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your board game, where everything up, can down

About the project

Excalibur : What's?

Excalibur is a board games whith a dice and cards.

The goal is to climb the montain and become the new King Arthur.

The true Story of Excalibur

Like all legends, the story of Excalibur has changed with the Time. The mithic sword plants in a Rock by Merlin,the wizard: it's was not so easy.
The true was a bit different
Trully, The Excalibur was on the top of a montain. Merlin teleported the sword there, to evaluate the skills of the futur King. With the years, many brawler try but nobody succes to bring back Excalibur .

Merlin and his magic powers watchs the tournament to keep safe everybody.

Be the firtst, to Climb up the montain and bring back Excalibur. And Become the new sacred King Arthur!!

To climb the mountain, you forward with the dice and snake in and out the dirty trick of the opponents and delayed them with our trick cards. But keep an eyes on the Destiny ! 

A Try?

Each player should climb up to the top with the dice. Each turn, the player choose 2 of the 4 actions:

  • Progrerss : climb up the grips thanks to the dice.
  • Action: use one of your skill cards
  • Draw: get new skill cards
  • Hook: sécure your position grip


Destiny cards can be trigger if the player has the same number dice than the previous player number dice.

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