look on Ruben's contribution here

    What is the donation clock saying? Good news: thanks to you, we reached now 21% of our funding goal!
    But still, a lot needs to be done, so that we reach toghether the 100% until June, 4 2017.

    Support Lisa and Ruben's endavour and be today Exploring Economics' coffee-cup ambassador!

    How does this work?

     Prepare you a nice cup of coffee,

    listen to Keith Jarret's stunning intepretion


    call your two best friends

    tell them why you support Lisa and Ruben

    ......and, yes, kindly asked them to donate and to spread the campaign! :-)


    Plural hugs,

    Daniel, Esther and the project team of Exploring Economics