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One book, one calendar and one new Project !

About the project

For ten years now, I have been travelling around the world and photograph minorities from different countries by using a human approach to anchor the people I photograph in their territory.

The two projects presented on this page are the result of a part of my photographic work of the past three years.

In the book Exilés de la Terre promise, photos are associated with the Milan Otal writing work inspired by interviews with the people photographed. In the calendar Nomads of the Himalayas, the photographs accompany the last nomads of the Indian Himalayas in their long seasonal migration.

In both cases, the image questions the place of human being by capturing gesture at the same daily time and ritual.

Exilés de la Terre promise, 240 pages, novembre 2015, 20€

THE BOOK (in french)

The book Exilés de la Terre promise is an adventure literary (Milan Otal) and photographic (Antoine Boureau). Combining life stories and travelogue, this book takes us from Jordan to Turkey, with the Palestinian people and the Jewish communities in these countries.

Pages 34-35

Translation of the back cover by A. Pingaud

Not only is 1948 the birthmark of the Israeli state, it is also the birth of two diasporas in the Middle East. Since then, thousands of Palestinians have escaped to Lebanon and Jordan whereas many Iranian and Turkish Jews have left what they called home for sometimes the past thousands of years to return to the promised land.
Since 2012, Antoine Boureau and Milan Otal have been bringing together the scattered voices of the Middle East. Listening out for the unheard, the refugees, free will migrants and those who chose to live on the cusp of conflict. Conflict, which has been lingering at the back of the collective unconscious for as long as we can remember.   
In the midst of tension, thousands of men continue to live together and against each other every day. Without preconceived judgement, taking sides, or trying to redefine History, the authors have portrayed through out these moving and lively testimonies, stories of a promised land. 


Pages 184-185


The calendar Nomads of the Himalayas is the result of several trips I did in the region of Ladakh - also called "Little Tibet" - in the Indian Himalayas. In 2013, I met the last nomadic tribe perpetuating a thousand years old movement of seasonal migration by foot with their herds of pashmina goats, sheep and yaks. I went back this fall to meet and to accompany them during their long walk.

The Calendar has the same design as the calendar "Childhood 2015" printed on a high-quality paper and containing 13 large photos in A3.


What are the funds for?

Finish to pay the last part of the printing of books and calendars and send you the retrocessions (€ 1,500).

Start a new report with my colleague Milan Otal on the road of Sufism, from Morocco to the Balkans until the borders of Turkey (€ 1,500). To be continued…...


About the project owner

With this third Ulule project, I am pleased to offer you the book Exilés de la Terre promise and the 2016 Calendar Nomads of the Himalayas, both freshly from the printing presses!

Two completed work that give way to new creations for 2016 :-)

To learn more about me:

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Born in 1989, Milan is musician and writer. The music leads him in the Middle East, but also in the Balkans, where it performs an ethno-musicological research on Sufi poetry. He wrote the book Exilés de la Terre promise, the result of an investigation conducted with Antoine.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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